A/N: There's a reference to the my other KuroFai fic Pirate's Love in the form of my own created race, the lins. But this fic is unique and separate from Pirate's Love. It stands on it's own.


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There are many different versions of the Tale of the Worn-out Shoes. Some claim there to have been 12 princesses. Some claim there to have been fewer. Some claim the savior was a soldier on his way home, others claim he was a gardener. Was the mystical world found by a hidden door, or was simply…there?

Every myth began with a legend. Every legend began with a grain of truth, however small that grain may be. This tale has a similar origin. A small grain of truth bound up in myth and legend. The rough brushed away in favor of the beauty. But with light, there must be darkness.


And with every shadow, there must be one to cast it, one to control it, one to manipulate it. The black form cast by a tall, foreboding owner. Black as night. Black as a raven's wing.


A black bird long associated with evil, darkness, and bad omens. The same with crows. But why?

The Lady. The Raven Lady. The Demon Queen. The Siren Mistress.

And her Shadow. The one who's ever changing form was constantly by her side, serving her, aiding her, loving her.

Fearing her.

It's said she was a beauty beyond reckoning with a voice that could charm a lin. Her shadow was a creature whose form was said to never be the same for more than a moment.

But we drift back to hearsay once again. The truth, that small, seemingly insignificant grain of truth, is all we must focus on.

And this…

this is the truth…

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I got the inspiration of the ravens from reading all the stories and myths about ravens and crows being symbols of evil, omens of darkness, servants of the devil, etc. I happen to have a soft spot for those birds. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the color, maybe it's the mythology behind them, maybe it's the fact that no one else likes them. Whatever the reason, I happen to like them and thus their involvement in this fic.