Omi looked around from his computer screen when he heard the door open. 'Ah, Kaoru. Welcome back.'

'I'm back.' Kaoru walked across the room to the small kitchenette to switch on the electric kettle. 'Still occupied with Hide?' He opened the bar fridge and dropped gracefully into a crouch to retrieve the milk. Apparently, he was too impatient to wait for tea time.

'Of course.' Omi looked back at the monitor. 'Although I have not heard back from him for some time; I wonder if I was a little too harsh.' He allowed a small smile to cross his face as he thought of Nakajima's wrath at the virus. He had been reluctant to release such a virulent one, but Nakajima skills had been rapidly improving ever since their first battle over the treasury account and he was becoming quite proficient, even though Omi would never admit it out loud. He would also never admit out loud that he was curious to see Nakajima's certain and furious response.

'Here.' Omi blinked when a can of soda was held in front of his face. 'I haven't seen you eat or drink anything all day. Just don't get it on the computer.'

'Oh? Thank you.' Brow knitted, Omi took it and followed Kaoru's retreat back to the kitchenette; the kettle had started to whistle. He opened the can distractedly and took a few sips, then dropped his drink with a clatter when he heard the computer emit a very soft, but unmistakably recognisable and lusty moan. He looked back at the computer and spluttered out his mouthful all over the screen.

'Omi, that is simply disgusting!' Kaoru stalked over, tissue box in hand. Panicked, Omi reached out and switched off the screen, then rose and pushed past Kaoru to rip out the computer's sound system. He turned back to face Kaoru, who was staring at him in confusion and concern, the front of his white uniform dripping with soda.

'Your face is white,' Kaoru observed, brushing down the front of his top with his hands. 'What did he send you?' His gaze slid to the blank computer screen.

'Nothing, Kaoru,' Omi said hurriedly, and smiled his most charming smile. 'Just something disgusting.' Then, when Kaoru reached for the monitor button, he reached down behind him and yanked the computer system's power plug out of the wall socket.