Hello all! Welcome to my first fic under this pen name. My other pen name, for those of you who may know, is IridianoftheShadows. Everything on that account is dedicated to Naruto. And as a Narutard, I can officially say… that Bleach is way better! It rocks. Thank you, and please welcome me!

"This is so wrong."

Urahara licked at the hickey he left on Ichigo's tan neck. He hummed quietly, moving his hand faster over his student's dripping cock and making the precum make his movements smoother. "Why is that?" he mused. Ichigo only gasped and panted in response, knowing that Urahara didn't really want an answer. He merely lay his head back to rest on the shoulder of the blonde man behind him and shuddered. "Because we're both male?"

Urahara thumbed at Ichigo's slit, earning a wonderful wave of shivers that traveled up the redhead's spine. "Because I'm your teacher?" He released his willing prey to make him bend over the desk with a gentle, but firm, hand on his back. He watched Ichigo willingly do so, and it sent a muffled thrill through Urahara's chest- and somewhere else- to see the immediate obedience he had drilled into this boy.

"Because I'm an adult and you're not?" he continued, slipping his middle finger easily into Ichigo's warm body. His ring of muscles gave easily, relaxed despite Ichigo's… predicament. He could tell that Ichigo's breath was coming heavily, his hormones and arousal making the air thick. Ah, yes, Urahara could remember being a teenager. "Because we're in my classroom after hours, where anyone could walk in?" They couldn't, because Urahara had locked the door, but as much as he cared about Ichigo Urahara couldn't completely abandon his past as a notorious liar. His only consolation was that they were in a public place. Urahara loosened his tie, quickly growing hot under the collar. He hated his work clothes, so dressy. He curled his fingers- all three of them now- and got hotter as Ichigo shivered underneath him.

Pulling his fingers out, he swiftly released his own stiff cock from his pants, feeling the instant relief as it jumped out eagerly. He pressed into Ichigo's heat and tightness smoothly, slowly, savoringly. "Because I'm a married man?" He got a sudden flash of his beautiful wife, Yoruichi, at home, but he felt no remorse. She was cheating on him too, with some other woman named Soi Fon. It had been like this for years between them; it was only now that Urahara found his only. It was only now that he could be completely with him in every way, every sense, the way Yoruichi could be with her partner. It was only now that he could intermingle their souls, following it with their bodies. It was only now that he could pet the boy, whisper in his ear, hold him when the lights went off. It was only now that he could wipe away his tears. It was only know that he could know that satisfaction that Yoruichi had known for months.

Urahara thrust quickly, with even strokes that hit that spot in Ichigo's body every time. Urahara leaned in, melding his front with Ichigo's back as they both panted to whisper huskily in the teen's ear, "Is it wrong because I love you, Kurosaki Ichigo?" Ichigo gasped and gave a tremendous shudder as he came, and Urahara did as well. He couldn't help it. Ichigo's pleasure was his pleasure. The completion ran through their veins, and whe it was gone Urahara slumped over onto Ichigo. He kissed the rebellious child's sweaty neck, nuzzling him sweetly.

Oh yes.

This was so wrong.