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Ice boy – sound

"Ice-boy" – thoughts

"Ice-boy" – spoken conversation

Chapter 1: Hot Soup

It was a beautiful sunny morning. The birds were chirping and there was not a cloud in the deep blue sky. Matsumoto Rangiku hummed happily to herself as she walked through the corridors of Gotei 13 while her bountiful breasts bounced in tandem with her lively step. Some of the men she passed sneaked drooling glances but none dared to say or do anything remotely close to anything perverted.

No matter how flirty she sometimes seemed to be and how scandalous she looked, the pretty fukutaichou has a reputation for breaking the noses of men whom displeased her for being too, err, um, eager. None of them wanted to risk for a trip to the Fourth Division so they just contented themselves with their fantasies.

Oblivious, the redhead continued staring blankly into space, a happy grin dancing across her lips.

"Hmm, I think I already got all that we'll need for later," she thought, referring to the SWA meeting they'll be conducting after office hours. She looked inside the bag again to check the items one by one. Her forehead creased a bit, "they're all here, but why is it I can't shake off this feeling that I forgot something. Hmmm…"


From a distance, the familiar angry roar was heard. The ground shook and all the birds around the immediate surrounding area flew away in panic.

Rangiku cringed. Now she remembered. "Ooh boy!"


Tenth Squad Headquarters

Rangiku tiptoed across the corridor, her reiatsu greatly suppressed. "Al-most there." She was about to reach the door to her office when it slammed open revealing a furious set of ice blue eyes. As if on cue, the staff of the tenth squad pushed ear plugs into their auditory canals at the same time. A sweat drop appeared on Rangiku's temple.


"Is it just me or did he just pronounce that as Mhatsumhoutoou?"

"How many times do I have to tell you not to use the office hours for unofficial activities!" the silver-haired captain growled.

"Um, seventy-thousand, three hundred and twenty-two," the redhead muttered to herself in a very small voice.

Hitsugaya's glare intensified at the quip. If looks could kill, Rangiku would already be on the floor, all mangled and bloody. "If you can remember those figures, then pray tell why can't you remember to pass your reports on time? They are due THIS DAY!" he said through gritted teeth.

"But Taicho…" she pouted.

"I don't want to hear it. Get to work!" Hitsugaya had cut-off her explanation. He stalked to his own office and closed the door with another bang, which caused the other shinigamis in the building to jump in their seats.

In the silence that followed, they removed their earplugs at the same time, again as if on cue. Hitsugaya and Matsumoto have been like this since forever and knowing this fact, the older members of the tenth squad easily fell back to their work routine but the younger recruits weren't so lucky. Most of them were still crumpled on the floor after feeling the captain's angry reiatsu.

Finally alone at her office, Matsumoto breathed a sigh of relief. Had another shinigami been in her place, he'd still be trembling after the scolding, but Matsumoto, being who she was, she was completely unfazed. And after seventy-thousand, three hundred and twenty-two scoldings, this being the seventy-thousand, three hundred and twenty-third, she's already used to his moods.

Matsumoto clasped her hands together thoughtfully. "Ah, taicho seems to be really agitated today. Hmm, I know!" her face bright and cheerful at her own genius.


Knock! Knock!

Hitsugaya grunted in reply.

Matsumoto opened the door a little and took a peek. The captain's nose was buried in the documents; his forehead was creased with concentration while his writing brush danced across the parchment furiously. Matsumoto bit back a smile.

Holding the tray in her hand, she pushed the door further with her body. The wonderful smell of something heavenly wafted to Hitsugaya's nose.

"Hitsugaya-Taicho," Rangiku said in her singsong voice. That's the only time the captain stopped his work to look up. His eyes swept back and forth between the food and the beaming girl in askance.

"It's already lunch-time taicho. You seemed too busy to get out of your office so I thought of sharing my lunch in here with you today," she said cheerfully. "You work too hard taicho; take a break for a bit."

"Well if you weren't so lazy then I won't have to work thrice as hard," he retorted.

The redhead faked a look of hurt and pouted playfully, "That hurt, Taicho. To think I cooked this especially with you in mind."

"Hn," the expression his face did not change a bit. He hesitated for a moment but Matsumoto was beaming up to him enthusiastically that he couldn't bring himself to say no. She did put an effort into bringing him lunch and his stomach was starting to growl. He cleared a part of his desk to make room for the tray. Their impromptu banquet consisted of a weird combination of food: miso soup, a huge pizza, and cheesecake. He had them before in the real world. And strangely enough, the combination of tastes works. "Much like the one who made them," he reflected.

""Don't think I'm letting you off the hook just because you served me lunch," he said. His knife was already cutting through the pizza.

Matsumoto winced at his statement but seeing her usually uptight captain relax a little in the presence of food was enough to make her happy. "Hai, taicho!"

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