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I stood before his door biting my lip. I had literally gotten off the plane less than an hour ago but I couldn't be away from him any longer. It was like there was an invisible rope tying me to him and even though I could pull it as far as I wanted it would yank me back when it was ready. I knocked on the door with shaking hands taking deep calming breaths. I couldn't wait to see him. Couldn't wait to kiss him. Couldn't wait to be wrapped up in his arms. My supposed break seemed like a joke now. I needed him more than air itself and it shook me to the core.

"You're back."

I turned around to find him standing behind me. My senses in shock as I stood there gaped mouth blurry eyed taking him in. His cut off short low on his waist and his chest was bare. The sight of him washed over me. My fingers twitched with the urge to touch him. I lifted my hand to his face. My fingers barely grazing his cheek before he wrapped his arms around me pulling me close against him. He lifted me off the ground and buried his face in my neck. I understood exactly what he wanted. Because I was doing the same thing myself, breathing him in. My entire body was humming. This was where I belonged. I cupped his face pulling his head closer to mine before kissing him. In his arms I was where I belonged. Just one touch and every unsettling feeling I had away from him was gone. Yes I was home.

"I've missed you," he whispered before kissing me again.

"I've missed you more," I replied hugging him closer.

He wrapped my legs around his waist. I hissed at the sensation of his flesh so close to mine. In that instant I made up my mind. Jared was making love to me today. I couldn't wait a second longer. I needed him. All of him. My lust for him flowing through my veins. I rubbed the muscles in his arms. My fingers tracing every line slowly and sensual. I was so aroused. He took in a deep breath. I watched as his nostril flared as he took in my scent. His eyes half opened heavy with lust.

"It felt like torture when you were away," he said hoarsely putting me down, "I felt this consist pull to go get you and bring you back here."

"I almost didn't make it out of the airport. The second I got off the plane I was ready to jump on another to come back. It took everything in my power not to come back right away."

"The only time I phased out was when you called me," he chuckled, "It's a good thing I'm a good hunter otherwise I would be one hungry wolf the whole year you're in school."

I slapped his chest, "Not funny."

He shrugged and leaned against his front door. A smile plastered over his face. I'm sure I had the same silly grin on my face also. I couldn't get enough of him.

"So friend…" He started

"I didn't sleep a wink at all last night," I whispered cutting him off. I took a step closer to him running my hand down his chest, "I kept thinking of getting back here."

I bit my lip pausing before looking up into his eyes, "I was stupid…" I held a hand out to stop the denial that was coming from his lips, "I was I know it but not anymore."


"Make love to me."

"Well," he said raising an eyebrow clearing his throat, "I wasn't expecting that."

"Please," I whispered pressing my lips against his throat. "This is what I want," I stroked his cheek before kissing him. I poured my desire in that kiss. My sex was throbbing. "I want you to make love to me."

"Are you sure Bella," He asked looking deep in to my eyes cupping my butt and lifting me. He pressed me against him and instantly I wrapped my legs around his waist. They fit there so perfectly.

Was I sure? He shifted his hips slightly letting me feel his passion. Yes I was sure. This man belonged to me. I belonged to him. It's only been a short period of time but already I feel myself falling in love with him. I showered his face with kisses as he maneuvered us through his front door. I could hear my heart beating in the back of my ears. I was aware of ever move he made. When he dropped me on the bed I was ready to rip my clothes off.

"Once we do this Bella there is no going back," he said huskily as his eyes drank me in, "You will be mine."

He took in a deep breath and I knew he could smell my arousal, "Are you sure you're ready for that?"

"Yes Jared," I swallowed the doubt forming the back of my mind, "This is what I want."

"I need to shower Bella," he whispered taking me in with heated eyes.

"Shut up," I demanded pulling my shirt off. I didn't know where this boldness was coming from.

He was on top of me before my shirt even hit the floor. His body stretched out over mine. His flesh pressed against my flesh, and I wanted more. Yes I needed more. His lips on my flesh was like fire. Each kiss, every caress burned my soul. Passion flowed through me like blood. I lifted my hips so he could pull my pants down. He placed scorching open mouth kisses over my chest and belly as he worked my pants off.

"This is not how I pictured making love to you the first time," He said pulling away.

"Are you rejecting me?" Again. I asked.

"I've never rejected you Bella," he said with a sigh sitting down on the bed next to me, "I just want you to realize how special you are."

"So you're rejecting me because I'm special."

"I'm not rejecting you Bella," He growled yanking me toward him. He cupped my face tenderly, "If this is how you want it…"

I closed my eyes. Last time I had over reacted. I wasn't going to do that this time. I took a deep breathe. My body was still trembling from his touch. I pulled my legs to my chest. He shifted next me. His nostrils flaring slightly. In a flash of a second I was back on my back with Jared's face buried between my legs. I could feel the heat rising to my face from such an intimate position. Since the first time I saw Jared I had wondered how it would feel to have him this way. But not even I imagined how the heated kiss he was currently placing my core could feel so amazing.

"Do you know how good you smell?" he growled before licking me, "How good you taste?"

His tongue circled my clit. I shuddered as he devoured me. He was merciless with me. I tried to escape from him. It was so unlike the time in Sam's laundry room. This time the passion was unhinged, and neither of us was making any attempt to control it. I tried to pull away my body when I simply couldn't take it anymore. Every cell in my body felt like it was tearing apart. I felt like I was tearing apart. I was sure any second now I would burst.

"Please… please," I begged. I didn't even know what I was begging for.

He gripped my hips and pulled my back towards him. "Take it Bella."

I shook my head from back to forth. He pushed a finger into me and exploded. My body shaking as my passion gushed from me. He chuckled before kissing his way up my body. He smiled as he kissed me. I could taste myself on his lips. And for some reason it was turning me on more.

"So passionate," he whispered kissing me, "So beautiful."

I wanted to beg him for more. I wanted to just lay there and cuddle. I wanted so much more. He pulled me closer to him in his arms. My sex was still throbbing. I reach down in between us cupping his sex in my hand. I savored the hiss he released. Savored the feel of his thickness. I was still dripping.

"Fire Bella," he growled before kissing me.

"Don't," I said biting his bottom lip, "Last time that didn't work out so well for us."

He snorted and pulled my hands up. He lifted them over my head pinning them there with his hand. His eyes racked over my body. I've never felt so expose but yet turned on in my life.

"Beautiful," he whispered before taking my nipple into his mouth.

I arched my back pushing my chest forward. I've learned that he could do magic with his tongue. He chuckled as he teased me, pulling one nipple into his mouth while flicking the other with his fingers. I squirmed under his assault. Moaning like the wanton I was acting like. He rubbed the head of his dick against my dripping sex. I circled my hips loving the sensation that played in the deep pit of my abdomen.

"You're teasing me," I hissed as he placed a soft bite on my neck.

"Why yes," he chuckled kissing me, "I am."



"Please," I begged rolling my hips.

"Fuck," he hissed grabbing my hips.

The tip of him entered me. I hissed at slight intrusion. "This is going to hurt," he whispered stroking my face, "Are you sure about this? There is no turning back from here. Once we do this you are mine."

"You said that already," I whispered chuckling, "Make me yours Jared."

He stared down at me his eyes searching my face. I knew what he was looking for. Any sign of doubt. I tried my best to keep calm so he wouldn't see the nervousness on my face.

"I can hear you heart beat," he kissed my forehead and laid there for a second.

I hissed as he pushed into me. My sex burned slightly as he stretched me, filled me. He worked his hips pushing into me. He leaned in and kissed me. I let myself get wrapped up in the passion of kissing him. Let myself fall into the moment. He thrust his hips breaking through my barrier. The pain was alarming, I could feel tears pooling in my eyes. He absorbed my gasp of shock with a kiss. My sex was throbbing with a whole new sensation. I wanted to move my hips but I wanted to stay still all in one moment.

"I got you," he whispered shifting slightly. An explosion of nerves happened with his small movement and I knew once I needed him to move. Needed to feel that again. I wiggled my hips moaning at the sensation. He hissed grabbing my hips.

"Please," I begged.

He set a rhythm as he moved his hips. I wanted him all. The more he gave me the more I wanted him. All of him. My sex was still tender but I couldn't be bother with that. Each stroke he made just increased the pressure building up in me. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him down on top of me. Pulling him closer to me. I needed him here. I needed him in my arms. He buried his face between my neck and shoulder. I could feel myself reaching my peak. Could feel my body start its fall.

"That's it Bella," He gasped, "Give it all to me."

And I burst apart. He followed me soon after jerking out of me spreading his seed over my belly. He fell off to the side of me pulling me closer to him covering my face in kisses.

"I'm sorry for the mess," he whispered wiping me clean with his sheet. When I started to protest he waved me off, "I'll wash them don't worry."

I cuddled next to him savoring the feel of him. A sense of fatigue washed over me. Not before long I felt my eyes closing. I let everything go and let myself fall asleep next to him.

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