Part One:

Exploding Balls of Tension

His jaw. The slight clenching of it when Gwen didn't pick up the papers that fell off her desk and left them for him to clean up. Tension in his shoulders when Owen ordered him around, and the glare that disappeared as fast as it came when Tosh handed him more paper work. It all went unnoticed, except to me. I watched him through the glass windows in my office. Polite, reliable, composed Ianto who had a fantastic mind and wit, was agitated.

Mildly distracted by this, I barely heard his footsteps on the stairs up to my domain. There was a change in his rhythm. It was heavier and so unlike him that I wasn't even sure it was him until I met his gaze when he sauntered into the room. He attempted to keep his mask in place but failed miserably. The vein in his neck was popping out and there was almost a desperate scream in his eyes. Somehow, I knew I was the only person he would show this emotional state with.

"Coffee for you, sir." He placed the mug in front of me. "And reports that need your attention." He said with those glorious Welsh vowels.

"Thank you, Ianto." I gave him a big grin.

"You're welcome, sir." The tension left his jaw and he gave an intimate smile before he started to walk away.

"Hey, how about we go weevil hunting tonight?" I asked raising an eyebrow as I watched his reaction.

"Happy too." He replied curtly, tension set back in.

"Don't be late. I have something special planned." I flashed a wicked grin before sipping at my coffee.

He only supplied me with a nod before leaving. I watched as he made his way through the door, almost worshiping the way his hips swayed and groaned deep in my throat as a familiar worth settled deep in my abdomen. Only after a few moments of completely silence the alarms of rift activity screamed out. The rest of the team gathered the much needed devices and weaponry before heading to the SUV. I followed and got into the drivers seat next to Tosh who was in the passenger seat. Winking at Ianto who was seated in the back with Owen, who half growled and half snorted at this. I peeled out of the garage with a cheeky grin and Ianto just looked ahead of him with a bored expression on his face.

Arriving on the scene, there were very few people around. It was a park area and there seemed to be no sight of ANY activity. To the left of me I could hear Owen asking why things always happened in Splott or Sploe. Indicating that the team should split up, I watched as the others jumped to action. Cautiously looking around the grounds ready at a moments notice.

"Tosh, you sure there was activity here?" Gwen, who was still at the hub, sounded on the comm system.

"I'm sure." Tosh replied, a little put out.

"Maybe you were wrong." Owen said.

"Found something." Ianto's drawl sounded in everyone's ear.

"We'll come to you." I said making my way to where I saw Ianto disappear.

Rounding the corner Ianto was spotted holding what looked like a metal ball. Brows furrowing in curiosity I approached him with the others. Rolling the metal ball between his hands, Ianto handed tosh the device.

"What do you think it is?" He asked.

"I'm not sure. Nothing is popping up on the sensors." Tosh replied.

"It could just be a ball, some toy of sorts?" Gwen inquired.

"Or it's a bomb." Owen grunted.

" Let's bring it back with us. Just don't drop it." I said as they passed the ball around.

"I agree. I might be able to get better readings back at the Hub." Tosh smiled.

"I don't see how, it seems to be harmless," Owen tossed the ball up and it landed back in his hand. "It's too small to do any real damage."

"Maybe, but let's not take any chances." I said watching every time Owen throw the metal ball up.

"Right then." Ianto said walking towards the SUV, the rest of us starting to follow.

"Oi! Tea-boy, catch!" Owen took the chance of throwing the ball to Ianto.

"No!" Tosh and I cried.

Ianto turned around and caught the ball with two hands out in front of him. There was a pause, and nothing. Simultaneously we all let out the breath we were holding. Tosh and Ianto glared openly at Owen and I gave him a reproaching look. Then there was a soft beeping noise that started radiating off the sphere in Ianto's grasp. Before anyone could react the small object exploded.

Tune in for part two!