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I allowed myself to move further into the woods still allowing my heart to guide me. I stopped and hid myself among the trees while I watched the boys play fight with each other. I could tell which one my father was purely by his size, and well, even in wolf form he looked like my father. His fur was dark brown in colour with hints of grey through it. I started to back away as I felt his eyes land on my hiding place. I backed up even more and ran back to Sue's house. I noticed she had left me a change of clothes at the edge of the woods. Changing back, I slipped on yet another dress which must have belonged to her daughter Leah and went to sit back on the seat that we had occupied earlier. I didn't realise that I was biting my nail until I felt it give way underneath my teeth. I felt a pair of eyes on me and turned my head coming face to face with Sue's daughter.

"Hello Leah. I didn't wake you did I?"

She shook her head and continued to look at me in wonder. I raised my eyebrow waiting for her to speak.

"What's it like? I mean turning into a wolf. Mum says I am showing all the signs of turning and so is Seth."

"It's hard to explain. I am still getting use to it myself Leah. I mean, tonight was the first time that I had changed."

"I'm sorry. I'm just a little nervous about what the future holds for me."

I took her hand in mine and squeezed it. Then the air filled with the sound of howling causing her to jump and me to suddenly stand. Part of me wanted to change, but the human part of me wanted to stay here with Leah. Something in me said danger was near and that I was better off here guarding the house. I whipped round and crouched as I heard the bushed move. The growl that wanted to escape my throat died the moment Paul appeared looking worried.

"Isabella, you're alright. When you didn't reply to the call we thought that you were hurt. I thought you were hurt. Why didn't you reply?"

I held out my hand out to stop his rambling before moving to the side so he could see Leah who was where I had left her.

"I wasn't about to leave a helpless girl on her own. Not when my instincts where telling me that danger was near."

I felt him slip his arm round my waist bringing me to his chest while he looked around.

"Why the call? I mean, is that why you came to find me to begin with."

"We have another pack brother, young Quil."

I nodded my head and turned my head so I could see Leah. I couldn't stop the frown that crossed my face as I took in the noticeable changes in Leah's body.

"Paul, look at Leah and I mean really look at her. She will be changing very soon, I can feel it. I don't know when, but I do know what her future holds for her and I am worried."

Paul nodded his head and pulled me even closer to his chest as he sniffed the air. Taking his lead I did the same thing and whined in response causing Paul to pull me behind him.

"Leah, I suggest that you that you step away from the house right now. I don't think your mum would be too happy if you destroyed her seat. Now I am going to change and call for help. Isabella I want you to stay near me, do I make myself clear? If you go anywhere near her I will punish you, do I make myself clear?"

I nodded my head and stood back as I watched him strip before changing into his wolf form. I cringed as he threw back his head and howled. Poor Leah stood in the middle of the back lawn looking confused and lost. Ignoring the part of me that knew full well I was going to get into trouble with Paul and probably with my father; I walked past Paul ignoring the sound of his growling and stood in front of Leah.

"Leah, I need you think of something that makes you angry, and I mean, really angry."

I watched as a tear run down her face before I stepped back and changed the same time she did.

"It's okay Leah, I am here with you. We can learn together sisters in arms"

"I'm scared Bella. Why has this happened to me? Why now?"

"I don't know Leah. I wish I did, but we're not alone. We have the boys, they will look after us."

I felt Paul come and stand next to me before he let out a low growl in my ear.

"Isabella, once we get Leah looked after, you and I are going to have words. Leah, Isabella is right. We are all going to be here for you. You make the third one to change tonight so we are spread a bit thin. Jared and Charlie will be here in a minute to answer and help you with any questions you might have."

I watched as she nodded her head before carefully laying down on the floor very much like I had earlier. I noticed the second Sue came outside with tears in her eyes as she looked at her only daughter on the floor. Leah stiffened as Sue started to run her fingers through her fur before relaxing. The second Charlie and Jared arrived Paul pushed me with his head in the direction of the woods. Bowing my head, I continued to walk into the woods until I suddenly felt myself being pushed down on the floor with Paul on top of me growling.

"I told you to not go near her, Isabella. You have no idea how much danger you just placed yourself in. You could have been hurt for no reason. Do you have any idea what that would have done to me? Your father? To Leah? The next time I tell you to do something, you do it straight away."

I felt his hot breath on my neck before I let out a howl in pain as he sank his teeth into my fur. The moment I felt him remove himself from my back, I ran. I kept running as I ignored the calls in my head for me to stop. I kept running until I could no longer hear them either in my head or my ears. In fact I kept running until I felt the coolness of snow sink into my long fur. Looking around I had no idea where I was, all I knew was that I was never going back to La Push or him again. I slowed to a walk hoping to find some kind of camp or something that I could steal clothing from. It was almost dark again when I felt myself being watched. Still not being able to separate the different smells, I started to become scared. I growled as a young woman suddenly appeared in front of me but stopped when I noticed she held clothes in her hands.

"I'm taking it that you're Bella. You're the only wolf I've ever meet that would stop growling the minute they saw clothing. Why don't you change back so we can talk? I'm Kate by the way."

I nodded my head before slipping back into my human form and took the clothes from Kate's out stretched hands. When I was fully dressed, I took my time looking Kate over trying to figure out what she was. It wasn't until I saw her eyes did it make sense.

"You're a vampire?"

"And you're a shape shifter, even though you don't smell like one. Now we've gotten that out the way I need to pass on a message to you. What you do with it afterwards is up to you."

I nodded my head waiting for her to continue.

"The message is simple; it's a plea for you to return home. Your friends and family are missing you and are worried. You are welcome to stay here for a few more days if you wish. There is a cottage not far from here that you can use. We have stocked it with food and bedding for you."

"Thank you but how did you know?"

"Let's say I have my way of knowing these things a leave it at that. It was nice to meet you Bella."

I blinked and she was gone just as she appeared. Following my nose and her foot prints, I found the cottage that she spoke about and stepped inside. Carefully brushing off my still naked feet I walked round until I found the heater and put it on. Even though my body temperature was a higher than normal, I still felt the cold. After eating a small amount I started to investigate the place that would be my refuge for the near future. It was simple yet homey. As I walked back towards the small seating area I noticed a mobile phone on the table. I really should call my father to let him know I was okay but a nagging voice in the back of my mind was yelling at me that he could be there. Instead I sent a quick message to the one women I knew would be on my side.

Sue, its Bella. Can you get my father away from the pack? I need to talk to him. Can you get him to call this number please? Love Bella

I hit the send button and waited. A minute later the phone began to ring Werewolf in London. Someone had a sense of humour it would seem. Looking at the number I hit the call button and slowly raised the phone to my ear.

"Isabella, are you there. Please baby girl let me know that you are okay."

"Daddy, I am so sorry."

I felt the tears start to roll down my checks, as my father cooed over the phone at me. We spent the next ten minutes arguing with each other about me returning to La Push.

"Daddy, please I just need time. That is all I am asking for; a few more days and I promise I will come home. I'm just not ready to speak or see him yet."

"I understand honey. Just please call me to let me know how you are. I've just gotten you here; I don't want to lose you again.'

After making several promises that he would never loss me we ended our phone call. For three days I stayed locked up in the small cottage and for three days I missed my father, Sue and even Leah. I had spoken to Leah once since my arrival, and from the little I got off her, made me miss home that much more. It turned out that no one was really speaking to him unless they really had to. Also the treaty that was set between the Cullen's and us had been forfeited because it turns out that Alice was Charlie's great aunt or something like that.

By the end of the third day I had enough and I wanted to go home. I striped out of the clothing I was leant and tied them to my leg before changing. I kept running until I hit the outskirts of Seattle before dressing again. Turning the phone on I messaged Sue where I was and could she possibly come and pick me up.

I reached around the back of my neck and cringed as my fingers brushed against the bite mark. I needed Sue to look at it for me later having only been able to half clean it out myself earlier. I was suddenly pulled into a tight hug causing me to let out a small growl before I realised it was Leah.

"Oh god Bella, you have no idea how much I've missed you, how much Charlie has missed you. I know you probably don't really want to hear this, but it's a good thing you came home now. Paul is really sick and I'm not talking flu sick either. Carlisle says he's dying."

Dying, Paul was dying and it was my fault. I felt a pair of cold arms picking me up before I allowed myself to surrender to the darkness.