Disclaimer: I do not own Lord of the Rings, it owns me, please don't sue.

Author's Notes: Really short (and first-ever) fic that I wrote in about 20 minutes for Hobbit Day 2010. Thank you for writing about Middle-Earth, Mr. Tolkien.

A warm, delicious breeze stirred the Havens, caressing the docks and the leaves of trees and playing on the waters that lapped at the shores below. It was so beautiful, and comforting, and filled with the promise of peace…it was not real. Frodo stretched restlessly and looked around his bed back in Bag End, from the twisted sheets and scattered pillows to the red and gold leaves that trembled on the branches of the oak in the window nearby. The moon was huge, silvery and delicately patterned with an Elvish design. Sam poked his head in the doorway, bearing a tray of tea and lembas. "Mr. Frodo?" Frodo opened his mouth and struggled to speak, but no sound came out. "Mr. Frodo, I'm terribly sorry, but you have to open your eyes." Bag End seemed to swirl faster and faster into an empty blackness, and then with a terrible pang of disappointment he remembered where he was. The concerned face of Samwise Gamgee above was outlined by the perpetual slate sky of Mordor. The very edge of the World. Ever so gently, Sam helped him into the upright position and frowned at how very frail he was. "It's too late," he said suddenly. "What are you talking about?" Frodo replied. "I nearly forgot, you see. It's your birthday." They fell silent, remembering another time, another place. A strange look came into Frodo's eyes. "I miss Bilbo," he said softly. "So do I."

"Do you think…well, what if I…never saw him again." The last few words came out in a rush, and he fought to keep his composure in front of Sam. "Death is not the end, Frodo," he answered, sounding so much like a Wizard that the other had to smile in spite of himself. "It's just a beginning. And no one like you could ever be forgotten."

For a blessed brief moment, the pain of the ringbearer was lessened, and he remembered that he was also the carrier of the Light of Earendil. As he brought it forth and gazed upon it, the world around them seemed to melt away, and the echoes of clear, sweet voices rose in song to reach the stars.