This is the final chapter of The Mystery of Q.

Shigeo Aihara: Oh Ki Dong

Naoki Irie: Baek Seung Jo

Shigeki Irie: Baek Soo Chang

Machiko Irie: Hwang Geum Hee

Yuuki Irie: Baek Eun Jo

Jinko: Jung Joo Ri

Satomi: Dok Go Min Ah

Playful Kiss

The Mystery of Q

Day 7

It was the afternoon when Oh Ha Ni walked to the park where she first met Q. She saw him there; he was watching the children play. Q wasn't wearing his cough mask anymore He was holding a bouquet of flowers. She walked towards him. He stood up and left the flowers there.

"Q." she said.

"Hello Miss Oh Ha Ni."

She nodded.

"We're not supposed to see each other anymore, remember?"

"Did Baek Seung Jo threaten you?"



"Miss Oh Ha Ni, I had a lot of fun here. I'm glad I met you. I'm glad I made a friend. I'm glad I got to see the world before I go home. I don't think my parents will let me leave my house ever again." He covered his mouth with his sleeve.

"I know you meant well Q. You tried to help me get Baek Seung Jo's attention."

"I didn't mean for things to escalate to level that they did Miss Oh Ha Ni."

"I know, you only wanted to help. I appreciate that."

He nodded.

"Q, what is your real name?"

He looked away.

"Please can you tell me?"

"I can't tell you. It's…very embarrassing."

"Then show me your face."

He sighed.

"Alright Oh Ha Ni, for you I will show you my face." He took off his sunglasses. He had blue eyes. He took off his black wig and revealed to have blonde hair. He smiled at her. "The first two letters of my real name start with C-U"

"Cu….are you…are you Cu-"


She covered her mouth.

"It was fun meeting you Oh Ha Ni. I hope you're date with Baek Seung Jo goes well."

He walked away.

"Date…what date? Q! Q come back here!"

"Oh Ha Ni…" Baek Seung Jo was behind her. "Who were you talking too?" He asked.

"I don't know… no one" she looked back.

Baek Seung Jo started walking. "Let's go get something to eat, I'm hungry."

She smiled. "Alright,"

Seung Jo picked up the flowers Q left on the bench. "For you."

"Thank you" She held them.

They went to go eat something and talked about other there classes. Oh Ha Ni complained. Baek Seung Jo smiled a bit. They walked around the city. Baek Seung Jo took her to an arcade where they played a few games. After they left the arcade it started to rain. Seung Jo covered Ha Ni with his arms as they ran home together. When they got home the rain stopped. Both were laughing and panting. She looked at Seung Jo, he was still beautiful. Seung Jo looked like his usual self again. She stopped smiling.

"What's wrong?"


"You didn't have fun?"

"No I did."

"Then why are you upset?"

"I'm not."

He looked at her. Oh Ha Ni had so much fun on their date. She wanted him to kiss her. Seung Jo realized what she wanted. Even if he did when they went to school they won't act like a couple. They won't sit together for lunch and or he won't walk her to her next class and kiss her goodbye like other couples did at the university. Baek Seung Jo kissed her. Ha Ni shivered a bit. Seung Jo thought she was cold and he hugged her. She hugged him back. They looked at each other. Seung Jo rang the doorbell. Hwang Geum Hee opened the door for both of them.

"What happened to you! Oh my goodness you two are soaking wet. I'll make you two some warm tea and soup both of you change into dry clothes right now." She escorted Oh Ha Ni to her room.

"So how was your date?" she asked.

"It was fun." Ha Ni blushed.

"I'm glad to hear that I'll ask Baek Seung Jo to come to your room and you two can study together.

"Thank you Geum Hee."

"No problem."

"Do you know a man name Q?" she asked.

"Q?" she thought to herself. "I don't think so. Why do you ask?"

"No reason, I was just wondering. I heard some girls talk about the name Q today that's all." Oh Ha Ni dried her hair with a towel.

Geum Hee left to make them tea and soup. Baek Seung Jo came to Ha Ni's room they sat together. Seung Jo began to help her study for a math exam. They didn't talk about the passionate kiss or about Q, they just went on with their lives. Ha Ni still had feelings for Seung Jo, although she wondered if Seung Jo will have feelings for her. She wondered if they will ever bring back the kiss they shared just now.

"Soup's here!" said Geum Hee.

"Yes!" said Oh Ha Ni.

"I found out about this Q you asked me about Oh Ha Ni."

Seung Jo and Ha Ni were silent.

"My husband met a man who went by the name of Q, he said he helped him get some tips to get a woman's attention."

"What did he look like?" asked Seung Jo.

"He doesn't remember that well. He said he was about his age at the time and he had red hair and brown eyes.

Oh Ha Ni thought about Q's appearance he was in his 20s and had blonde hair and blue eyes. That can't be the same Q…She looked at Seung Jo…he looked at her. She smiled. It doesn't matter anymore I don't think he's ever coming back and…I know he just came to help me spend more time with Baek Seung Jo…maybe our destined to be with each other. Seung Jo told her it was time to get back work.

Outside of the Baek residence Q was watching them. He was drinking a glass of wine. He made a toast them.

"The heavens decided to cut you a break Miss Oh Ha Ni." He smiled and then sighed he put on a new a disguise and walked away from Oh Ha Ni's life forever.

The Day Ended

I hoped you enjoyed this story. Thank you so much for your support. If there is anything that you didn't understand please let me know. I apologize that I won't be making a sequel if you wish to make one about this you are welcomed just let me know and give me credit thank you for your time.