A/N: Hello folks, this is my first fanfiction ever, so go easy on me. This is a Cody-centric story with main fanon pairings developing as time goes along. Otherwise, most canons will start out the same. And after the two day wait period I noticed that similar story title has been posted so I will try to make sure mine is different.

All the contestants are rescued by a cruise ship after the events of Total Drama World Tour. Well, all except for Alejandro, who is in intensive care by a robed Chris, and Ezekiel, who is sent to a mental institution. Back on the ship, our favorite gap toothed geek narrowly escapes his stalker, who just mastered the art of wheelchair stealth, and takes cover under a table in the upper deck. He noticed there were six people around him. First, was Harold trying to impress Leshawna with his attempt of a tan and actually working.

"Boy, how does he do it?" Cody asked himself while surveiling the upper deck. He then noticed his gothic crush smiling and laughing in the arms of the meanest contestant ever, (third only to Al and Courtney) Duncan.

"Gwen, of all people, why him?" The geek said to himself. Cody sided with Gwen over all the cheating fiasco simply because he believed Gwen would eventually see what a jerk Duncan truly is and dump him, but it seems to be of no avail. Trying to distract himself, he notices DJ talking to his fish, Irene, probably still superstitious over his curse. Finally, the geek sees Heather, sitting by herself, depressingly staring off into the ocean. Cody, still wanting to distract himself from the goth and the punk, as well as avoiding his stalker, walked up to her and sat at her table. The queen bee instantly glared at him.

"What do you want, twerp?" She snapped right at him.

"Hehe, just seeing how you were doing" Cody responded with a gap toothed grin.

"Me? Oh I am doing fine! I mean, I just won a million dollars, only for it to be destroyed by a feral prairie boy! And to top it all off, I almost get crushed by a molten boulder! Thank you so much for asking!" Heather remarked sarcastically, as if you had to ask.

"Well it can't be all bad. For what it's worth, at least this time you went out with everyone cheering for you"

"Pfft, they only did it because they hated Alejandro a tad bit more"

"I don't believe that, with the exception of distracting me, you played pretty legitimately, and don't think I didn't know you're subtle acts compassion towards Courtney and Sierra, but if that's not enough…"

At the risk of getting Sierra's attention, Cody shouted out across the upper deck "Hey everyone, who here forgives Heather for all that went down back on the island?"

"Oh make a scene, why don't you" Heather said with sarcasm once more.

"I think you changed Heather" DJ sweetly said across the deck.

"I can trust Cody's word" Harold added much to Leshawna's dismay.

Duncan shrugged and Gwen only rolled her eyes.

"Not the turnout I expected, but a good start" Cody reassured.

"Why do you care what people think of me?" Heather interjected.

"I don't know, maybe it's just me buying time from being found by Sierra, maybe it's that getting on good terms with more and more girls will improve my chances with the one I love, or maybe it's just that I thought after all we been through as Team Amazon and throughout merge we'd be at least able to be considered friends"

"Don't push your luck, nerdface" Heather shot back.

"Hehe, fair enough" Cody chuckled and proceeded to walk away.

Just as Cody was going to leave, Heather stops him, "Do you really think there's good in me?"

Cody turned and grinned once again, "Though the competitive tension sometimes gets the best of you, I think deep down you're not so bad"

"Thanks… nerdface…" Heather responded refusing to look in his direction.

To break the awkward moment, they heard a stalker's voice.


"I gotta go" Cody said as he jetted from the scene.

Heather watched him leave with a smile right before stubbornly shaking it off.

Chris "Previously, on Total Drama World Tour… Hawaii, our challengers raced up the volcano, avoided falling objects, and locked lips. However it was Alejandro who took the icy slide down the mountain and leaving Heather as the victor. Due to an unforeseen pineapple related eruption, our celebration was cut short. Not to mention our stubborn homeschooler felt the need to snatch the reward for himself, only to plunge into the volcano with it. Shame, after I gave the briefcase to Heather, it was no longer the show's responsibility. Now, three months after the cook-off, our contestants reunite. Thanks to the profits of season three just exceeding the destroyed plane's cost by a hair, we are throwing in ONE last season for our old contestants. Who will win the prize, let alone keep it in the end, this time, on TOTAL… DRAMA… LUXORY TOUR!

*Cues theme music*

Chris "Here we are, post erupted Hawaii, only fitting to start the show here. Since this is our biggest budget season yet, we are milking our victims… eh, I mean contestants for all they're worth! So this means all your favorite schmucks and schmuckettes are back, no benchwarmers this time around!"

Out of nowhere, the former host of Celebrity Manhunt walks into the frame.

"That's right, everyone's favorite gal, Blaineley, is back in the game!" Mildred announced.

"Except you, what are you like thirty? We want drama we can legally show on TV. INTERNS!"


The nameless interns drag Blaineley away.

Chris "As I was saying, our "actual" contestants have just arrived via cruise ship!

Owen "ALRIGHT! One more shot to win it, Awesome!"

Noah "Yeah… because the show hasn't exploited us enough yet…"

Ezekiel "Word… two months of therapy and the Zeke is back in his prime, CHECK IT!"


The queen bee angrily follows him off the boat. The time period since last season allowed the rest of her hair to finally grow back as it was in season one.

Ezekiel "Umm… there it is, eh!"

The "once again normal-ish" prairie boy pointed up in the air only to dash off at the queen bee's distraction.

Heather "GET BACK HERE!"

Tyler "Watch out, cuz Tyler's back, TO THE EXTRE- OUCH!"

The "athlete" tripped on the steps of the boat and crashlanded face first into the sandy beach.

Lindsay "Skyler, are you okay?"

Tyler "It's… Ty… ugh…"

Sierra "Aren't you excited, Cody? A whole 'nother season with you… and me… EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Cody "Yeah… and my parents had to lift the restraining order for the competition…"

Sierra "Stupid mister and misses Anderson, wouldn't let me camp in front of the Cody household…"

Sierra's body had fully recovered from the explosion. Her hair had mostly grown back. Her braided ponytail was all that was missing. In a matter of seconds, just about everyone boarded off the ship and onto the Hawaiian beach. The last contestant to appear was none other than a fully recovered Alejandro.

Owen "Wow, Al, how did you recover so quickly? Even your hair is back to normal!"

Alejandro glares at the chubby blonde before masking it with a sly smile.

Alejandro "Simple, my Latin blood remedies my body at a much faster rate"

Heather stops strangling the Zeke and turns to her former romantic adversary.

Alejandro "Ah Heather, my little heartbreaker"

"Nothing personal, I just liked winning more" Heather returns the remark while smugly looking the other way.

Owen steps in to break the tension.

"That's right, it's just a game after all. No need for any vendettas to ruin everyone's fun"

Alejandro grins once more, "You're right, Owen, no hard feelings" the Latin heartthrob says as he walks away.

A few minutes later, everyone gathers in front of Chris and Chef.

Chris "Alright, sailors, you're all probably wondering why I call you that. Well that's because for this season, we are traveling the world once more… on boat"

Duncan "There a better title you can give us than 'sailors?'"

Chris "How bout, voyagers? Mariners? Buccaneers?

Noah "How about sea-men?"

The cast chuckles.

Chris "Keep it PG, Noah. At any rate, we will be sailing from destination to destination on cruise ships"

Gwen "Will it be as cluster phobic unfriendly as the plane was?"

Courtney "Far be it for us to interrupt you making out with other people's boyfriends!"

Duncan "Dude, princess, get over it"

Chris "To answer your question, it'll be entirely up to you"

Cody "What does that mean?"

Sierra "Chris is up to something again…"

Harold "We gonna be singing in this one?"

Chris "No, some of our songs just weren't different enough to dodge the copyright laws it turns out. Also we received numerous complaints about your rapping, Harold.

Harold "Before my time, gosh…"

Chris "Anyways, since I am feeling generous today, I am gonna let you guys pick your teams!"

Everyone cheers!

Chris "And by you, I mean our three winners of the past seasons. Owen, Duncan, and Heather, come forward"


Owen "Oh-oh-oh, sweet! I get to pick my dream team out!"

Duncan "Well Gwen is a given, but It's hard to figure out from there on…"

Heather "First, I need to secure an alliance, I still have many enemies here"

Chris "Let's go in alphabetical order, shall we? Duncan, you're up, followed by Heather, then Owen.

Duncan "Then I pick Gwen!"

Gwen, clearly happy with his decision, rushes to his side.


Cody sighs, "Guess, I should accept what is best for Gwen… but it's so hard to…"

Courtney "Enjoy your happiness while you can, Gwen. I will make your time here a LIVING HELL!"

Heather "I pick Cody"

Cody walks up to her.

Cody "I'm flattered by being picked first by a team… for once in my life… but can I ask why?"

Heather "I need a secure alliance to have my back, nothing more"

"I just like to help I guess" Cody says with a grin.

Owen "Noah, get over here buddy!"


Leshawna "I hope Duncan chooses me next. Me and Gwen didn't part on the best of terms last time, and would love to patch things up with that white girl"

Duncan "Leshawna"

Heather "Hmm…"

Sierra "Ooo… ooo… ooo… pick me! PICK ME!


Heather "Control Cody, control Sierra. It's called strategy, not to mention her drama smarts comes in handy. She just better lay off on the stalkerism. I need my alliance to focus after all."

Cody "Don't get me wrong, Sierra will always be a best friend of mine. And if I can work with her to take her… fandom… in moderation, things will go out great. But as a girlfriend… I don't know… a stubborn part of me still wants to hold out for Gwen…

Heather "Sierra"

As if on cue, the fangirl tackles the scrawny geek.

Sierra "Oh Cody muffin, we're a team again!"

"Yay…" Cody said sarcastically.

Owen "Hmm, who's next?"

Lindsay "Ooo… choose Taylor!"

Owen "Okay! Come on over Taylor!"

Tyler "I give up…"

Duncan "DJ"

Heather "Bridgette"

Tyler "Owen, choose Lindsay!"

Owen "Okay, Lindsay!"

Lindsay jumps into the arms of her tracksuit wearing boyfriend.

Duncan "Geoff"

Geoff "But dude, I kinda wanna be with my girl"

Duncan "I said, I choose Geoff!"


Duncan "The last thing I need is my party animal friend to get distracted and screw us up like last time.

Bridgette: Maybe it's for the best. I mean making out is what eliminated us both at the studio. I just hope the competitive tension doesn't break me and Geoff up like it did for just about everyone else.

Heather "Trent"

The guitarist skeptically walked to her group and highfived Cody.

Owen "I pick… hmm… I don't know…"

Chris "Tick tock…"

Owen notices Justin applies sun tan lotion to his bare chest.

Owen "Justin…"


Noah "If it weren't for Izzy, I could've sworn he'd be-

Harold "Dude, you gotta pick me, gosh! Leshawna's on your team!"

Duncan "Whatever, I pick Doris"

Harold "Yes!"

Heather "Hmm…"

All that was left was Beth, Katie, Sadie, Izzy, Eva, Ezekiel, and Alejandro.

Heather sighs, "Well I play to win, Courtney"

Cody "Ugh…"


Cody "Courtney, in my opinion, is much meaner than Heather. I have not forgotten when she almost strangled me to death back on the island and the frequent times she hit me since. Also, I would be more sympathetic to her over the whole Duncan/Gwen fiasco, if she was more sympathetic of me getting eaten by a shark. I do wonder if she always was this mean. I remember Harold telling me that on the island, she was much more kind. If it was because of dating Duncan as to why she is like this, than I can't help but fear that he may bring out a worse side of Gwen as well… Nah, must have been from Harold getting her eliminated"

Owen "Breaking up with Izzy was one of my biggest mistakes, maybe I can patch things up with her this time around"

Owen "Izzy"

Duncan "Beth"

Heather "Katie"

Owen "Sadie"

Sadie "But I wanna be with Katie!"

Katie "I wanna be with Sadie!"

Chris "Can we move it along?"

The pair tragically parted ways.


Noah "They were TWO different people? I didn't know…"

Duncan "Guess I'll take Eva"

Heather: "Hmm… Alejandro or Ezekiel?" I pick Ezekiel"


Heather "Though I intend to win every challenge, on the off chance we lose, Ezekiel is going first! In the mean time, I will make him regret burning my million! Besides, after what happened last time here, I am pretty sure me and Alejandro are done. A crotch shot and a frozen ride down a volcano is kind of a difficult roadblock to get past"

Owen "Al, I guess"

Alejandro silently walks to Owen's group.

Owen "Sorry for picking you last, Al…"

Alejandro "No hard feelings, mi amigo, I understand that my manipulative ways was not sportsmanlike. I will humbly work my way to the top just as Heather did"

Owen "Really?"

Alejandro "Really"


Owen "Wow, it feels good to know Al has turned over a new leaf!"

Alejandro "And this time, I will make you all PAY for what you did to me! Especially you… HEATHER!"

Chris "Okay passengers, you got your teams"

Duncan "'Passengers' now?"

Chris "I'm just trying a few as we go along and seeing which one clicks the most. Now, team names! Duncan's team is the Screaming Admirals, Heather's the Killer Captains, and Owen's the Rabid Skippers!

Noah "Yeah… Skippers… that sounds intimidating enough…"

Justin "So do we get back on to the cruise ship?"

Chris "Oh that ship took off. Remember Gwen's cluster phobic question? Well it was entirely up to all of you because your teams will be building your own cruise ships from a junk pile as part of your first challenge.

All three groups groan.

Heather "You call this luxury?"

Chris "That's the beauty of this game. Start from rags, or in this case, junk pile, and through victory after victory you will increase the quality of your cruise ship, be it interior or exterior. Consider that the "first class" of this season.

Lindsay "Oo… can I put a shoe store in mine?"

Chris "Better do a good job, they're expected to last this entire season, not to mention that it will be on your ships where your eliminations will take place. For if you are voted off, you will take a lifejacket and plummet from the 'Plank of Shame!'"

Chris then turns to the camera.

Chris "Will our naval officers make it to sea, or will their chances for the cash "sink?" Find out next time, on TOTAL DRAMA LUXURY TOUR!

A/N: Well there it is folks, let me know of what you think, ending is uncertain, as is whether or not it'll make it that far, you all can make the difference though. Always open to ideas and suggestions but can only stretch with so much.


Screaming Admirals: Duncan, Gwen, Leshawna, DJ, Geoff, Harold, Beth, Eva

Killer Captains: Heather, Cody, Sierra, Bridgette, Trent, Courtney, Katie, Ezekiel

Rabid Skippers: Owen, Justin, Tyler, Lindsay, Noah, Izzy, Sadie, Alejandro