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While we were getting dressed, I could hear that everyone was in the living room, waiting for us.

Rosalie was talking to Alice. "So, do you think they had fun?" She spoke with a sarcastic tone and I could see in her mind that she knew what happened. . . well suspected.

"I know they had fun." I could see the vision that Alice had seen of what we had just been through.

Aw hell. Bella was going to be mad. "That little! I knew it!"

Bella took off down the stairs and I took off after her. Apparently Bella's vampire hearing was working just like it should.

Bella stopped at the foot of the stairs and I almost ran into her. Everyone stopped talking and stared at us. Carlisle was the one to break the silence. "Bella! How are you feeling? I trust your first hunt went well?" Even Carlisle was in on it! I passed Bella on the stairs and made my way over to him.

Alice ran up to Bella before she could speak. "Don't be mad Bella! Please!" I could tell by the set of her shoulders that she was trying to control her temper.

"Alice! I thought something was wrong with me! I was scared! And. . . you're all down here. . . laughing at me! How could you tell them? Why did you have to tell everybody?"

I could see in Alice's mind that she didn't tell anybody, that everyone knew because it had happened to them, too. Yeah, a little warning definitely would have been nice.

"Bella! Listen! I didn't tell them! I didn't need to! It happens to us all! Did you hear me? Are you listening? You're okay!"

Jasper pushed a wave of calm toward Bella and it seemed to help. She stood statue still and I knew better than to approach her right now. Only her eyes moved. . . to me. Oh, no.

"Did you know that was going to happen?" I ran to her and took her hands in mine. "No love! I swear I had no idea! None of my siblings," I glared at them all, "or my parents," I turned to glare at them, too, "bothered to enlighten me!"

I was also mad because they upset Bella. "Why couldn't one of you have told me? She was really scared!" Carlisle, of course, was the one to come forward.

"Edward, Bella, I'm sorry it upset you so. It just isn't something we ever talk about. It's just assumed that when you hunt with your mate, well, you're going to have sex. It's just. . . natural."

"That was natural? Carlisle! That was. . . insane! It was like, I had no control over myself! It was crazy!" I read the thoughts of everyone around me as they were remembering their own similar experiences.

While rather pornographic, I think I understood what it was about. Maybe Bella would listen to me. "Bella, love, I think I understand what happened."

"Well, please! Let me in on it!" She set her jaw and didn't move a muscle. At least she was willing to listen.

"I think when mates are near each other when their instincts take over, like when hunting, it's just in our nature to mate. . . with our mate. That's how I understand it from what's going through everyone's minds."

Bella didn't move, but she seemed to be calm again. She quickly turned to Alice and Rosalie. "Why did it hurt?"

They both looked at each other then looked back at Bella. Alice asked, "Why did what hurt? When? Did Edward hurt you?"

Bella shook her head and moved toward them. "No, no. Before we actually had sex, while I was watching him hunt. I wanted him so much. . . it kind of hurt."

That had everyone's attention. Alice was the first to answer. "I don't know, that's never happened to me. Rose?"

Rosalie looked around the room. "No, me neither. Esme?" I knew Esme would make her feel better despite her own personal experience. "Bella, I don't know why that happened to you."

Esme walked toward Bella at a human pace and put an arm around her.

"Oh sweetie, I'm sorry you were scared. We never thought it would be anything scary, just an unexpected perk of hunting with your mate. We would never have been laughing if any of us thought for a second that it would be anything that could possibly be frightening. I'm so sorry Bella."

Esme purposefully looked at every one of my siblings. "We all are."

Bella took a deep breath and seemed to relax. "Okay, well, apology accepted." A small frown formed on Bella's lips as she sat down in the chair closest to her.

"Even as a vampire I have to be an oddball." Alice and I both moved to Bella's chair simultaneously. I placed my hands on her shoulders while Alice sat at her feet and rested her chin on Bella's knees.

"Oh, Bella, don't be like that! Maybe you just. . . waited too long?" That was an interesting thought.

"Alice, you might be right. The entire time I was watching Bella hunt I was fighting the urge to take her then."

Alice jumped up. "Ed-ward! Why did you fight it? That must be why! I swear Edward, you and your control! Always denying yourself!"

That's when Bella decided to jump in. "You know, when I was hunting, I was feeling. . . like that, but I thought I shouldn't be feeling that way while I was killing an animal."

"Bel-la! Of course you were aroused! Your first kill! Your first taste of blood! Duh Bella!" Bella looked down at her hands then lifted her eyes to Alice.

She seemed a little embarrassed. "Okay, I guess that makes sense." Bella looked around the room. "Sorry I got so mad. I hope you all will forgive me."

Everyone started talking at once then. All the "of course" 's and "don't worry" 's and the like made a lot of noise. Once the cacophony died down, Bella turned to Alice, "So, it's not going to be like that all the time, is it?"

Alice smiled at her and grabbed her arm. "Well, probably when you go hunting together. Just don't fight it next time! Have you ever noticed that when we'd go hunting it was just the guys, or just the girls, unless we went as couples?"

I didn't know that was the reason we took our hunting trips that way. "I guess I noticed, I just didn't think anything of it."

"Well, now you know. But Bella, don't be surprised if you find yourself feeling. . . more amorous than usual. Blood isn't the only thing you're going to be ravenous for as a newborn." Bella smiled and nodded. I am the luckiest man in the universe.

A loud guffaw snapped me out of my daze. "Yeah Ed!" Emmett was having way too much fun with this. "You better keep your woman happy! Good thing you don't get tired!"

He was teasing, but it was funny because that was exactly what I had been thinking. "Yeah, thanks for the unsolicited advice, but I think I'll manage just fine."

Emmett just kept on laughing. "Try not to hurt him too badly, Bella." Bella smiled but didn't reply. After that, things started to return to normal. Normal for a house full of vampires anyway.

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