Sorry, this took so long to post. I've had several long fics due and have been trying to make sure they were on time. So... you can expect another two longish Harry Potter fics from me in the near future, as well as quite a few Torchwood fics I've been a bit slack about crossposting. Okay, on with the show...

Remus arrived early the next afternoon for pick up, hesitating in the doorway of the center when he heard giggling and singing.

'And you do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around...'

One quick look made his breath catch in his throat. Sirius' arse was a work of art, and when he wriggled it like that...

Remus released a long breath and decided to sit. Fast. He'd just taken a seat when someone who looked like a six foot tall version of Harry Potter arrived. He nodded at Remus then peered through the glass and into the room. He chuckled, shaking his head, then took a seat next to Remus.

'Hi,' he said cheerfully, and Remus returned the greeting, adding, 'You'd be Harry's dad.'

Mr Potter – James, Remus recalled – grinned. 'Yeah. James,' he said then his eyes narrowed as he looked at Remus carefully. 'And I'm going to hazard a guess and say you're Remus Lupin.'

Remus smiled and nodded. 'Good to meet you before I turn up at your dinner table,' he joked.

James chuckled then they glanced towards the closed door when a loud gale of laughter burst from the room. Both men grinned then James shoved his hand into his coat pocket. 'Lily gave me something for you,' he said, leaning into Remus as he struggled to pull a familiar leather-clad book from his pocket.

It finally came free, and James straightened. 'She said – and she told me to get this right – "make some magic together".' He handed Remus the book gingerly. 'And I really, really don't want to know what that means.'

Remus smiled distractedly, taking the book and opening it to a random page as other parents began to congregate. 'Oh,' he said softly, recognising Sirius' writing. 'I can't take this.'

'It's a loan,' James told him, nudging Remus' shoulder with his own. 'Harry loves those stories and there would be hell to pay if we lost it.'

'I'll look after it,' Remus promised, his mind already beginning to twist the words into pictures. 'God, these are fantastic.'

James looked at the book with a mix of affection and pride. 'Sirius has always had a great imagination,' he said then he snorted out a laugh. 'Remind me to tell you about some of the pranks he thought up while we were at school.'

Remus looked up, about to ask for an example when the door opened and giggling twin girls chanted, 'You can come in now, families!'

Remus leaped to his feet, stowing the book in his jacket pocket and heading for the open door, James choking back a laugh as he followed at a more sedate pace. Remus' eyes immediately sought out Sirius; happiness welling up inside him when he saw Sirius' gaze searching then coming to a halt on him. Sirius' face lit up in a smile, and Remus' stomach did a slow flip as he grinned back at him.

'Oh, Gods,' James Potter moaned from behind Remus. 'You two are complete sops.'

Remus didn't have any inclination to disagree. Sirius winked at him then nodded towards the kitchenette before he was distracted by the strident voice of Molly Weasley. Remus greeted Teddy and exclaimed over his painting ("It's me and you and Sirius, Dad!"), flushing when James Potter, obviously overhearing, raised an eyebrow. He sent Teddy off to play with the blocks while he slipped into the tiny alcove of the serving area.

It was just a couple of minutes before the room cleared enough for Sirius to steal away, find Remus, and kiss him fervently. 'Hi,' he said when they parted.

'Hi,' Remus laughed, sliding his hands around Sirius' neck. 'Good day?'

Sirius groaned, leaning into Remus and letting his head fall to his shoulder. 'Ron Weasley managed to fit a crayon up his nose,' he muttered, voice muffled as his mouth pressed against Remus' collarbone. Sirius raised his head and tugged at the yoke of Remus' shirt until he could kiss the skin over the jutting curve of Remus' clavicle. A shiver juddered through Remus and Sirius looked up, eyes dark.

'I thought of you today,' he murmured, one hand wrapped around Remus' hip, the other sliding over his jaw to cup his face. 'So much so, I had to nip to the bathroom to calm down more than once.'

'Kids didn't cool your ardor?' Remus chuckled.

Sirius bit Remus' chin playfully. 'You would think so, wouldn't you?' he said, brushing his lips feather-light back and forth across Remus' mouth. 'But I guess you're just too alluring.'

Remus snorted and Sirius laughed softly. 'You are,' he insisted, catching Remus' bottom lip between his briefly.

Remus closed his eyes, fingers tangling in Sirius' hair. 'Teddy's sleeping at Harry's Friday night,' he blurted out, and Sirius pulled back.

'I know,' he said quietly.

Remus blinked. 'I wondered... I mean, if you want...' He inhaled deeply. 'Would you like to... ?'

Sirius smiled. 'Have a sleepover as well?'

Remus' breath escaped in a half-relieved, half-amused exhale. 'Yeah.'

Sirius leaned in and kissed Remus firmly. 'I'd like that.'

A throat was cleared loudly, and the two men pulled apart hastily as James Potter flapped his hand around the wall at them. 'I'm off,' he called. 'Just thought I'd let you know Teddy's trying to hitch a ride with us...'

'That kid,' Remus muttered, giving Sirius a quick kiss on the cheek. 'I'll see you tomorrow.'

Sirius watched as a flushing Remus said farewell to James then headed for Teddy and Harry, who were talking with their heads together on the porch. James stared at Sirius then sighed. 'You are completely bloody mad for him, aren't you?'

'Yep,' Sirius said, a smile turning up the corners of his mouth. 'I reckon I am.'

'Do you think they're kissing in there?'

'In the kitchen?'

'My mum and dad kiss everywhere.'


'I heard Sirius tell my mum that your dad is funny and smart.'

'Well, he is.'

'And he said he had a great ar... bum.'

'Sirius looked at my dad's bum? Why?'

'Dunno, but Mum said that it was important.'

'Do I have a great bum, too?'

'It just looks like a bum to me.'

Harry thundered down the stairs and launched himself into Sirius' arms. 'Hey!' Sirius laughed, spinning Harry before plonking him on the ground. 'Happy to see me?'

Harry giggled and took Sirius' hand. 'Teddy's coming for dinner tonight,' he told Sirius. 'And his dad.'

'I know,' Sirius said, a little thrill of excitement racing through him. 'That'll be fun for you – to have a friend stay over.'

'Do you have friends sleep over your place, too?' Harry asked curiously, and Sirius flushed.

'Er, sometimes,' he muttered, looking down the hall for James or Lily to rescue him.

Harry's green eyes widened behind his glasses. 'Maybe Teddy's dad could sleep over your place tonight?'

Sirius heard a masculine chuckle from the living room and made a fervent wish for long periods of celibacy to be visited upon his best friend. 'Well, we'll see,' he said with a fast smile and even faster change of subject. 'Harry, pop up to the spare room and see if I left my – er – sunglasses here, would you?'

Harry looked at him oddly, but complied, racing up the stairs and across the landing to the bedroom Sirius occupied when he stayed over. Sirius used the reprieve to hunt down a still-laughing James and pummel him until he cried out for mercy.

When the dust settled, they fell back onto the couch. 'I'm too old for horseplay,' James moaned, rubbing his hip.

Sirius snorted. 'We're twenty-six.'

'I have a kid. That adds at least five years to my chronological age.'

Sirius turned his head to the side, staring at his friend. 'Did you put Harry up to that earlier? That sleeping over stuff?'

James huffed. 'No,' he said with a grimace. 'You know I prefer not to think about what you get up to in your bedroom.' He frowned, gnawing at his lip as he thought. 'Although... Lily and Harry have been very secretive for the last few days. Lots of whispered conversations that stop when I enter the room. I thought it was about my birthday, but...'

'It was Lily's idea to take Teddy tonight,' Sirius said, a smile of comprehension creeping slowly across his face. 'They're playing Cupid, aren't they?'

James smirked. 'Something like that,' he said, shaking his head. 'That explains a lot.'

'Well,' Sirius said with a wide grin. 'Better not disappoint them.'

Remus frowned disapprovingly down at Teddy. 'What did I tell you?'

Teddy shuffled uneasily. 'Not to go outside in my dress shirt?' he said hesitantly.


'Because I'd get dirty.'

Remus crossed his arms over his chest. 'And what did you do?'

'Went outside.'


'And got dirty,' Teddy answered, pouting down at the floor.

Remus sighed and threw open the doors to Teddy's wardrobe. 'Take it off, please.'

Teddy obeyed, taking the stained shirt off and very pointedly placing it in his hamper rather than on the floor as he usually did. Remus stifled a laugh and chose a clean shirt. 'Right,' he said, handing the garment to Teddy. 'Let's try this again, shall we?'

Teddy pulled the shirt on, buttoning it easily. Remus crouched in front of him to help fasten the cuffs. Tonight would be the first time Teddy had been away from him, and Remus was surprised by how bereft he felt at the prospect. The ache at the realisation that his son was growing up was tempered by excitement at the thought of spending some time alone with Sirius.

'Do you like Sirius?' Teddy asked suddenly, and Remus' hands stilled.

'He's very nice,' he said carefully, unsure of where Teddy was heading. He finished buttoning Teddy's cuff. 'You like him, don't you?'

Teddy screwed up his nose like he did when he was thinking and sat down on his bed. 'Yeah,' he said, drawing the word out. 'Harry said...' He hesitated and Remus sat down beside him.

'Harry said what?' he encouraged.

Teddy bit his lip. 'Harry said Sirius likes to kiss other boys. Not like you kiss me, but like his mum and dad kiss,' he said, the words escaping in a rush.

'Oh,' said Remus, taken aback. 'Right. Um, and are you worried about that? Do you remember that I told you that I like spending time with boys as well as girls?'

'Do you kiss boys like Sirius does?'

Remus cleared his throat. Why now, Teddy? I'm nervous enough about tonight. 'I have kissed boys before,' Remus admitted. 'Teddy, what...?'

'If you like kissing boys, and Sirius likes kissing boys,' Teddy said, hopefully, 'you could just kiss each other and then Sirius could live with us all the time.'

Remus stared, gobsmacked, at his son as all the little invitations, all the suggestions that they include Sirius, or invite Harry over...

'You and Harry Potter set us up!'

Teddy's eyes widened then darted away from Remus. Remus grinned and shook his head. 'Teddy Lupin, you little schemer,' he murmured then he took Teddy's chin between his thumb and forefinger and turned his face towards him. 'Ted, why do you want Sirius to live with us?'

Teddy bit his lip. 'Cause I like him,' he said slowly then his tone became earnest. 'And he makes you smile lots, and he's funny, and if he lived with us then you would have someone to talk to and kiss like Harry's parents do.'

'You think I'm lonely?' Remus asked, his heart breaking a little.

Teddy shrugged. 'You're happy when you see Sirius,' he said guilelessly. 'It's good when you're happy.'

Remus pulled Teddy to him, the little boy's head tucking in under his arm. 'I love you, you know,' he said softly, kissing Teddy on the top of his head. 'And I do like being with Sirius, but I'm not lonely or unhappy, Ted. I've got you.'

Teddy gave him a hug around the middle then looked up at him. 'Do grown ups really kiss each other with their tongues?'

Remus closed his eyes and fought back his smile. 'Ah, we should go,' he said, standing and pulling Teddy to his feet before dragging him out the door.

If Sirius and Remus hadn't already figured out they'd been set up, dinner would have clinched it. Remus' face was tinted pink for the entire meal as Lily gently (and James not-so-gently) teased them. Teddy and Harry watched them closely, giggling every time the men looked at each other.

Sirius glared at Harry then, when Lily pulled out strawberries, chocolate dip, and a lascivious smile for dessert, he stood up. 'I think that I've had enough,' he said, dropping his napkin on his plate. 'Thank you very much for dinner, Lily, but I'm ready to go.'

He looked at Remus. 'Want to come and get some ice cream with me? Somewhere where we aren't the dinner entertainment?'

'Yes, please,' Remus answered, wiping his mouth quickly then putting his napkin on the table. He glanced at a repentant Lily. 'I appreciate you taking Teddy tonight.'

'No problem,' she said with an apologetic look. 'I'm sorry we've been laying it on a bit thick...'

'It's fine,' Remus insisted, smiling at her then looked at Teddy. 'Behave yourself, and don't forget to brush your teeth after dessert.'

'Yeah, alright, Dad,' Teddy muttered, his face turning pink. Remus grinned mischievously and leaned across the table to kiss his complaining son on the forehead. 'Night, Ted.'

Teddy mumbled something under his breath and sank down a little in his seat. Sirius ruffled Harry's hair then smacked James in the arm. 'See you all tomorrow,' he said, giving Lily a quick kiss then reaching for Remus' hand.

To Remus' surprise, Sirius tangled their fingers then pulled him in the direction of the front door. Remus happily followed Sirius, waving at a smug Lily, amused James, and the two giggling boys as he went.

'Sorry,' Sirius said as they closed the front door behind them. 'I just hate being stared at like I'm expected to perform like a circus bloody sideshow...'

'No, I understand,' Remus said, squeezing Sirius' hand. 'They weren't even trying to be subtle anymore, were they?'

Sirius chuckled then there was a moment of silence before Remus made a hesitant joke. 'I think this is where I ask you back to mine to look at my etchings.'

Sirius arched an eyebrow. 'Would these be real etchings or the figurative type? That's the problem with dating an artist: you never know if he really wants you to look at his etchings... or if he wants to shag you silly.'

Remus let out a shuddering breath as his face flared with a fresh burst of heat. 'Er, can I say both?' he asked hoarsely. 'I do have something I want you to look at...' He paused then threw all restraint and caution to the wind. 'And then afterwards, we could check out the figurative version.'

Sirius' eyelids fluttered and his fingers tightened around Remus' hand before he pulled him in for a quick kiss, growling, 'Lead the way,' against his lips, both of them studiously ignored the two grinning faces at the window as they stepped off the porch.

Remus' foot tapped out a nervous staccato beat on the floor and he gnawed on the nail of his thumb as Sirius slowly leafed through the sheaf of parchment. He shifted uneasily. When James had given him the compilation of stories Sirius had written for Harry, Remus had assumed Sirius was aware of the loan.

He wasn't.

Not that he was angry about it; he hadn't seem that bothered really, a little embarrassed, perhaps, but when Remus showed him the illustrations he'd drawn for several scenes, his face had gone very carefully blank. Remus waited until Sirius had shuffled the last page back into place then couldn't hold his tongue any longer.


'They are fucking incredible.'

A wave of relief washed over Remus. 'You... you like them?'

Sirius looked up, his eyes shining intensely. 'You are amazing,' he whispered, the kitchen chair scraping along the tile as he stood. 'These are brilliant.'

Remus smiled gratefully. 'I'm so glad you...mff!'

Sirius crashed their mouths together, shoving Remus up against the bench and sinking a hand into his hair as he kissed him roughly. A bolt of lust spiked through Remus and he felt a surge of adrenaline jag through him. He seized Sirius' biceps and twisted his hips, spinning them so Sirius was backed up against the counter.

Sirius moaned and slid an arm around Remus' waist, bringing their bodies into intimate contact. Remus made an approving noise and rocked his hips, both men hissing as their hardening cocks rubbed together through their trousers. Remus slanted his mouth over Sirius' and deepened the kiss, arousal growing with every sweep of their tongues, with every graze of teeth against soft flesh.

'Are you going to fuck me against the kitchen counter?' Sirius panted, letting his head fall to the side as Remus licked a hot, damp trail across his jaw.

Remus smiled against Sirius' skin, the sandpaper scrape of his jaw swelling his lips. 'I was thinking the bedroom, but if you'd like to stay here...'

Sirius barked out a laugh and the hand in Remus' hair tightened. He pulled Remus' head back to look him in the eye. 'Maybe later,' he said, leaning in to flick his tongue over Remus' reddening lips.

Remus opened his mouth, his own tongue stroking along the underside of Sirius' before Sirius made a strangled noise and kissed him again – fast and hard. 'For now, though,' he continued, flattening his hands on Remus' chest and giving him a little push back. 'Bedroom.'

Remus growled in his throat and clutched handfuls of Sirius' shirt, pulling him into a messy, filthy kiss that weakened their knees as they stumbled and staggered up the stairs. Their hands tugged at their clothing and they stopped half-way up the staircase, Sirius pushing Remus down and yanking his shirt over his head while struggling out of his own. He fell upon Remus once more, balancing precariously on the step as they kissed fiercely. It was only when Sirius banged his knee hard against the wooden railings that they parted; panting as they pulled each other to their feet and fumbled with flies that seemed unusually stubborn tonight.

By the time they reached the bedroom, Remus fly was wide open, Sirius' hands sliding between fabric and skin to cup Remus' arse as his cock tented his briefs. Sirius' trousers bunched around his thighs, Remus pushing his underwear down far enough to reveal Sirius' straining cock just as the backs of his knees hit the edge of his mattress. He tumbled down onto his bed, taking Sirius' with him.

'Fuck,' Sirius complained, shifting so Remus could shift his elbow from where it was poking painfully into his ribs. 'You alright?'

'Mm,' Remus hummed, hooking a hand around Sirius' neck. 'Sorry.'

Sirius smiled down at Remus then nipped playfully at his nose. 'Don't be,' he murmured, trailing tiny kisses over the bridge of Remus' nose then across his cheek. 'Been waiting a long time to get you here.'

Remus arched up, encouraging Sirius to continue to drop kisses along the curve of his throat. 'I'm not sure I can do slow,' he said, breathing hard as Sirius slid down his body, taking a nipple between his teeth. 'It's been a while, and I've been wanting this since I met you.'

'Is that a polite way of saying 'Get your gear off now, Sirius'?' Sirius asked, tonguing Remus' navel then nuzzling his nose in the sparse hair that thickened as he moved lower.

'Get your bloody pants off so I can fuck you stupid,' Remus breathed, closing his fist in Sirius' thick hair and tugging insistently.

Sirius smirked and took the hint, pushing off Remus and stripping his pants and trousers down his legs in one swift movement. Remus' eyes greedily drank in the long, lean lines of Sirius' body, gaze lingering on the thick cock jutting from the nest of dark curls at its base. He licked his lips and sat up as Sirius fell back onto the bed. Remus shoved his trousers down, standing to kick them off. Sirius eyed him unashamedly, stretching languidly on the bed.

'Oh, I didn't expect that,' Sirius murmured, gazing at the inked script on Remus' hip.


'Hell, no.' Sirius smirked. 'Hurry up, yeah?'

Shaking his foot free of the last of his clothing, Remus crouched beside the bed. He pressed his lips to Sirius' ankle then licked his way up the other man's legs. Sirius' head rose off the bed to watch him, their eyes connecting as Remus' tongue lashed the knob of Sirius' hip.


'You sure you want to fuck?' Remus asked, voice husky. 'We can go a bit slower...'

'Remus...' Sirius said again. He reached for Remus' hand – prying it from Sirius' thigh and shifting it between his spread legs. 'Feel.'

Remus' finger brushed between Sirius' buttocks, and he gasped. 'You're prepared,' he whispered, pressing his finger a little harder against the slick, loosened pucker then groaning when it slid inside without much resistance. 'You were sure of yourself.'

'Hopeful,' Sirius corrected, trying to bear down on Remus' probing finger. 'Very hopeful. I won't need much extra...'

Remus was reaching for his bedside table before Sirius finished speaking, grabbing his very recent purchases from the drawer before quickly returning. His hands shook badly as he thumbed off the lid of the lubricant, and Sirius' hand closed over his.

'Let me do it,' he said, sitting up and taking the tube from Remus. He squeezed a blob of clear gel onto his fingers and nodded towards the condom. 'Get that on because I don't want to wait.'

After two fumbles, Remus tore open the wrapper, eyes fixed on Sirius' fingers as they disappeared inside himself. The sight of Sirius – skin flushed, muscles tense, working himself open – was just about enough to bring him to the edge and the slide of latex over his cock was almost too much.

'Fuckfuckfuck,' he muttered, pinching the base of his cock hard. He looked up at Sirius' face. 'I'm not going to last long. Please remember that this effort is not indicative of my usual performance.'

Sirius chuckled breathlessly and rolled himself over onto his stomach. 'The second you touch my dick, it'll be over,' he told Remus, peering over his shoulder. 'We're doing this again, Remus. Save the tricks for then; for now... just fuck me, yeah?'

Arousal curled low in Remus' stomach, and he groaned. He covered Sirius' back with his chest, pressing his open mouth to Sirius' nape , tasting the tang of salt there, then dragging his lips over the rise and fall of Sirius' spine. He bit Sirius' buttock lightly then slid his fingers over the slick crease between the cheeks.

'Remus...' Sirius moaned, bucking his hips back. 'Please?'

Remus positioned himself, desire surging – the force of his want making his vision blur for a moment – then eased forward. He watched, fingers tight on Sirius' hips, as his cock stretched Sirius' entrance. The clench and release of the tight muscles made him pause with only an inch of his cock buried – fearful that this might be his end.



Sirius' panting laugh did not help matters, and Remus concentrated on the least sexy things he could imagine... dirty nappies, toilet training, projectile vomiting at three in the morning.

It worked and Remus was able to push the rest of the way inside Sirius' body without losing complete control. He stopped when he bottomed out, his balls pressed firmly against the curve of Sirius' buttocks. Sirius' guttural groan reverberate through their connected bodies and Remus shuddered, curling over the other man to rest his forehead on his back.

'God, you are... fucking perfect, Sirius.'

Sirius whimpered, and his hand reached down to clutch Remus'. 'Move. Please, move.'

Holding his breath, Remus withdrew – slow and steady – until he couldn't resist the lure of that tight heat any longer then plunged back inside. Sirius grunted and canted his hips, changing the angle of Remus' next thrust.

'Oh, God!' Sirius' fingers squeezed around Remus', his whole body jolting as if he'd been shocked. 'Right fucking there!'

The desperation in Sirius' voice cut the last threads of Remus' restraint, and he buried himself deep inside the other man's body, sheathing himself over and over until Sirius cried out, his muscles convulsing around Remus' cock and his body bucking as his orgasm jagged through him. Already on the precipice, Remus allowed himself to fall, shouting out his release as his hips juddered erratically, every nerve-ending singing in ecstasy.

One shower and a messy hand job warranting another shower later, they lay in bed facing each other – heads sharing the same pillow, fingers tangling absently as they allowed their sated bodies to drift on the edge of sleep.

'Cold,' Sirius murmured, foot sliding between Remus' calves. 'Mm, you're warm.'

Remus groped blindly for the bedspread and pulled it up over them. 'Better?' he asked sleepily, smoothing the bedclothes over Sirius' hip then letting his hand fall back over Sirius'. He curled his fingers over the other man's, smiling when he heard Sirius' hum of contentment.

''s nice,' Sirius mumbled, shuffling a little closer. His thigh parted Remus' and their bodies touched at head, chest, hip, toe. 'Could do this forever.'

Remus' eyes opened and he stared at Sirius, who'd started to snore softly. 'Yeah,' he whispered. 'So could I.'

Waking with a warm body pressed against him was something Remus decided he could get used to very quickly. Particularly when that warm body was attached to a talented mouth that seemed perfectly at home wrapped around Remus' cock.

'Oh,' Remus whispered, fisting the sheets as he arched up into that damp heat, his orgasm washing over him in gentle, tranquil waves. As the pleasure began to ebb, Remus melted into the mattress below him, only vaguely aware of Sirius biting down hard on his hip – over his tattoo - then groaning loudly before he felt sticky warmth flooded across his thigh.

'God,' came a raspy rumble then the sheet was thrown back and a dark, rumpled head with a bright self-satisfied smirk emerged. Sirius slithered up Remus' body and kissed him – slow and deep. Remus' stomach did funny, fluttery things as Sirius' hand curved possessively over his flank.

'Good morning,' Sirius murmured, Remus swallowing the words that were uttered into his mouth. He smiled and lashed his tongue over Sirius' lips, tasting himself on the soft flesh.

'Morning,' he replied, splaying his fingers over Sirius' shoulders. He stroked his fingertips over the curve of the bone then skimmed the digits down his back, coming to rest on the rise of Sirius' buttocks. Sirius moaned appreciatively, sliding his arms under Remus' shoulders and rolling them so they were lying face to face.

'You are so sexy,' Sirius said, nipping at Remus' swollen lower lip. Remus felt Sirius' thumb rub over the jut of his hip, a finger tracing the lettering etched into Remus' skin. 'I'd never have picked you for someone with a tattoo.'

'Too goody-two shoes?'

'Not into pain. Now I know differently, though, I have some interesting toys you might find exciting...'


'Mm, yes, I was this morning,' Sirius agreed, reaching between them and swirling his fingers through his drying come on Remus' thigh. 'Sorry about the mess.'

Remus caught Sirius' hand and sucked his sticky fingers into his mouth, the bitter tang of ejaculate coating his tongue. Sirius watched with darkening eyes then pulled his fingers away and kissed Remus – their mouths meeting hard before the kiss gentled into something sweet and tender, something that allowed Sirius to claim another piece of Remus' heart for himself.

'We should clean up,' Remus breathed when they parted. 'Teddy will be back soon.'

'Mm.' Sirius' hand drifted to the tattoo again. 'Teddy.' He shifted so he could see Remus' son's name spelled out in curling script on Remus' skin. 'He and Harry were trying their hand at matchmaking.'

'They didn't do a bad job of it,' Remus noted, braceleting Sirius' wrist with his fingers for a moment before ghosting his hand along his arm.

Sirius chuckled. 'No, they didn't,' he acknowledged, his toe rubbing along Remus' calf. 'But does he understand what... this is? What's he expecting?'

Remus' breath caught in his throat. Shit. Was this a one night stand? He swallowed hard before he spoke. 'What is this? What do you think this is?'

Sirius was silent for several long moments. When he finally opened his mouth, Remus held his breath. 'I... I really like you,' he said softly, finger lightly tracing the lettering on Remus' hip. 'I don't want this to be all there is. We're so good together.'

Remus closed his eyes in relief, his breath escaping in a huff. 'God, I thought you were going to tell me "thanks for the fuck. See you around."'

Sirius frowned at him. 'Is that what you want?'

'No!' Remus exclaimed. 'No, I... there's something here, isn't there? Between us?'

'Yeah,' Sirius smiled, caressing Remus' cheek fondly. 'Yeah, there is.'

They gazed at each other then the rumbling of Sirius' stomach made them laugh. 'Breakfast,' Remus said, swinging his legs over the edge of the bed then grimacing. 'Actually, shower then breakfast, I think.'

Sirius laughed, pressing a kiss to the crook of Remus' neck then slapping him lightly on the top of his arse. 'Why don't you shower, and I'll fix us something to eat?'

'You cook?'

'Like a gourmet, baby!' Sirius declared, hopping off the bed and searching for his pants.

Remus grinned and pretended to swoon before he shoved himself to his feet. 'Careful,' he said with a laugh. 'Good looking, fantastic in bed, can handle kids, great cook – you're marriage material, Mr Black.'

Sirius straightened abruptly, his pants around his knees. 'Is that a proposal?'

Remus snorted and snatched up his underwear. 'Depends on how good breakfast is,' he teased, wiping off his thigh then sneaking a look at Sirius. He was startled to see the other man staring intently back at him. 'Sirius?'

Sirius blinked then smiled. 'I'd better make sure breakfast is spectacular,' he said, tugging his pants up over his hips. 'You'll have to make good on that proposal then, won't you?'

He winked at Remus who smiled a little shyly in return before he watched Sirius' backside as he left the room.

After a much acclaimed breakfast of eggs and fried tomatoes, Remus tidied up, watching out of the corner of his eye as Sirius flicked through his illustrations again. He wiped his hands on a tea towel once the dishes were all clean and put away, peering over Sirius' shoulder.

'If I make a suggestion,' he said carefully. 'Would you seriously consider it?'

Sirius looked up at him and grinned lasciviously. 'Depends on how kinky the suggestion is,' he said, arching an eyebrow.

Remus chuckled then pulled out the chair next to Sirius. 'I think you should show these stories to a publisher,' he said as he sat down. 'I know Lily's told you before and you brushed it off, but, Sirius, I've read so many books in preparation for illustrating them and not one has ever grabbed me like yours.'

Sirius looked doubtful. Remus grabbed his hand. 'Would you let me show these to my agent?' he asked. 'Please? If she isn't interested then I won't mention it again.'

Sirius gazed at him, teeth worrying his bottom lip, then he glanced back down at the scattered papers. 'You really think they're good?' he asked, looking at Remus who smiled.

'I really do.'

Sirius hesitated then nodded. 'On one condition,' he said with little smile. 'That if they are published, you do the artwork for them.' He held up a sketch of Harry riding a broomstick. 'You just get me, Remus. Completely. No one has ever... not even James fits with me like you do.'

Remus wove their fingers together before bringing the back of Sirius' hand to his lips. 'I promise,' he murmured. 'You and me... we'll do this together.'

Sirius' smile broadened and he leaned over to kiss Remus. 'We make a good team,' he whispered, butting Remus' nose with his own before dropping another kiss at the corner of Remus' mouth.

'Teddy won't be home for another hour or two,' Remus said softly, nuzzling his cheek against Sirius'. 'How about you remind me how good we are together?'

'So, do you have any questions?' Remus asked reluctantly, his face burning.

Sirius had mentioned once or twice that James Potter had a lousy sense of timing, but the complaint had been of tardiness, so they were all surprised when James returned Teddy early. One hour early, to be exact, which was why Remus was attempting to explain to Teddy what he'd seen occurring on the kitchen table.

'You... like all that... kissing stuff?' Teddy asked, making his distaste clear.

Remus closed his eyes and prayed for strength. 'It feels... nice,' he said pathetically. 'Ted, all you need to know is that grown up people who love each other very much like making each other feel good. That's what Sirius and I were doing.'

'So, does that mean you and Sirius are boyfriends?' Teddy asked, hope lighting up his face.

'Um, well, would... you like that?'

Teddy screwed up his nose, thinking hard. 'You wouldn't love him more than me?'

'Never. Nothing will ever change how much I love you.'

'And we wouldn't have to move? Harry said we might have to move to Sirius' place if you two snogged, but it's really small, Dad, and the lady next door kept looking at me funny...'

'We aren't moving anywhere.'

'And you won't do any more... stuff in the kitchen?'

'Ted, I think I can guarantee that on both mine and Sirius' behalf.'

Teddy gave Remus a very solemn nod. 'Then I guess it's okay,' he said then he grinned and bounced on the bed. 'Is he coming to live here?'

'No,' Remus said quickly. 'No, it's a bit soon for that, but... we like each other and we're going to spend a lot of time together. Okay?'


Remus laughed at Teddy's enthusiasm then scooped his son up off the bed. 'Think we should go and find Sirius and tell him it's safe to come out now?'

Teddy giggled. 'He was bright red like a fire truck.'

Remus laughed as they headed down the stairs, recalling the flush that spread tantalizingly from Sirius' face right down his chest . 'Yes he was, wasn't he?'

They found a fully dressed Sirius tidying the papers that had been shoved unceremoniously off the kitchen table earlier. He looked up as they entered, pink staining his cheeks once more. 'I was wondering if you two would like to go out for lunch?' he said, glancing at Remus who nodded. 'You can choose, Teddy.'

'Fish and chips?' Teddy asked, looking with wide eyes from Sirius to his father.

Remus smiled and nodded again. 'Yep,' he said brightly. 'But you need to go and get your jacket first.'

Teddy was climbing the stairs before Remus had finished talking, leaving the men alone. Remus glanced at Sirius who groaned and buried his face in his hands. 'I am so sorry...'

Remus smiled. 'You weren't the only one caught with his pants down,' Remus said, pulling Sirius' hands away from his face. 'Or undone and tented as the case may be. Just be glad they didn't arrive five minutes later. That would have taken a lot longer to explain.'

'Is he alright?' Sirius asked, looking towards the second floor. 'He doesn't hate me or think I'm a pervert for jumping his father on the kitchen table or...'

'Sirius, he adores you,' Remus assured him, threading their fingers together. 'He's already organising where we're all going to live.'

'Really?' Sirius said, his eyebrows shooting up in surprise.

Remus looked at him warily. 'Is that freaking you out?'

Sirius slipped his arms around Remus' waist. 'No,' he said softly. 'I'm shocked by how comfortable I am talking about this so soon, but...' He shrugged. 'I want you and everything that comes with you. We can take it slow, or go at this like a bull at a gate, as long as I've got you – and Teddy, I don't care about the rest of it.'

Sirius caged Remus' face in his hands and kissed him soft and sweet; smiling delightedly against Remus' lips when Teddy reappeared and made loud faux vomiting noises. He reached out and scooped the little boy into their embrace.

It wasn't until several weeks later, when he was preparing a speech that would convince Sirius to move in with him, that Remus managed to pinpoint this as the moment when he fell in love with Sirius Black.

One year later




'I'm fucking terrified, Remus!'

'Sirius... language...'

'Sorry. Teddy, don't...'

'I know. Grown-up word. Are we nearly there? I need to pee.'

'I need to vomit. Remus, pull over.'

'I'm not pulling over. Teddy, you went before we left, you can not possibly need to go again. Sirius, take deep breaths. If you vomit in this car, you're cleaning it out.'

'You're a hard man, Remus Lupin.'

'Not right now, but last night...'



'Sorry. Ted...'

'Don't repeat anything I hear you say. I know. Dad, I really do need to pee.'

'So do I now. Vomit then pee.'

'God, it's like I work in a zoo. Right, we're here.'

Ten minutes later, they stood outside the book store, staring through the glass at the display.



Sirius looked at Remus, an awestruck expression on his face. 'That's ours?'

Remus picked his jaw up off the ground and nodded slowly. 'I think so.'

He stepped closer, joining Teddy who was pressing his nose to the glass, Sirius following closely. They all gaped at the images that had begun their life at Remus' kitchen table – the cardboard castle, the life-sized cut-out of Prince Harry, and his best friend and companion, Theodore the Dragon. The cut-outs were surrounded by the first of a series of children's stories penned by Sirius.

'This is incredible, Remus.'

'Yes, it is.'

'Look at Theo the Dragon! Cool!'

Remus chuckled and absently tousled Teddy's hair. Sirius craned his neck and peered at the cartons of books stacked beside the signing table he and Remus would be sat behind in about an hour.

'We'll really sell that many copies?' Sirius asked doubtfully.

'Hope so,' Remus murmured, gaze still on the cardboard cut-outs. 'We've got to pay for that new car somehow.'

Sirius chuckled and slid his arms around Remus' waist. 'I can't believe we did it,' he whispered, propping his chin on Remus' shoulder. 'I can't believe we're here for a signing for a book we created together.'

'You said it before,' Remus said, pulling Sirius closer. 'We're a great team.'

'That we are,' Sirius agreed, kissing Remus' neck then pressing his lips to the place behind Remus' ear that drove him insane. Remus shivered and turned into Sirius' embrace as they heard a dismayed groan.

'Oh, yuck,' Teddy complained, crossing his arms and adopting a pout that made Sirius proud. 'Do you have to do that? You're worse than Harry's parents.'

Sirius and Remus laughed quietly and put some space between them, although they kept hold of each other's hand. A woman appeared behind the glass, waving to them and gesturing for them to come to the door.

'Here we go,' Sirius said, taking a deep breath as Teddy patted his leg reassuringly.

Remus squeezed his hand. 'Together,' he said softly, and Sirius smiled.