Noble Remains

A Halo Reach fanfiction

By Humbleguy

"Damn" Noble six said as he putting his helmet on the ground. It was cracked through the visor and was starting to mess with his vision. He really liked this helmet too. It was a forest green close quarters battle helmet with both navigational and weapons user interface.

Just one more thing the covenant had to answer for

He directed his assualt rifle at the next elite that came into his field of vision. It fell after a number of rounds pierced it's armor. The next came from behind hoping to maim him with a energy sword only to be greeted by the butt of his gun and departed with a bullet from his pistol. More elites started to swarm his position eager for death and he would gladly oblige them. Two more elites fell before, the empty click of his assault rifle caused him to swear inwardly as a third zealot threw him onto his back and drew it's energy sword. Six kicked him off but more came, one held him down as the other raised it's energy sword to deliver the final blow. Time slowed as Noble six saw the energy sword begin it's decent.

It would be a good death. Fighting the covenant to his last breath. Avenging his fallen brethren. If he was better known he might have been hailed as a hero, but the records were sealed, and so was his fate. Six finally closed his eyes and waited to die, waited to join his comrades.

The latter came true.

The former did not.

Three cracks rang out in the haze that surrounded him. Three thuds echoed as the elites slumped to the ground. Noble six blinked three times to make sure he wasn't hallucinating. As Noble Three emerged from the dust hanging his sniper rifle over his shoulder.

"What are you doing here?" he voiced as Jun knelt over him about to check his pulse.

"It's good to see you too six." Jun answered avoiding the question. He reached for his earpiece "Halsey, this is Nobel Three I've found the lieutenant, bring in the pelican for evac."

"You were ordered to get Halsey to safety." Six stated while Jun popped a blue smoke flair.

"She insisted on coming back for you and whatever spartans could be salvaged. I said no but she put a pistol to her head, and. . . .here we are." Jun gestured at their surroundings with his hands "Now get up before you become welded to the floor." Jun offered to help six up but Six knocked his hand away and got on his feet

Standing up Six began to notice the full extent of his injuries. To put it lightly, He felt like shit. His body was practically fried from plasma burns and his armor was warped so that it was impossible for him to bend his left elbow and knee. He limped towards now landing pelican when his legs began to give out. Jun caught him and helped him to the pelican. As it opened four soldiers jumped out of the pelican to secure the perimeter. Jun waved them off "Don't bother. We got what we came for." After he was situated Jun looked over to the other spartan in the pelican. He was being attended to by a medic that was currently using his fourth canister of bio-foam to seal the giant wound in the man's chest.

"Brace yourself." The medic said

A hissing noise came from both the canister and the recipient.

Jun directed his attention to the source of the noise

"Hey Emile you dead man?" Jun asked.

There was a groan.

"Yeah man."