Part Seven:

Resolving Tension

I looked to the coat, then back to my lover and then back to the coat. Closing my gaping mouth I shoved my hands into my pants pockets and hung my head slightly unable to bring myself to look him in the the eyes. Somehow he always managed to bring me off of my high horse and I could not pick myself up and give him an overly flamboyant excuse, something I normally would be able to give.

"We were working a case and Owen couldn't cover me." I said offering a weak smile.

"Meaning, you put yourself unnecessarily in harm's way once again." Ianto replied as he went to the coat rack and folded the garment over his right arm with ease.

"It seemed like the best course of action at the time," I responded straightening my posture in defense.

"Of course, sir. Why else would you do it?" He smirked after his reply sending heat through my body.

"What would I be without you?" I said grinning like a madman.

His only response was a laugh which caused me to chuckle along with him. Making his way down into the main Hub he draped my coat over the sofa. I followed him still as he went to the coffee machine. Standing behind him I watched as he gathered two cups, there was still noticeable tension in his shoulders. On impulse, I moved to wrap my arms around his torso, resulting in him tensing further and almost dropping a full cup of his brew. Chuckling softly, I placed my chin on his shoulder and tilted my head to rest against his.

"I'm sorry." I whispered meaning much more than just about the coffee.

For a moment he paused, taking in the weight of my words. Then after what seemed like forever he relaxed slightly and leaned against me, only after he set down the two full cups to the side. I closed my eyes making sure to imprint this in my memory.

"I was being stupid. I acted childish and you shouldn't be sorry." Ianto finally said.

"No," I stood straight turning him to face me. "You were right. We take advantage of the fact that you are so willing to help. Everything you said was true. We just didn't see it before now." I said our noses were almost touching.

His eyes never left mine as I leaned in closer, our lips were brushing against each other. Not quite a kiss as I could feel his breath rush on my lower lip.

"You deserve to be appreciated, Ianto." I whispered, eyes still locked and my lips moving against his.

With that he closed the remaining space, bringing our lips together fully in a kiss so tender that it brought tears to my eyes. Slowly he moved his lips against mine, and as I joined in our passion grew, gradually taking over until both of us needed air. I broke the kiss resting my forehead on his and my hands were resting on his hips which now moved to his shoulders and down his arms to hold his hands. Intertwining his fingers with mine, looking at him his eyes were closed.

"Thank you." He said. It was just above a whisper and I wasn't sure I had heard it until he said it again and looked me directly in the eyes. "Thank you, Jack." Oh, how I loved those Welsh vowels.

I could not form words, instead I went in for another searing kiss. Then moving to kiss him again on the lips with just a peck, then to his cheek and nose, his other cheek and forehead. Kissing him all over and then moving down his neck where he moaned softly. Only then did I back away to really look at him, which as a result I supplied him with my mischievous grin.

"How about we go and relieve some of that tension you have all pent up?" I asked huskily.

While a smile of his own he allowed me to whisk him away. Leaving the two cups of coffee untouched, and still steaming.

The End

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