Okay I just got into Playful Kiss the Korean Drama I haven't seen the anime and for that I apologize because I'm going to use the Korean drama characters. I can't find the Korean drama version here and if any of you see than I will move it there thank you. I don't own any of the characters of Playful Kiss if you don't like fan characters please don't read this and than bash me later for creating one. This takes place during her time at College and BTW the drama is still airing so if this becomes uncannon (it's already uncannon enough) I apologize. There will only be 7 chapters.


Kotoko Aihara: Oh Ha Ni

Naoki Irie: Baek Seung Jo

Jinko: Jung Joo Ri

Satomi: Dok Go Min Ah

Machiko Irie: Hwang Geum Hee

Playful Kiss

The Mystery of Q

Day 1

It was a cold winter afternoon when Oh Ha Ni was running away from her home. She needed a break from Baek Seung Jo. She wasn't doing well at her new College and Baek Seung Jo appears to be seeing someone. Everything is a mess.

"I can't believe I ran all this way from home without stopping or wearing jacket." She panted and shivered. She looked around to find out where she was. It was a park and there were very few children playing due to the cold weather. Oh Ha Ni searched for a bench and sat down. She tried to keep herself warm.

"I have to go home soon. Baek Seung Jo will say 'Hey Oh Ha Ni, you forgot your jacket.' He will tease me or scold me or both!" she sighed "Then he'll tell me I should study since I'm failing my classes. Baek Seung Jo is a jerk."

Suddenly she noticed a man sitting next to her he was wearing a worn out gray jacket and a cough mask, he had black messy hair and sunglasses. He turned to face her as he noticed she was starring at him.

"How long have you been listening?" she asked shivering.

"Long enough" said the man, he cough a bit. Judging by his voice he might be in his 20s. He scanned her slowly.

Oh Ha Ni noticed and tried to cover herself. The man was holding a bag, he handed her the bag. Oh Ha Ni stared at it. She pulled out a blue jacket it still had the price tag on it. She looked at the man.

"Aren't you going to wear it? If you don't you'll freeze to death."

"I refuse to take things from strangers, especially stalker looking ones" she gave him a cold look.

"I understand." He said as he got up and walked away.

"Hey!" she called out to him.

He turned around to face the shivering girl.

"Your jacket."

"If it's alright with you may you bring it back here tomorrow around the same time as today?" He asked her and then left before Oh Ha Ni could answer his request.

She pouted as she lost. She looked at the jacket and the price tag and saw how expensive it was. She noticed that the man's jacket looked worn out and might not be able to keep him warm. She decided to wear it and give it back to him the next day.

She returned home late that night. When she opened the door she saw Baek Seung Jo. He stared at her. She nodded at him and tried to get past him, but he blocked her path.

"Where did you get that jacket? Did you buy it for me?" He asked.

Oh Ha Ni tried to ignore him and tried to push past him but he stopped her, he checked the price tag.

"Oi, this is pretty expensive did you get a part time job again?" He asked

Oh Ha Ni didn't answer.

"What's going on? Where did you get this jacket Oh Ha Ni?"

"A friend let me borrow it." She finally managed to push past him and quickly went to her room. She locked the door and took off the jacket. She neatly folded the jacket and went to bed thinking about the strange man she had met and wondered what kind of a person he was.

The Day Ended

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