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Haruhi stood at the mirror in her room, checking her appearance one last time. She had an adventure planned for the Host Club today, and it would take a good part of the evening to get them all ready, as well as most of the night for the actually event. And since half of them had no idea what she was planning, she had to help them dress. For once, she was the one planning things to shock them, not the other way around..

Of the host club friends and members, only Kyoya, Renge, Nekozawa, and Kasanoda knew what was going on, besides Haruhi herself. Hikaru, Kaoru, Hunny, Mori, and Tamaki had no idea what was going on, only that Haruhi was planning something for them. Tamaki, being his usual self, kept calling her and begging her to "Tell Daddy what's going on! Wahhh!", but she refused, quite easily, and ignored his calls after that.

The twins did pretty much the same thing, except they actually showed up at her house. Ranka did his best to entertain the two before pushing them out the door when Haruhi came out of the shower and glared at them from around the corner wrapped in a towel. They turned red and ran through the door. Hunny only called once, and once she explained that it was a secret, he complied and hung up. Mori never called, he probably heard from Hunny. Tamaki was pestering Kyoya now since Haruhi was avoiding his calls, and Kyoya only called once to inform her of that. Renge, Kasanoda, and Nekozawa all called her as well, checking on the schedule and the place of meeting, details, money needed, etc. Those were the only informative calls she appreciated. Basically, the whole day was spent answering the phone and trying to get ready. It was really tiring. She was thankful when Ranka decided to take the night off and help her, answering the phone for her later in the afternoon and making lunch and an early dinner for them both. Haruhi loved her dad so much today.

Finally, here she was, standing in the mirror, ready to go get the other hosts and dress them up. Winking at the mirror, she fixed the skull barrette in her bangs. She grabbed her Happy-Bunny purse, Ranka wished her good luck, and she walked outside to the limo that Kyoya had waiting for her.

Haruhi was wearing tight purple jeans that faded to silver in the center of the legs with sparkles all over on them, and a pitch-black and electric green plaid (with some white in it) mini-skirt over the jeans that covered over silver high-heeled sandals with hot-pink painted toe nails. She was also wearing a silver belly-shirt that was sleeveless, so in essence a tube-top, and it was a tiny bit sparkly as well. And also, for the first time in all of her high-school life, she was willingly wearing make-up, that she applied herself! Pale orange gloss gave a shine to her lips, while a light brushing of white sparkly blush powdered most of her face. Her eyes had a smoky effect with purple eye shadow and black eye mascara. Her finger nails were each a different color – hot pink, black, white, blue, purple, red, green, yellow, orange, and one un-painted. She truly was a sight compared to what her usually attire was.

And of course, because it was Kyoya's limo, his house was the first stop. When she arrived however, he was actually waiting for her at the gate, already… dressed? Haruhi felt her jaw drop, but quickly closed it when the limo stopped. The door opened, and Kyoya slid into the limo and sat across from her, smirking at her expression. While she had shut her mouth, her eyes were still popping out of her head. Kyoya was hawt! He was wearing a black tank-top with white torn diagonal stripes on it and a skull in front of them, and a leather and chain bracelet on his left wrist. He also had tight leather-like pants on with a black studded belt looped through only one loop so it hung at an angle, and black skater shoes. He had also replaced his glasses with contacts, and had black eye-liner on, with a pale coating of powder on his face like Haruhi's, though with less glitter, and had a bit of grey eye shadow on .

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