Title: A Matter of Regret

Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own Reborn!.

Rating: R

Summary: Enma has Tsuna, but doesn't think he can keep him.

AN/Warnings: Hints of smex? This couple has me so hardcoreinlove. (even more than 8059whhhhaaa?)

Tsuna tastes like elements. There's the slip of rain water, the electric current of lightening in the way his tongue wraps around his, a storm brewing with misty eyes lit by sunlight and the soft cloud-like brushes against his skin. He is the sky and everything in it and Enma wants to hate him and love him and break him and fix him and when Tsuna gives him that shy smile, slightly breathless and swollen lips, Enma wants to forgive him for his ignorance. Instead he pulls him in for another kiss, sharp and desperate, and doesn't realize he's crying until Tsuna brushes them away.

"I. You don't regret this, do you?"

And Tsuna's eyes are wide and almost-hurt, eager to please, and even though Enma can read that want in those brown brown eyes (soft like a doe) he knows Tsuna won't act on it if he doesn't want it and he pulls Tsuna back in for a rougher kiss, all bites and anger because he shouldn't be like this. He shouldn't want to shower him in soft linen and silk caresses, not after their history (their ancestor's history- their history hasn't been written) but in the end, he imagines that is how it will always be. The Shimon give their hearts to the Vongolla and the Vongolla take them and put a knife through them and leave them there to bleed in shame and disgrace and wanting love oh so much please come back. Things are supposed to be different this time. Things will be different. (when Tsuna offers his body to him like a sacrifice and he takes it he tries to forget the way Tsuna cries his name EnmaEnmaEnma and the giggles and the fumbles when Enma tries to make this not what it seems like and Tsuna is all gentle and obedient and he tries to forget the way he whispers iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou in his hair when his body shakes with release) He wants them to be different, but he knows they won't, can't, will never be.

Instead of saying no, pulling him in and kissing him again, he says, "Yes," and Tsuna smiles at him with that mature heartache Enma can't ever imagine possessing, can't understand why, for all that Tsuna refuses to accept his position as the Tenth Vongola Boss, slides into that understanding position so easily.


And that's it.