It's All In The Crests

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Chapter 1- The Portal

" I bet I could beat you at sports."

" So what! I know I'm much smarter than you are!"

" Do you want to start something?"

" You're doing that, not me!"

" Quiet!" yelled Tai Kamiya. " Do I have to separate you two like a bunch of children?"

Yolei Inoue and Davis Motimiya stopped arguing and turned to face Tai. If Tai hadn't stopped them, Yolei would have probably pulled Davis's trademark goggles from his spiky, brown hair and thrown them in the bushes. She pushed her round glasses back on her nose and frowned, " Sorry Tai."

Tai shook his head. " Somehow I think this meeting was a big mistake."

He glanced around at the members of the Digidestined. Together, they had risked their lives and the lives of their Digimon to save the world more than once. Yet, since they've stopped all the saving-the-world routine and settled back into their normal lives, they just couldn't get along as much. Tai ran a hand through his full brown hair in frustration. What was wrong with them lately?

Sora Takenouchi, a pretty girl with orange hair who used to be Tai's girlfriend, glanced at him worriedly. " Are you okay Tai?" she asked.

Tai sighed and shook his head. Everyone was present, or seemed to be present. The members included Matt Ishida (his best friend, currently dating Sora), Kari (his gentle 12-year-old sister), Sora, Yolei, Davis, Ken Ichijouji (the newest member), Cody Hida (the youngest and smallest member), Mimi Tachikawa (flown in from New York for a few days), Joe Kido (the doctor of the group), and Izzy Izumi (their computer expert). He had a feeling someone was missing, but he shrugged it off. " Anything weird happening?"

" Gabumon e-mailed me and said the Digital World's doing fine. Told us not to worry," Matt replied.

" Tai, do you think someone is missing?" asked Kari as she toyed with the digital camera she wore around her neck.

Tai nodded and looked around the group again. Someone was missing all right. Who was it?

* * *

The computer wasn't working the way it usually did. Not that it always worked like a dream, but it was behaving strangely. The screen showed a map of Japan and all of the cities. A strange spiral was whirling around near Odaiba. What was it? It looked just a-" T.K.!" called a voice. " Didn't you have to meet your friends somewhere?"

T.K. Takaishi jumped up from the computer. He forgot! Great! Now the rest of the team was probably annoyed with him. Just great! T.K. put his rounded white hat over his short blond hair and grabbed his backpack with his Digivice and D-terminal inside. After some thought, he grabbed Patamon and stuffed him in the backpack too. He left just enough of the zipper open for Patamon to breathe. " See you later!" he called to his mother as he zipped out the door.

" Fill me in on anything interesting when you get back," Ms. Takaishi said.

T.K. arrived at the park where his friends agreed to meet. He met up with eleven pairs of eyes. "Sorry I'm late," he muttered as he plopped down next to Kari.

Tai raised his eyebrows. It wasn't like T.K. to be late. T.K. was usually always on time to everything. Being late was something new. "Where were you?" he asked incredulously.

"I was checking my computer and I found something strange. I think we ought to check it out."

Izzy looked at T.K. with interest. " OK. Let's check what you saw."

T.K. worked at Izzy's computer for a while. The others soon became bored with watching and turned to more interesting matters. Sora and Matt talked under the shade of a big tree. Davis and Ken played soccer with an old soccer ball they found. Cody, Yolei, Mimi, and Joe played with the Digimon. Only Kari, Izzy, and Tai showed any interest with what T.K. was doing. Suddenly, the map fell on the screen. "I've got it!" T.K. murmured excitedly.

Everyone gathered around the computer. T.K. nodded toward their hometown of Odaiba. "See that white spiral over there?" he pointed at the spot not far from the apartment building where he lived. "It looks just like a Digiport. I have a feeling it opened up not long ago."

"You're right T.K.," Kari glanced at it. "What should we do?"

"I suggest we go check it out," Ken answered for the first time in a while. "Maybe we can find it and close it up before wild Digimon start coming through."

Everyone agreed to meet the next day and bring their sleeping bags and a change of clothing in case they didn't find the portal before evening. After the meeting broke up, they went their separate ways. Sora and Matt walked home together (Tai shook his head after them). Yolei, Cody, and Davis accompanied Ken to the train station. Mimi left for her hotel. Joe and Izzy went back to their buildings. Tai and Kari decided to follow T.K. to his apartment building.

Kari glanced at T.K. every now and then. He didn't look as cheerful as usual. Instead, he seemed quiet and listless. T.K. must have known she was staring at him though because he looked over at her. Kari gulped and stared at the ground, blushing slightly. T.K. grinned at her and looked ahead again.

After Kari and Tai went home, T.K. looked out from his balcony at the city below. He was just about to step inside when he saw a flash of light. He whirled around. "Huh?"

Just across the street lay the beach. A small circle of white light flashed and glittered. T.K.'s eyes widened in shock. In a flash, it vanished.

That was weird, T.K. thought. What could it be?

* * *

The next day, the members of the Digidestined met in the park again. Mimi shook out her long chestnut brown hair. "I brought two changes of clothes, just in case I wanted to change later." Mimi was very fashion conscience.

Tai addressed the team. "I suggest we split up into groups of three and start looking for the portal right away. We'll meet on the beach in about an hour."

Everyone scrambled into groups of three. Izzy, Cody, and Mimi were in one group, Sora, Yolei, and Joe were in another; Matt, Davis, and Ken were in the third group, and Tai, Kari, and T.K. made the last group. They all set off in different directions to find the "Digi"portal. They didn't know how long they were going to take.

After searching for about an hour and a half, the Digidestined all met on the beach in front of T.K.'s building. They were tired and cranky. "Well that was a complete waste of time," Davis snapped ill-temperedly.

"At least we got some exercise," Cody said trying to lighten the mood.

T.K. sighed and shook his head. So much for his remarkable theory the day before. No one had seen anything unusual and he probably was just seeing things last night. Patamon started beeping like his D-3. "Stop that."

"Stop what?" asked Patamon from his backpack.

"Stop pretending you're a machine."

"But I'm not doing anything."

T.K. blinked. If that wasn't Patamon beeping, then what was it? He closed his hand over his D-3 and held it up. To his surprise, it started to glow and beams of light started flashing from it. The rest of the kids stopped talking and stared at it. "What's goin on?" asked Davis.

Before anyone could answer, the ground started shaking. Showers of rock fell and exploded all around them. Kari screamed. Yolei and Mimi cried out. Cody grabbed Joe around the waist. Everyone else shouted and shrieked.

T.K. was frozen in horror as a burst of white light rose out of the air and started swirling around in front of him. It was the portal. Its white light looked as thick as fog as it swirled around him. Before T.K. could utter a cry of alarm, the portal sucked him inside and vanished in a shower of sparks.

The earthquake stopped. All of the kids looked around at the mass debris that littered the ground. A soft wind blew as if nothing had happened. "That was scary!" Mimi whimpered and the others didn't disagree.

Tai let out a sigh of relief. Joe put his glasses back on. "Is everyone safe?"

Kari's face was frozen in horror. Tai stared at her. "What's wrong?"

Kari trembled. "That-that portal. It swallowed T.K. up and disappeared! What happened to him?"

The others widened their eyes in disbelief as they franticly scanned the beach. There was no sign of T.K. "T.K.? T.K.!" they called. "Where are you? T.K.!"

T.K. swirled around and around in a whirlpool. He wasn't sure where he was nor where he'd end up when the portal opened up again. One thing for sure: this was not a Digiport. As streaks of light shot past him, he closed his eyes and held Patamon tight. Everything went black.