One day America was drinking coffee.

"Oh Boy! I like coffee!" exclaimed America!

Little did America know however, he was being watched! By England! England was stealthily peaking through the window.

"Take off your shirt! Dance around a little!" England said aloud, hoping to see America take off his shirt and dance around a little.

"Stop drinking your stupid coffee and dance!" England shouted!

The coffee had heard England, the coffee heard England call him stupid, the coffee (who's name was Murphy) felt hurt.

England finally gave up and went home, but Murphy wouldn't let this issue go unnoticed.

"America! America!" spoke Murphy.

"EGAD!" hollered America.

"America! My name is Murphy! I have a mission for you!" Murphy spoke again.

"W-what is it?" asked America.

"I want you... To Blow up England!"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", screamed America.

"What?" inquired Murphy.

"Last time I blew England he came in my hair and it took hours to get out", America revealed.

"NO! NOT BLOW! BLOW UP YOU FOOL!" shouted Murphy!

"Oh... but why? I like England", said America.

"It is for the good of the American people", said Murphy.

"Well then, It must be done!" shouted America as he got up to get prepared for his mission.

Later that night, America sneakily snuck around England's house.

"Boy I'm sneaky", he told himself.

America peaked through a window to see England drinking tea.

"Haha! Little does he know that tea is drugged!" America said!

America couldn't believe his cleverness. Suddenly, America stepped on a stick, making a loud cracking sound!

"EGAD!" America yelled!

England peaked out the window.

"America! What are you doing here you little git!"

America thought for a minute, he had forgotten his mission!

"Uhhh...", he thought about it, "Oh yeah! I'm here to blow you!"

"Neat!" shouted England! So America blew England.

After he was done, America remembered something.

"England, that tea you were drinking was drugged"

"With what?"


"AHHHHHHHH", shouted England, because everyone knows marijuana is super-addictive and but that doesn't matter because the first time you try it your head blows up! England's head blew up.

"Uh-oh", stated America.