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"COOOOOOOOOODY!" All five girls scream as Cody and the briefcase plummeted off the Westin Diplomat Hotel.

"…" The geek could hardly give a reaction as he fell down towards the Hollywood concrete.

Heather was the first to react and jumped down off the building after him. She grabbed him by the legs, but began falling with the geek. Sierra was the next to respond and leapt for him as well. She grasped Heather's ankle immediately when it was in reach. Bridgette followed suit and does the same for the stalker. Gwen and Courtney both quickly ran and grabbed the surfer girl's legs from the rooftop before it became too late.

Unfortunately, though Cody was saved, the prize money was ultimately lost. All six of them could only watch as the five million dollar briefcase continues falling. It eventually opens itself up while in midair. All the cash in it is then blown out by the wind and scattered all across the Hollywood streets with passerby's eager to grab the ready money as it fell.

"Cody, you alright?" Heather asked as she held the geek by his legs.

Cody only frowned as he looked away.

"Hang on!" Gwen shouted as she and Courtney began pulling everyone back up. Eventually, everyone safely returns to the rooftop of the hotel. The six of them exhaustedly lie down next to each other after their near death experience.

"So much for the five million…" Courtney said while panting.

"It can only have happened when I am in the finale…" Heather depressingly added.

"Codykins, are you okay?" Sierra asked the geek.

"…I'm fine…" Cody coldly answered.

Suddenly, Chris and the Peanut Gallery walk up to them from the doorway inside, "What the hell? Can't anyone hold on to the prize money in this show?"

"What happens now?" Bridgette asked.

"Well, I still see one prize still standing, along with the tickets to the Luxury Tour Victory Lap that comes along with it" Chris informed.

"Fine, cuz' Cody is coming with me!" Sierra shouted.

"No way, Fanzilla! I'm taking him!" Gwen rebutted.

"You? Don't make me laugh!" The CIT shot back.

"What, like you deserve him?" the surfer girl inquired.

"You definitely don't" Heather cut in.

Cody gave a look of anger and frustration, "ENOUGH! ALL OF YOU! PUT A SOCK IN IT!"

All the girls turn silent after this outburst.

"NEED I REMIND YOU THAT WE ALMOST DIED JUST NOW?" the geek reminded, "AT THIS RATE, YOU ARE ALL JUST GOING TO CONTINUE KILLING EACH OTHER UNTIL THERE'S NOTHING LEFT OF ANY OF US!" The geek paused so he could regain his breath. After the heavy sigh, he continues, "Trust me, I am not worth this! I'd make a horrible boyfriend! I'm not even man enough to choose between you girls! Much less keep any of you girls…"

"Cody…we…" All the girls speak in unison but are then cut off.

"FORGET THIS!" The geek angrily said as he rummaged through his pockets, "Here are the tickets for the cruise. Take them and let me go!"

"Cody, does it really have to end this way?" Gwen sadly spoke out first.

"There is no other way, Gwen…" Cody sternly responded, "I'll never choose and this stupid cycle has gone on for far too long."

None of the girls could think of anything to say as the geek stumbled away after his ordeal.

Cody stopped for a moment and looked back at the five with tear-filled eyes, "Please… just get over me… it's for everyone's own good…"

Chris cuts in, "What the hell? You signed a contract Cody! We still have to exploi… I mean… settle this!"

"BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS, MCLEAN!" the geek snapped back at him, startling the host, "It's done… I'm tired of being fought for…"

Cody continued to tread to the doorway to the inside of the hotel, but then halts when a few words hit his ear.

"…I'd share you…" Sierra spontaneously slipped up.

Cody was thunderstruck after hearing the impulsive utterance of the fangirl. He slowly and silently turned back at the group as Sierra walks up to him.

The fangirl jumped and hugs the geek, "Cody… I love you so much… if I couldn't ever be your wife, I'd have settled for being your mistress!"

"Sie...Sierra… I… I don't think that's very ethical…" the geek hesitantly said after losing his unyielding momentum.

"I don't care! I don't want to lose you over a technicality!" the stalker pleaded.

"Sierra… I… no… I am not a polygamist!" Cody denied, "Come on Sierra, we can still all be good friends"

"It won't be enough!" Sierra screamed as she latched on to Cody's leg while he was trying to flee the scene, "Please, if being willing to share your love isn't sufficient, what is it gonna take for me to remain at your side intimately?"

"Sierra… I just can't…"

"Come on Cody," Bridgette happily wrapped her arms around the geek from behind, "You should finally enjoy your slice of heaven!"

"B…Bridgette?" the geek's face glowed a bright crimson color, "Y…you too?"

"Well, you've done and been through enough to earn the five of us" the surfer girl assured, "And I know you wouldn't take any of us for granted!"

"Even if that was true… I just don't think…"

"I will not let Cody become a pig! A harem isn't happening!" the queen bee cut in.

The CIT spoke out next, "I agree! Sharing a boyfriend? You two can't be serious!"

Sierra smiled back at the two, "If you don't want part of the love triangle, then there's more Codykins for us!"

"NO!" CIT couldn't help but blurt out, "I mean… Fair is fair, he's a part of the prize this season isn't he? Besides, I plan to make a hundred page list on how he is going to make up the money he lost to me!"

"But I…"

"Gwen? Heather?" Bridgette happily interrupted the timid bachelor.

The goth rolled her eyes, "I guess this is my punishment for waiting too long, fair enough," Gwen joined the group circling the geek, "I trust he will be gentlemanlike during this "unique" relationship"

"…I… I…"

"That just leaves you Heather" Sierra smugly informed the queen bee.

"I don't know what goes on in Japan, but in the Western Hemisphere, there is no polygamy!" Heather shot back.

"Well I guess Heather's out," Courtney happily announced, "Aw well, us four will be more than enough"

"Grr… Fine!" the queen bee submitted, "But only because someone has to keep the twerp in check!" Heather angrily stomped towards the geek, "If this gets in over your head for even one split second, I will beat you into the ground, nerd-face!"

The geek gulped.

"Then it's settled!" Sierra happily announced.

"Don't… don't I get… get a say in this?" The geek nervously asked while stuttering.

"Remember Cody? You said you were bad at making decisions" Gwen tauntingly reminded.

"I… umm… all five?" Cody asked, still comprehending his position, "I… I…"

"Yeah yeah, we'll work out that whiny boy scout mentality later" Heather said as all five girls grab the geek and formed another group embrace. The beat red geek practically fainted as the hug kept its hold.

"That's right, all seven of us are one big happy family!" Blaineley said as she walked up to the group. However, everyone just glared back at her.

"Get out of here, cradle robber!" Sierra shouted as the cougar nervously backed away.

"Way to go Cody!" Tyler praised from the peanut gallery.

"Aww… everyone's happy!" Lindsay added.

"I love it when the good guys win" DJ added as well.

"Lame…" Duncan only scoffed.

Taking exception to the mood killer, Trent punched out the delinquent and then smiles back at the hesitant bachelor.

"So cute!" Katie backed her boyfriend.

"Really cute!" Sadie backed her BFF.

"Not bad," Eva stated, "For a scrawny little spit #$&…"

"Still think you and I are the best couple though" Izzy happily tells Noah.

"Hehe, one spunky girl is definitely enough for me" the bookworm responded.

"Looks like short stuff won big" Leshawna cheered.

"That's our Codemeister!" Harold added.

"How does he have five and I have zero?" Justin disputed.

"Because you're a user and a traitor" Beth informed.

"Don't worry buddy, you got me!" Owen happily said as he gave the model a massive bear hug.

"Too tight…"

"Bridge… Bridgette Bridgette Bridge!" Geoff continued to ramble.

Blaineley's eyes water up as her young flame became out of her reach, "Oh Cody… I'll never love again!"

The drama mogul then turned her attention to a certain prairie boy.

"Hey Ezekiel …looking good…"

"Say what, eh?"

Heather turns to the host, "We are sharing our reward! Now get us off this stupid building!"

"Fair enough. Winners, your ship awaits you all!" the host ushered them to board the chopper piloted by Chef that flew next to the Hotel rooftops.

Cody, still not sure of what to say, finally speaks out coherently, "You all sure about this?"

"Of course, Codykins!" Sierra happily responded.

"We'll make it work" Gwen added.

"Face it Cody, you won the jackpot" Bridgette informed.

"But now you better take care of all of us" Courtney happily reminded.

"The Codemeister never lets the girls down, now does he?" Heather taunted.

"I… I suppose not…" the blushing geek looks nervously to the ground.

They all smile back at him and then throw the geek into the helicopter. Once all six are boarded with Chris, they are taken back down to the harbor.


The once again disgraced and injured Latin is hoisted up on a stretcher after being put inside a full body cast.

"Hey look! Another hundred over there!" One of the passerby's said as the city people search for the scattered prize money.

"NO! THE MONEY'S MINE!" Alejandro screamed as he, in his fury, throws himself off the stretcher and gets face planted on the concrete sidewalk, "Ow…"

**Cody, Bridgette, Courtney, Gwen, Heather, and Sierra**

The chopper lands by the harbor and the six jump off of it. All of them were astonished by the modifications made to the ship once occupied by the Killer Captains.

"What have you done with it?" Cody asked the host.

"Well our interns put the final touches to the vessel during the final challenge. You'll see when you enter that we added a few floors, a staff, a theater, a breakfast buffet, a lounge, fitness center, a five star restaurant, first class cabins, and even gave the ship a solid gold custom paint job!"

"Unreal…" Gwen said astonishingly.

"Told you this was our highest budget season!" the host happily reminded.

"You weren't kidding…" Bridgette concurred.

"Enjoy your six month reward winners! You earned it!"

Cody looked at the five girls who he have become so closely acquainted with and they all smile back at him. They then held each other's hands and board the luxury ship. Not soon after, the vessel sets sail for one last trip around the world. This time, there were no challenges, no tension, and no Alejandro.

After stepping back on the chopper piloted by Chef, Chris turns to the camera, "There you have it, folks! Our steamiest season ending ever! Now after two big budget seasons, we are going back to basics by introducing a fresh cast in a thirteen episode season! Surely they will be just as popular as the original cast and not sabotage our show completely… surely!"

Chef coughs, "*cough!*Scrubs: Season Nine*cough!*"

"What was that? Anyways, keep watching for our next season called Total… Drama… Reloaded!"

Winners: Gwen, Heather, Bridgette, Courtney, Sierra

Peanut Gallery: Owen, Beth, Eva, Ezekiel, Harold, Noah, Trent, Geoff, Leshawna, Justin, Sadie, Katie, Izzy, DJ, Duncan, Lindsay, Tyler, Cody, Alejandro


Cody soundly lied on his bed in his improved cabin during the nightly voyage. After getting far more than the geek could ever bargain for, he couldn't help but rest his eyes and take the time to recollect on what lead to this moment.


Heather after season three, "Do you really think there's good in me?"

Sierra in Hawaii, "Oh Cody muffin, we're a team again!"

Heather in the Naica Mine, "The only way to prove you can stand on your own two feet is by actually DOING it!"

Gwen in Kodiak Island, Alaska, "Do "you" approve of me being together with Duncan?"

Sierra in the Yukon, "Bah, Cody is all the warmth I need!"

Heather in Newfoundland, "Cody, you still have to prove that you can be independent, now stop moping and get over those two!"

Bridgette in Disney World, "Cody, you have so many good traits about you, and if Gwen can't see that then it's her loss"

Gwen in Tikal, "Cody, I don't want you to get hurt…"

Courtney in Tikal, "How the hell could you still be on her side despite all she done to BOTH of us?"

Bridgette in the Caribbean, "I'm just glad you made it out safely, Cody"

Sierra in Brazil, "Cody… I will prove to you that our bond is stronger than the one between you and Gwen. When you are ready to get past her… I'll be there"

Bridgette in the Congo, "You are one of the nicest guys around, and if they are too shallow to not notice the gentle and sweet person you are then it's too bad for them"

Heather in Spain, "I demand your fullest and most devoted allegiance to our alliance!"

Courtney in Paris, "You have to do better than second place to win me over, pipsqueak!"

Courtney in the Mediterranean, "Then be a good little boy, and do what you are told"

Gwen in Romania "Even "you" are against me being with him?"

Sierra in Romania, "Please remember me as you make it to through the rest of competition…"

Gwen in Denmark, "Cody… it should've been you… It should've always been you… Cody… I… I love you!"

Courtney in Denmark, "Oh my, underneath that scrawny build, when pushed to the limit there's a lot of spirit and passion in you…"

Heather in Denmark, "D...don't get any weird ideas, nerdface! I just wanted immunity"

Bridgette in Denmark, "I LOVE you!"

Sierra in Siberia, "Oh Codykins, you must have been so frightened by the scary mean ladies!"

Bridgette in Tokyo, "You're one of the sweetest and gentlest boys out there and that's what I always wanted from a guy"

Courtney in Tokyo, "I just want someone who will like me for the type A person I am…"

Gwen in Tokyo, "Please don't give up on me, Cody"

Heather in Tokyo, "Cody… don't make me beg..."

Sierra in Tokyo "Cody… Ever since I saw you in season one, you became my world"

He pondered on what a heck of a ride this crazy adventure had been. And now it'll be all uphill from here. He wondered if he deserved all these girls. Of course not, he was a scrawny, little, gap-toothed geek after all. That being said, now it was up to him to make each and every one of them happy. He also has to figure out how to help them get along. Knowing Heather and Courtney, they would be arguing who would be in charge of this "relationship." Others will be defensive when Sierra brings out her "Stalkerism." But why must he think about the worst case scenarios? Like he thought before, it would all be uphill from here. Sure, Cody had been their symbol of conflict, but maybe now he will be the glue that keeps the girls together. Or perhaps, this was all just made to fail, and the harem won't last the six month boat ride.

Cody sighed and opened his eyes again. He noticed five lumps under his bed covers. Silently he lifts up the blankets to see five girls soundly sleeping around and next to him.

"Somehow, I think we'll be just fine…"


Author's closing rant:

For the record, I am NOT a regular at writing fan fictions. I had a story stuck in me and had to get it out of my system. For those who hated how I done my story, just remind yourselves that I am but a n00b to this site.

Interesting fact, on a lighter note, is that I originally intended to make this story a AU of Season 3. Notable events would include that Cody would have saved Bridgette from the pole in the Yukon while eluding Sierra, thus eliminating DJ instead. Without the surfer girl to apologize in the Aftermath, Geoff would break up with her for kissing Alejandro. Bridgette would be heartbroken and would bloom a closeness with Cody from there. Heather would make Cody convince the surfer girl to join Team Amazon in Newfoundland and thanks from Sierra's previous methods, the two could suck up to Chris enough in Jamaica to allow it. I would've also changed things up in Greece where Cody intended on saving Gwen so she would at least get a chance to justify what she did. The geek would also have seen her and Duncan kiss in Area 51 and utterly break Cody. This would ultimately make the geek be more drawn to Courtney's side and convince her to wait for Duncan's elimination instead of throwing the challenges. Team Amazon would ultimately have won in Australia, thus eliminating Owen. Gwen and Duncan would have broken up in Sweden over his past actions in Australia and the broken goth would desperately go after Cody. Bridgette would stop and argue with her similar to the Denmark chapter and Courtney would try to take Cody out of vengeance.

Not sure how things would have gone from there, of course the end would be Cody suspended over the Hawaiian volcano. In hindsight, I am glad I just stuck with an original season since I would be more flexible with my elimination order, challenges, and actually being able to develop Codeather.

There were some places I originally intended to include in this season.

BP oil spill – If I had reward challenges, I was going to devote the chapter to brutally torturing Tony Hayward and he would walk the Plank of Shame into a sea full of vengeful aquatic life.

Amazonia – I recollected a game called Twisted Metal II involving a lava filled jungle with Incan temples, but alas, after research it became obvious such a place was nonexistent.

Drumheller – I wanted to revisit this place during the period all the girls were open to their attraction to Cody. The challenge would involve an actual reanimated Tyrannosaurus Rex and contestants reduced to cavemen attire. A hilarious moment would be that Cody gets knocked out by a careless clubbing and the cavegirls would fight over whose refuge cave the unconscious geek would get dragged into. I also intended this to be where Cody eliminated himself for obvious reasons.

Niagara Falls – Another revisitation I wanted to have them all go to. It would be Bridezilla times five and the unwilling groom would be hunted like a dog during the challenge. Since both of these were in Canada and the ships route was from Europe to Asia during the time, it became impossible to accomplish.

What's next for me? Hard to say, like I said before, I'm not a regular fanfiction writer so I may just call it quits here and now. I definitely can't update daily anymore. I had some possible ideas in mind but, ultimately, it is all unclear. A season five would be hard, I could possibly have it centered around my other favorite shrimps, Noah and Ezekiel. But a harem would be quite limited since I would never break up Tyndsay or Nizzy. So that would just leave Katie, Sadie, Leshawna, Eva (Ew…), Beth (Bleh), and Blaineley (Cougars ftw). Noah would be hard to get into as a main character, but homeschool's naïve nature would be just as fun as Cody's, though I fear his sexist persona would blow the story. However, I have doubts that I could ever top this story. We'll just see how the future unfolds, I suppose. Anyways thanks for reading, and it was thanks to your reviews that kept it lasting until the very end.

Long Overdue Disclaimer: I own nothing of Total Drama. If I did, you could bet there'd be a whole lot of happy Cody fans! ...And a ton of sad Duncan fans…