Beaten but never Broken


Crimson liquid falls in languid ribbons against an abused torso.

Lungs greedily suck in foul air, desperate to oxygenate this withering body.

Bright orange hair, dulled and matted with sweat, blood, and grime.

Once defiant and strong copper eyes, dead in the wake of time past.

A once proud and powerful frame, beaten and forlorn.

Wrists blistered and raw from the shackles holding them aloft.

A vast ocean of power restrained behind a blood-stained black collar.

"Have you had enough, Kurosaki Ichigo?" A cold and callous voice calls.

The teen in question stirs slightly, noticeably wincing as unhealed and fresh wounds protest the movement.

"Ah... Aizen...sama..." A hoarse voice raw from long drawn out screams of agony and anguish none the less conveys agreement.

Aizen could only smile.

It had taken longer than anticipated, even after harsher methods were implemented.

But about a year after his capture the hybrid had finally broken. Or so Aizen thought.

And now the real war begins.

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