As he passed the dessert buffet, lunchtray in hands, Kaoru noticed a dish piled high with fresh strawberries. Attracted to a particularly large berry, he stretched out his hand to take it, then pulled back when another larger hand brushed against his to succeed him at the hunt.

Startled, he turned his head to look at the culprit; an older student, who turned to look at him, the strawberry held between the ends of his long fingers. Oh, it was the spectacled second-year shadow of that loutish and perplexingly popular Niwa. He resentfully turned away, intending to head towards the cafeteria tables, when the other student's arm slid around his waist and drew him back to the counter. Just in time it seemed, as at that moment another student burst down the narrow railed aisle with a jug of juice.

'If you move carelessly you will bump into someone and drop your tray.' The arm fell from around him and the student raised it to readjust his spectacles.

Kaoru looked at him. 'Who are you?' He blinked when the swollen strawberry was raised between their faces, the taut skin gleaming in the natural light from the windows.

'No words of thanks?' The student observed Kaoru's subsequent chilly stare intently for a few moments and then a smirk crossed his lips. 'Nevermind. You left this behind.' His gaze slid to the strawberry and he held it out.

Before Kaoru could protest, the cold fruit was on his lips, pressed on them, forced inwards to graze over his teeth.

'Take it.' It was not voiced as a request and Kaoru opened his mouth to accept part of the fruit. Then, when he felt a warm thumb touch his bottom lip, caress it and slide inwards to rub over the wet flesh, he hurriedly bit off and stepped away, his tray bumping his stomach. The plates clinked as they slid together. His eyes narrowed.

'Come and find me when you want to continue,' the student said, raising the remainder of the strawberry to his own lips. 'The name is Nakajima,' he added before slipping the fruit into his mouth and licking his thumb. Then he turned and walked away.