I waited until my dad was asleep and then I texted Fitz. He pulled up in the curb and I opened the window. I climbed out onto my roof. Then I closed the window and climbed down onto the ground, overnight backpack in tow. Once my feet were planted on the Earth I greeted Fitz with a kiss.

"Where are we going to do this?"

"My mom is working until in the morning."


He kissed me again before we went to his car. He took off, going ten points above the speed limit all the way to his house. Once we were there he flung me over his shoulder and carried me in. He put me down and scooped me up in his arms while we kissed. He led me to his bedroom and he kicked the door shut, locking it behind us. He took my shirt off. The feeling of his hands touching my bare skin was amazing. He rubbed my nipples through my black see through bra and he kissed my neck.

"No fair… you should be shirtless too!"

"Well since you're complaining…"

Fitz took off his shirt and I instantly saw where his pinned up anger and sexual aggression was going. He's been hitting the gym…. Hard. I ran my fingers across his solid six pack and then I pulled him back down by his neck… I felt his hardness pressed against me and it made me eager and anxious. This time he won't push me away… This time we will give in.

He pulled my jeans off hastily, while also kicking off his own. He then pulled off my see through, black lace thong with his teeth. He then started kissing my core, and then devouring the entirety of my wetness. He made circles around my pleasure pearl with his tongue. I thought I was going insane with euphoria and just when I was going to erupt he stopped and stood up. He pulled off his own underwear and then he pulled me up. He kissed me roughly, pushing me to the wall and once it was impossible to go back any further told me to stay there. He went over to his nightstand and I didn't see him, but I know he snapped on a condom. He came back and picked me up; I wrapped my legs around his waist. He entered me smoothly, but it still hurt. I moaned out in pain and held onto Fitz tighter. He delivered slow, deep strokes to me until the pain subsided and only the feeling of him filling me up was left. He stroked me harder and I could only moan.

He walked over to his desk. He knocked off everything on it and laid me down. He gave my aching, eager core more of what it wanted… his pulsing, thick, hardness. Our fingers locked and he looked me in the eyes as he hit places inside me that made it impossible for me to keep my moans quiet. The pressure in my body started to rise again, this time there was no stopping, I erupted… again and again! He followed me in this wonderful combustion and then he collapsed on my chest… My legs were wrapped around his waist still… This was great. Now I see what all the fuss was about.

"Fitz this was amazing!"

"You were amazing… Best I've ever had and you kind of made me feel confident and skilled… I've never made a girl squirt before."

"That's what that was? No wonder I feel all…soaked. Sorry I squirted on your table."
"Don't worry about it."

"Well I should shower…"

"I'll join you."

We cleaned up the mess I made and Fitz joined me in the shower. My skin was still fairly sensitive and him touching me gave me shivers all over. After we dried off I was ready for bed, but I knew I had to get home so he drove me. We kissed before I climbed out of the car and back up my window. Luckily I didn't get caught. I went to sleep with a wonderful memory… Fitz and I had our first time.


I pulled on my sweater as I went outside. I love fall! It's such a lovely time. What's not lovely though…? The fact that I'm two days overdue with little Eli… at least I was until…. On the front steps of Degrassi, while I watched my loving boyfriend, best friend and future sister in law walk towards me, my water broke and the pain began…


"Clare is…"

"It's time!"

"Omg it's time! Eli, you go get the car. Adam you call the important people and Clare you focus on that breathing… It's time to have my nephew."

"Ahhhhhh! It hurts!"

The hearse came to an abrupt stop in front of the school. Adam and Eliza helped me down. They climbed in the back seat of Morty that Eli recently installed after he removed the privacy partition. I tried working on my breathing but it just wasn't working. I yelled out in pain again and Eli swerved across the lines in the road. Adam gave me his hand to hold and I did, but I had to release it when he started screaming in pain louder than me.

We arrived at the hospital. Mr. Goldsworthy, Darcy, Peter and Alli were there… they only followed me to the hallway, and then it was just me and my pit crew… Eli, Eliza and Darcy… Time to have little Eli.

It seemed like it's been days when in reality it had only been two hours and the doctors said things were moving fast. I was nearly fully dilated and ready to push the last time they checked me and the pain just keeps getting worse. I refuse to take any drugs but they are tempting me. As I was yelling out in agony for the millionth time the doctor came in and checked me…

"Ms. Edwards, it's time to push now… Are you ready?"

"Yes… I just want this baby out of me! It hurts so bad."

"Clare... You are so strong. I love you."

"I love you too Eli but we are still never having sex again… EVER! AHHHH"

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10…" Good Clare that was an awesome push…

It took ten pushes until the last one arrived. When I did get to the final push it seemed like the room got completely silent. Everyone was just waiting to hear it… so was I… then it happened… We heard little Eli's first cry and then the celebration commenced. Eli kissed my lips as we both cried together. Our baby was here! He's all gooey and bloody right now but he's so beautiful.

They cleaned him off and then wrapped him up before handing him to me. The crying baby on my chest made me so happy. I held him in my arms and kissed his cheeks. He's my baby… Our baby. Once they moved me and little E to another room everyone came in bearing gifts… Adam got him a tiny hat the match the one he always wears; Mr. Goldsworthy gave us the blanket they bought Eli home from the hospital in. I wrapped it around little E and he whimpered just a bit. So now comes the hard part. I'm a mom and if I mess up my life then I mess up his too…


I looked at my son. He's tiny and balled up. He looks so breakable. I picked him up from the bassinet as he started to cry. It's his first day at home and so far he's adjusting well. Clare has been getting some well deserved rest. Gosh, she is so beautiful to me. Before she was beautiful, don't get me wrong but now… I think I will be with her forever. She's given me the greatest thing a woman can give a man… I studied little Eli's features… My older brother Tommy walked into the room silently.

"He looks just like you as a baby."

"Really? I don't like looking at my baby pictures so I wouldn't know."

"Yeah dude… Except he has Clare's eyes and he apparently has her attitude because if he had yours he'd be making trouble."

"Fuck you."

"Clean it up potty mouth!"

"Oh yeah… Well it's not like he can understand."

"Watch it… So my little bro is a dad before I am. Never thought I'd see the day."

"Guess the curse skipped you."

"No… I've just been dating women too old to bear children since I was sixteen."


"Worry free sex."

I had a rather tender moment with my older bro before I rocked little Eli to sleep and laid him in the crib. I yawned; guess I never realized how sleepy I was. I haven't slept since the night before he was born. I've been too excited.

I peeked into the bedroom only to see that Clare wasn't in there. I found her in the living room talking to Eliza about her belly. I snuck up behind Clare, kissing her neck softly. She giggled and then hit me playfully.

"Oh no you don't, that's how we got in this mess in the first place."

"Isn't it a wonderful mess though?"

"It's an awesome mess…but now I'm fat."

"Clare… I love you. You are the mother of my child… You aren't fat."

"I love you Elijah."

"Love you too Clare…"

I cuddled up next to her on the couch and held her. At least until the baby started crying…

"Oh he's up…"

"Sit down hot mama…let big daddy handle this."

"You're gonna breastfeed him? Big daddy?"

"Ok, I see your point…I'll keep your seat warm."


I watched her walk away. Hips slightly fuller and ass rounder. That's my Clare and she's gorgeous to me! If it weren't for that damn six weeks rule I would pull her off and make love to her all night but… her body needs time to heal and I get that. I can wait… I love this woman. I love my kid… I love my life.


It seems like everything is coming full circle for me. I'm in love and she loves me back. My best bud has a healthy handsome kid, whom I'm the godfather of, and my mother finally accepted me for me… Things can't get any better than they have now. I mean I'm finally happy but don't get me wrong, I still have nights when I wake up screaming and crying. Fiona does too and because of that we work… We work as a couple because of our pain. We use the negative memories to build positive ones….

I kissed Fiona goodbye before she boarded the plane to go and have a French spa weekend with her mom. She smiled at me sweetly like always and it made me not want to let her go… ever. I decided to go to Eli and Clare's where little E will surely be causing chaos.

I heard him crying when I knocked on the door and when Clare answered it the crying only got louder. I guess when there is a week old baby in the house though things aren't quiet for a while. Still Clare and Eli looked content while little E screamed his head off.

"Hello Edwards-Goldsworthy family."

"Hello Adam… Oh crap, it's guy's night."

"Well I'm not leaving."

"Of course not Clare… you can join me and Eli's guy's night."

"Okay. What will we watch?"


"How did I know?"

I thought things would change dramatically but they didn't…Guy's night was still on just like it was last week except this week little E was joining us. I've never been good with babies but I can't help myself…. This kid is adorable so I asked to hold him… He was light as a feather and his squirming almost gave me a heart attack but luckily I held onto him and didn't get too alarmed. I quickly realized that it will be a very long time before I'm even ready to consider the possibility of kids…

"So Eli… it has been a year since the incident, since you and Clare got together… Since Eliza came to stay. One whole year."

"Tell me about it. Last year I was face to face with death, now I'm face to face with dirty diapers. Things have taken a dramatic turn."

"Yes indeed."

"But this drama turned out good for one reason…"


"Everybody's finally happy…."


Adam left, ending guy's night… So far we haven't missed many sessions. I'd say it's a permanent thing. Little E was ready for this feeding so I took him to Clare where she… fed him breast milk.

"I'm next! I need milk for my wheaties."

"Not funny…"

"I know, I'm just fooling around."

"I know… Thanks okay?"

"For what?"

"Being here…."

"Clare, we have eighteen more years before it's just the two of us again and I intend to enjoy every moment until we are middle aged with an empty nest."

"What about the other kids?"

"We will cross that bridge when we get to it…"


I have a baby. It's almost unreal… I'm a mom. I never would have pictured this for myself. A short while ago I was planning to wait until marriage. I didn't and though it's been hard I'm not angry or depressed. I'm happy because with the dissolving of one family I was able to create my own with people that I knew would be there for me. Eli, who could ask for a more beautiful, loving future spouse? Little E, the most beautiful baby boy ever. He's perfect. Mr. Goldsworthy… He was a dad to me when my own dad left. Alli and Eliza have been the twin sisters I've never had. Adam is the best brother any girl could ask for, even if he isn't biological. Darcy is the only functioning piece of my biological family I have left… She's the only fragment of a mother figure I have left now….

I know I have a long road ahead of me, finishing school with a baby and being emancipated and all but I know that things are going to work out not only for me… but for everyone because we have each other now and that is all that matters….

_The End

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