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Chapter One - Another Day, Another Job…Completely Foiled

It was a fairly simple job, go in, find the object and leave with it. That is if you don't throw the fact that the object, which was a talisman, was hidden underneath the building they were appointed to, that and the fact guard dogs popped out when the talisman gets removed. So in other words…Kazahaya was being too hasty and picked it up from a six-foot pedestal, despite Rikuo telling him that they should scope the area first, trap doors on either side of the room opened up and released the dogs and locking their exit. Next thing Rikuo knew he was being chased by them while Kazahaya clung to dear-life at the top of the pedestal. He ended up having to peel the smaller boy away from it without getting mauled by the angry beasts in the process. Luckily, right before Kazahaya unleashed the hounds of hell upon them, Rikuo had noticed an indented design on the door. It turned out being for the talisman itself, so it opened back up when it was placed in the mold.

"Yeah, it's done despite the fact that it would've gone smoother if that idiot didn't keep screwing up." Rikuo said to Kakei over the phone and immediately covered his other ear to muffle Kazahaya's curses. He opened the exit door to the library and leaned against it. He squinted his eyes against the cold air and realized there was something very different with the scenery "…Kakei, see you at the store, okay?" he closed his phone, not bothering himself with goodbyes as he watched Kazahaya run outside like he was a little kid. Rikuo followed him down the now snow-covered steps.

"Hey, Rikuo, look at this!" he scooped up some of the soft flakes of happiness "I don't remember the newspaper saying we were gonna get any snow!"

"They didn't. It's been a little too warm lately." he stated flatly, scowling at the fluffy whiteness.

Kazahaya paused thoughtfully before proceeding in packing the snow in his hands together to form a ball "Not having fun?"

"Only an idiot could enjoy themselves in this weather." He shot Kazahaya his signature cocky smirk, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

The smaller teen glowered and threw the snowball at him "Jerk!"

Rikuo brushed away the snow that stuck to his black coat "And that's the comeback that proves my point."

Kazahaya didn't hear him, and in fact, had already forgotten about him. He was too busy catching snowflakes in his mouth and practically jumping head-over-heels in joy "Aw, come on, how can you not have just a little bit of fun?"

He was the spazziest person he'd ever met, Rikuo decided. Rikuo's grin widened when the other turned around and gasped in surprise when he realized their faces were only centimeters apart "Snow isn't exactly my brand of fun."

"B-brand?" The boy's face flushed as he stammered, watching his roommate's eyes close and lean in. Kazahaya's heartbeat pounded in his chest, unsure whether or not to push the other away.


"Or maybe it is." Rikuo laughed, watching the very flustered Kazahaya wipe snow off his face.

"I HATE YOU!" Kazahaya shouted stomping down the street and into the park they'd walked through to get there, "Ugh, the nerve!" he cursed, smacking snow-covered shrubbery as he passed them though all it seemed to accomplish was infuriating the teen further. Without really thinking, he kicked a small tree in front of him, causing a collected lump of snow to plop straight on the top of his head.

The black-haired boy smiled, shaking his head slightly as he watched the boy wipe melting snow off his beanie. 'Never could take a joke.' He thought to himself.

Kazahaya's head suddenly jerked back to make sure Rikuo was still following him, his face grew warm once he realized his roommate had been watching him intently the entire time. Once the taller teen had caught up to him, Kazahaya opted to stay quiet for the remainder of their walk to prevent him from picking on him for almost freaking out again. A strong gust came out of nowhere and nearly knocked him off his feet. He looked up and saw a beanie flying across the ice-covered lake, 'that looks a lot-' he instinctively brought his hand up to his head "Hey- My hat!"

Rikuo grabbed his arm as soon as the smaller boy jumped to his feet to retrieve it "Forget it. The ice isn't strong enough to hold your weight and I'm not saving you again today."

Kazahaya glared, watching it flutter across the surface of the lake.

Kakei greeted the boy with a warm smile as he walked through the doors "How'd the job go?"

"Rikuo was being a jackass -again!" he whined as he picked up his apron and noticed how desolate the store was "Where are all the people?"

"Oh that," he put a hand on his cheek "it must be all the snow. When it first started we were jam-packed, but it died down quickly after about an hour. I really don't think that we'll get any more customers today so why don't you boys take the rest of the day off?"

Kazahaya smiled, despite that he needed the money, he was happy to get a little free time. "Thanks, boss!"

Rikuo entered the store just as Kazahaya shoved passed him, he looked at Kakei "What's he so hyped about?"

Outside, Kazahaya was busy building a snowman and humming to himself. It was kind of plain, three big lumpy balls of snow, really.

Internally, he wished Rikuo would be nicer to him. He never intentionally tried to tick him off, in fact, he always tried to be nice to him. But every time he did, Rikuo would just push him away, and inevitably piss him off. He glared at the snowman, which was only slightly shorter than the dark haired teen.

"…I think this belongs to you."

Kazahaya blinked a second, meeting a pair of blue eyes before finally snapping out of it and nervously taking it "T-thanks."

The girl giggled slightly "I was trying to tell you and your friend that I could get it, but you guys didn't seem to notice me. I'm happy you were so easy to find."

"Yeah…um," he couldn't think of anything to say.

"I'm Miyuki." (1) She informed, holding out her small, gloved hand.

The teen took it hastily (2), "Kazahaya."

"Nice to meet you." Miyuki smiled sweetly, bringing her hands together behind her back, her long blonde hair swinging with her every movement. "Mind if I help?"

Kazahaya's face reddened a little, this was certainly the most a female had ever willing talked to him. "Umm...if you want to."

Rikuo watched from inside the store, absentmindedly sweeping the same spot over and over. First out of curiosity, wanting to know why that girl didn't just leave after she gave him back his beenie. He watched them smooth the snowman's bumps out, 'They're giggling like two little kids out there.' he thought as the blonde pulled two black buttons off of her red pea coat and place them on the snowman's face.

"It would be a shame if I had to charge you for sweeping a hole in my floor, Himura." Kakei commented as he made his way beside him to see what all the fuss was about.

The dark haired teen immediately halted, feeling as though he looked creepy spying on his roommate. He cleared his throat, sweeping the debris into a dustpan "I'm done. I'll see you tomorrow, Kakei."

"It looks like Kudo has a girlfriend! Isn't that just adorable?"

Rikuo felt a pang of jealousy as looked up to see Kazahaya and the female walking off in the direction of the park. He shook his head and scoffed, "Heh, I give it a week. ...And that's being generous."

"What's the matter, Himura? I thought you of all people would be happy for him, you are best friends, after all." Kakei smile beamed so bright that it was nearly blinding for Rikuo to look at him.

The teen quirked an eyebrow at his boss, retorting sarcastically "Oh but of course, Kudo and I skip around hand-in-hand like happy-go-lucky dolts."

Kakei chuckled, knowing he officially ticked him off. "My work is done here. Pleasant dreams, Himura."

He watched his boss saunter over to his lover and whisper into his ear. The dark-haired man burst out in a fit of laughter, which earned a wholehearted glare from the teen. Kakei and Saiga walked towards the back exit, arms wrapped securely around one another. "Don't forget to lock up!" Kakei said over his shoulder, waving a little over-friendly like.

"Heh, heh. Laugh it up." he shook his head, dumping the dustpan's contents into the trash. Was it possible that Kakei was trying to make him jealous? It didn't make any sense to him. Of course, there have been a few occasions when Kazahaya looked utterly kissable, among other things, but that was just because he was pretty. Like a girl, Rikuo convinced himself. He pulled the steel shutters down over the large windows and doors and rested his arm on the of the many bars, staring at the dimmed sky and Kazahaya wasn't home yet. He sighed, grabbing the trash bag before turning out the lights and walking out the back door.


(1) According to a website that I found (can't remember the name), Miyuki means "beautiful fortune/happiness" or "beautiful snow" or "deep snow"

(2) People don't usually shake hands upon meeting in Japan (as far I can remember anyway), but there's a reason I wrote it in here.

"WTF? Kazahaya meets a GIRL? I thought the summary said this was a Rikuo/Kazahaya story!" Yes. Yes it is. Just hang in there and you'll see soon enough :)

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