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Together Again

742 - 776

Marine Sergeant Dean Winchester-O'Neill sighed and rechecked his bags for what felt like the hundredth time in precisely seven-minutes-and-thirty-four-point-zero-three-seconds. All of his immediate earthy possessions were in the two dark green duffle bags at his feet, while his other possessions would be shipped by the Daedalus. He sighed once again as he stared blankly at the plain gray concrete floor of the embarkment room on the twenty-seventh floor of Stargate Command.

He was getting transferred to the SGC's sister agency; Atlantis. It sucked, really. Because he liked it here on Earth, where he had connections, where he knew people and most of all the last surviving member of his family. Sure, they weren't blood related but that didn't mean that General Jonathan 'Jack' O'Neill was not more of a father to him than his actual blood father was. His mother, Mary Winchester, died when he was just four years old in a house fire. That just left an emotional enabled father, John Winchester, his infant baby brother Sammy (six months) and him as four year old toddler. When Dean was fifteen, John and Sammy died in a car accident. John's sixty-seven Chevy Impala was hit head on by a transport truck, killing both instantly; and resulting in a concussion, broken leg, fractured/broken ribs, shattered collar bone, and broken jaw for Dean. Colonel Jack O'Neill, a close family friend, adopted him soon after that. He had made quick friends with a boy not much older than him, John Sheppard. They had joined the army together; John joining the Air Force, Dean the Marines. Then, one day, he had been informed that John had died during his tour in Iraq. Dean had been devastated, he had three John's and now he had only but one. Dean had demand to Jack that he saw the body, but and odd expression crossed his face as he said that there was no body to be found.

After that, Dean thought that there he had finally found a place to stay, a permanent residence. In Colorado Springs, at the SGC. But not anymore. Now he was being relocated to Atlantis, away from everything he new.

"Sergeant Winchester," over the intercom jerked him from his mind wander; he looked to the observation window.

One of the very men he had been thinking about, "Dad," escaped his lips being he could stop it. He stood from his crouched position and faced the window.

"Want to come to zee lair?" Jack asked as he tried to imitate a vampire and failed miserably, Dean couldn't he the bark of laughter that escaped him. Still smiling, he turned and grabbed Casper's sleeve, tugging it to get the man's attention, "Hey, Casper. Could you watch my bags for me?"

"Sure thing, Dean." the blond nodded.

"Thanks," Dean jogged out of the embarkment room and up the stairs to his dad's office.

"Dean," Jack greeted as Dean closed the door behind him.

"Dad?" Dean raised an eyebrow as he sat in the chair in front of Jack's desk.

Jack sat straight in his chair, his hands folded on his desk in front of, his mouth was in a thin line seriousness as were his caramel eyes. Seeing this, Dean sat up straighter in his chair and gave his dad a quizzical look. He was positive that he did nothing wrong; he hadn't super glued anything, unscrewed and screws from any chairs, hadn't put itching powder in any underwear drawers - at least not lately.

"Dean-" Jack started, but before he could get in another word, Dean interrupted him.

"I haven't done anything Dad, I swear." Dean tried to plead for his father to believe him, as if he were fifteen again.

Jack tried to suppress the smile that wanted to come out and tease his son, the corners trying to twitch upward, "You're not in trouble, Dean."

Dean squinted at his father, trying to see if he was lying or not. After a few seconds of contemplation he decided his dad wasn't that much of an ass, though Jack did tend to let Dean squirm." Then what is this about?" he asked slowly.

"You don't have to go," Jack said some what cryptically and with a tinge of desperation that was so quick in coming that Dean didn't have time to catch it.

"Don't have to go where?" Dean asked slowly, though he knew where this was going.

"Atlantis," Jack answered, his back some what stiff.

"And why is that?" Dean continued his line of questioning, digging up as much information as he needed. He watched Jack with a sharp gaze, noting the stiffness of his posture, trying to read between the lines of what was being said.

Jack pursed his lips, wondering if he should have brought the subject up in the first place, or if he just should have pulled the strings quickly enough so that Dean's name wouldn't be on that list to Atlantis for, well, for ever would have been good for Jack's peace of mind. "I know you don't want to go," he started, "I mean you don't really know anybody over there-"

"Dad!" Dean cut him off incredulously, "I'm not using my dad's connections as a general to get off of this! That's like, totally cheating." he shook his head in disappointment, "That's like having your dad be a teacher and when you get in shit have them pull strings so you don't get suspended."

Jack glanced down in shame, "Nobody has to know-"

"What the hell, Dad!" Dean interrupted again; this was getting way to weird even for Jack. "Where is this coming from? And why are you so intent on keeping me from going to Atlantis?" he stared so intently at Jack that the older man fought not to squirm.

What was Jack suppose to tell him, once he walked through that gate, there would be no turning back. And Jack knew that it would change things between them and not for the better. He cursed himself for what felt like an infinity of times for not just disobeying a direct order from the president and telling Dean the truth that he so deserved to hear. Oh, that's right. He didn't say a word because it would have meant a dishonorable discharge for the both of them. Or in a worst case scenario, Jack O'Neill with two L's and Dean Michael Winchester-O'Neill would have secede to existed.

(Chevron one, in-coded.)

Jack glanced out the window; he slumped defeated, it was to late now. "Your right," he said as a way of an apology, he clutched his hands tightly together under his desk, his knuckles turning white with the intensity.

Dean nodded and stood up from his chair, Jack stood a few seconds after.

"So," Dean drawled, the air in the room suddenly awkward, "I will consent to a minute of a chick flick moment, and take a hug?" he asked his dad, eyebrows raised.

Jack smirked as he stepped around his desk, "That I would be happy to sign off on." he pulled Dean into a crushing hug.

(Chevron three, in-coded.)

As Jack clutched his son, he begged all those who were holy that Dean would forgive him. Forgive him for the biggest lie he ever had ever told, the lie he knew that hurt his son the most.

Dean too, prayed that everything would be fine even if he left, that his father would be safe and sound in his office. He would never tell anyone, but at that moment he felt tears that wanted to fall.

Dean pulled away first with a: "No breaking the contract,"

(Chevron five, in-coded.)

Jack smiled sadly as Dean opened the door, "Be safe," he told him. Dean gave a wave and left, closing the door behind him. "No matter what." he whispered, sitting back heavily in his chair.

Dean took a deep breath before he re-entered the embarkment room, smoothing out some ruffled feathers. He thanked Casper for watching his begs for him before turning to the Stargate just as the event horizon settle into it's usual puddle of blue water. Though for some reason he got a hallow feeling in his stomach that some thing was amiss as his boots clanked against the metal ramp beneath his feet.

He stopped just before the event horizon and took a few seconds to take one last longing look around him. He was officially leaving his home and moving to another; he felt a small portion of his heart freeze over as he steeped through the horizon.

The feeling in the pit of his stomach didn't go away, and he figured that it wouldn't for a very long time.