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It didn't last for long, that look of wonder in her eyes. Athenodora was overwhelmed by the sounds she heard, smells that wafted to her nose and the clarity of her surroundings, particularly this one threat staring calmly at her.

Who was he?

What did he want?

Insecure and lost, she started relying on the only thing she could at this point, her newborn instincts. She snarled and in a blink of eye, was out of the room, away from Aro and the other threats that she could not comprehend. She did not stop, not even once, as she ran down the long and winding passageways of the Volturi castle.

Well, until she collided into what seemed to be wall of stone that appeared suddenly around the corner.
Caius was, to put simply, mind-boggled. Here he was, stepping out of his room to go see Aro, who had called for him not five minutes before. Aro was trying to be secretive about it, but Caius knew what the meeting was for; the girl had completed the change. As he pondered over it, confused by these strange feelings that plagued his heart, he told himself that in no way was he to succumb to these "feelings" or nonsense. He was going to go there, see the newborn and leave as soon as possible. Surely there was nothing special about her.

He was just about to close the door to his room, better known as the royal suite to other members of the volturi, when he got knocked to the ground by a massive force and crashed to the ground with a sound that rivaled that of a meteorite crashing to the earth.

It was, and still is rare for a vampire to be disoriented but that was what Caius was like at the point, disoriented, confused and taken by surprise. Soon, these feelings were replaced with anger and outrage. He was acutely aware that a vampire was lying on top of him, female and her scent which pleasantly reminded of that rose he received from Athenodora mixed with fresh vanilla, was not one that was familiar to him. Who was this vampire, who actually dared to knock one of the Ancients to the ground? None of the guard would even dare lay a finger on him, let alone knock him to the ground! How dare she! He was prepared to give one of those long fits and get this vampire killed for her "crime.
"Get up. Now." He in a low, deadly voice that struck fear in even the bravest vampires' undead hearts
Shocked by the fact that this wall of stone could speak, Athenodora quickly stood up and stared at that wall of stone…which apparently wasn't a wall of stone at all but that man she met once while trying to sell flowers for some extra money.

That man who said that he didn't believe in love, and that love was an illusion, yes him. She never forgot that encounter. Even at the tender age of 10, she knew to differentiate the important people she met from the unimportant ones and that man was definitely on top of the list of people that she should never forget.

Who was he? What was he doing here, in this strange castle full of red eyed creatures? Why, he looks exactly the same as he had the last time she saw him years ago. Other than the obvious change of clothes, it was simply like he didn't change, like time didn't even touch him. A million questions flooded her mind and once again she was overwhelmed.

First, she had woken up in a strange place, with no idea how she got into this strange castle and who these people were, and then she had met a man who looked no different from ten years ago.
At that moment, Caius looked up, and almost died for yet the second time as he took in a pair of curious red eyes. Even the confusion and rage he was in didn't dim her beauty, not one bit. If his heart could beat, it'd rival the fluttering of a hummingbird.

Her hair reminded him of the fields of hay he used to wander as a child, golden yet fair, though nothing like the lank, pale locks he felt on his own head. It floated down her shoulders, caressing her face as it did. To him it looked like a majestic curtain, and he yearned to use his hands and unveil the beauty underneath and caress the seemingly smooth skin with his shaking fingers.

Her scent, he wanted to burn her scent into his memory and never forget it. He saw females every day, Jane, Heidi, Didyme and what not, but none of them could possibly measure up to this angel standing in front of him. And all those females were silly, weak willed and all but kneeled infront of him and would probably have kissed his feet, their knees quaking if he asked them to. However this golden haired beauty seemed more curious than afraid. Her lips were pursed, as if she was trying hard to understand something, but he couldn't stop images of him ravaging those beautiful cherry lips, kissing them, from flooding his mind.

He was suddenly filled with an urge to protect this angel, protect her from harm, and protect her from all the evils of this world.
In a spur of the moment, Caius's world seemed to revolve around this angel, Athenodora. As if she contained all the blood that was in the world and he was the lone vampire with enough thirst comparable to a human in a desert. Without her, he was nothing. Without her, he had no reason to continue living. She became the center of his universe. And all that happened in just one look. But as they said, once a vampire finds a mate, they are mates for life. It's real.

His stone heart, no pun intended, seemed to melt. Just by standing there, Athenodora had achieved what no female could.

Caius shook his head, as though wanting to shake these thoughts out. No no no, this was all wrong! He couldn't! Not him, the one man who sworn never to love. Yet he was unable to resist and he was suddenly captured by into her eyes. They were red, which he had noticed at first glance, like any other vampire but they seem to sparkle with a life of their own. The longer he stared into her eyes, the more he seemed to drown in the depths of them. Before he could fall anymore into the depths her eyes had, Athenodora spoke up.
"Mister, what are you doing here?"Athenodora asked, genuinely curious.

Her tone had lost the bitter edge it had when Caius had last seen her, and she seemingly began to relax when she was with him. He just seemed so trustworthy, Athenadora didn't quite know why.

Caius chuckled softly despite himself, such childlike innocence he had unknowingly missed since ten years ago.

Suddenly, her face hardened as understanding dawned on her. It seemed she realized who, or rather what he was. And before he could stop her, she ran.