The dark brooding chef walked along the long hallway and was heading toward the kitchen as usual. Every one stepped out of his path not wanting to get the business end of his weapon. They hid as far into the corners as possible when he passed except one. A small new arrival to the hotel with short brown hair and large innocent eyes. She stood in the hallway, blocking his path.

"Move." He hissed and she turned to him about to open her mouth when a pair of arms moved her out of the way.

"I'm so sorry, she has no common sense. It won't happen again." Angel Demon Dog quickly apologized for her. He glared and walked into the large dining area. "What are you thinking? He'll saw you in half!" She stared at the angel girl in front of her

"Isn't it time for football?" The brunette asked calmly.

Angel smiled, "That's right! See ya!" She skipped down the hall toward the TV room. Brunette rolled her eyes and walked right into the kitchen and stood next to Hell's Chef.

"Hey." Hell's Chef glared and went back to slicing some type of meat, most likely a guest that had suddenly disappeared the night before. The girl walked to the door and locked it shut and smiled. "You can give up the act Sam." The chef turned and a look of relief came though him.

"Thank god." He said in a more femanine and light tone.

"Take off your hat, I haven't seen your face in such a long time." All though you couldn't see, a smile spread on Hell's Chef's face.

"Ok, but just once." Hell's CHef took off her chef hat and let her long blond hair flow down to her shoulders

"I've missed you Sam."

"Me too... Been a long time."

"Yup. Much too long."