The high pitched excited screams made Sakura Haruno jump a bit in her seat. She turned her head to look in the direction of where a group of girls where crowding around Ino Yamanka, who had her phone opened in hand and showing whatever was on the screen to the group. Sakura arched a brow in wonder of what they were so excited about.

"Oh my god! I can't believe it!" "It really is true!" "That's really him!" "Wow! He's even hotter than I remember!" "Kyaaaaa!" the group of five girls chattered away talking about the male that was clearly on Ino's cell screen, Ino grinned happily nodding. "Yep, it sure is! I would know him anywhere!" Ino said proudly. "Where did you see him again?" a couple of the girls asked just as Ino's eyes drifted in Sakura's direction, Sakura looked away quickly to avoid eye contact. "The train station last night, the one a few blocks from where I take my Cram classes." Ino had responded and the girls around her screamed excitedly again.

Sakura focused on her reading and tried hard to drown out the girls chatter and screams. She heard mumbles from a few guys that where in the classroom, clearly annoyed with the screaming. Sakura sighed closing her eyes for a moment, just to re-open them and focus on the book in her hands.

"I can't believe it!" one of the girls cheered loudly. "I know!" a couple of others replied just as excited as the first. "Sasuke Uchiha! Wow!" all the girls around Ino seemed to say at once and with that name spoken Sakura's eyes widened and her book fell from her hands and onto the desk top. "He moved away four years ago. Do you think he moved back?" one of the girls questioned and Sakura looked back towards them, her heart suddenly pounding wildly in her chest. "I think so. Why else would he have been at the train station last night?" Ino replied, met Sakura's eyes in that moment and glared. Sakura looked away to break away from the glare that was placed on her. "This is so amazing!" "I wonder what school he is going too!" "I wish he was going here that would be so incredible!"

'Sasuke-kun…' The bell suddenly rang and Iruka Umino walked into the classroom. "Okay okay! Quiet down! Take your seats so I can take roll call."

For the twenty minutes of homeroom, Sakura tried not to think about what the girls had been saying about Sasuke Uchiha and of course failed in the attempt. She completely missed the morning announcements. Before she knew it the bell rang indicating that homeroom was over and that first period would begin in about ten minutes once the teachers switched classrooms.

Tugging at her school uniform, a nervous reaction in trying to get her thoughts straight, she looked over at Hinata Hyuuga that sat in the desk next to her, and saw that just like any normal school day, Hinata was silently admiring Naruto Uzumaki from afar. Sakura cleared her throat a little, "Hinata-chan?" Sakura whispered just loud enough to catch the Hyuuga's attention. Hinata blushed realizing that she had also been caught looking at Naruto. She shook her head slightly trying to focus, she then looked over at Sakura with a nervous smile.

"Y-yes, Sakura-chan?" Hinata asked in a timid shy voice. Sakura smiled warmly at her.

"Did you catch where the swim team is meeting today?"

Hinata nodded. "T-the indoor pool over by the cafeteria." Sakura nodded and took a quick glance back towards Ino, who was chatting away with a few girls again and staring at her phone.

"Sakura-chan!" Naruto's voice suddenly pulled Sakura's attention away from Ino and to the boy who was standing right between Sakura and Hinata's desks. Sakura couldn't help but notice that Hinata had gone completely red in the face.

"What Naruto?" Sakura said in a bit of an annoyed face and then her eyes suddenly lit up as she remembered something, "Oh hey, Naruto. You were good friends with Sasuke-kun right? Sasuke Uchiha?" she asked in a whisper so that Ino wouldn't hear her.

"Eh?" Naruto rubbed the back of his head and then shrugged. "Not, really good friends, but I guess. Why?"

"Oh um…" Sakura looked away feeling her cheeks burn.

"Ah! Before I forget!" Naruto suddenly blurted out remembering what he had come over for. "Can I borrow a pencil? I don't have one…" Sakura sighed and handed him one of her pencils. "Thanks!" he grinned happily and headed back for his desk just as Asuma Sarutobi walked into the class.

"Ah!" Sakura went to call Naruto back to try to find out some information on Sasuke but then Asuma started calling attention of the class.

"Okay class! Get those laptops out!" Asuma ordered chewing on a toothpick as he always did, since he couldn't smoke within the classrooms, or in view of the students. Sakura pulled her laptop out from her bag and heard as Asuma-sensei groaned. "Again! Naruto this is the third week in a row you forgot it." Naruto chuckled nervously and Asuma pointed him out of the room. "Well go to the next room and borrow one from one of the students there, again." There were a few chuckles from the class as Naruto ran out.

While everyone waited for Naruto to come back, Sakura was about to instant message Hinata but before she could a pop up screen came up and she read that it was from Ino. Sakura bit her lip and opened the message. Ino Yamanka: Get over yourself, Forehead. Even you must realize that Sasuke-kun wouldn't be interested in you. Ever! So don't bother trying to get a hold of him, through Naruto.

Sakura balled her hands into fists and fought back replying to the message. She simply closed out the window and heard Ino's small chuckle in the background. 'Shut up Ino-pig! Like you would have a chance either!' she thought to herself and wished she had sent that, she sighed just as Naruto returned to the classroom and Asuma started on with the lesson for the day.

Two class periods later Sakura walked into the cafeteria with Hinata Hyuuga and two second years from class A, Tenten and Lee. Getting their food they all soon found a seat at a table and began eating and chatting. Tenten was talking about what she was currently learning in her cram class with Lee who was giving her some helpful hints about the course, while Sakura listened in but her mind was else where, and Hinata was looking over towards a table of boys that included Naruto, Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, Choji Akimichi, and Shikamaru Nara.

"Oh!" Tenten suddenly blurted out which caused Hinata and Sakura to look towards her with surprise. "That reminds me. You two, uh…" she pointed at the girls and then had to think for a moment. "You two use to go to the same elementary right? Same class?"

"Yes?" Hinata and Sakura answered confused, Lee was also looking puzzled as if the conversation had suddenly jumped to something that he hadn't followed.

"Er…" Tenten closed her eyes and her brows pulled together as she tried to think of what she was going to say. "There was a kid… with kinda spike raven colored hair in your class… um… Oh! Uchiha! Sasuke Uchiha right?" Sakura seemed to freeze hearing the name and her heart instantly accelerated. She couldn't answer, however Hinata nodded in reply. "Whatever happened to him? I remember a lot of hype of him being like a genius or something."

"Um… well…" Hinata started and then paused. "I-I'm not sure. He moved away 4 years ago, my f-father said that he went to school overseas." Hinata picked at her food that was on her plate. "Father said that it was for the b-best that Sasuke-kun left."

Sakura then looked at Hinata with a surprised look, the same look that Tenten and Lee were giving her. Hinata suddenly blushed when she noticed that their eyes where on her. She placed her hands in her lap and stared at them biting her bottom lip. "Why?" all three of them then asked in unison.

"Well…" Hinata looked at Sakura. "You know. Um… about w-what happened to Sa-Sasuke-kun's family." Sakura uncontrollably shivered at that and looked away just as Hinata did. "Sasuke-kun's family was k-killed, it was rumored that it was his older brother I-Itachi-san that murdered them." Hinata drew in a breath and released it slowly. "Father says that i-its best that Sasuke-kun left the city and went else where. Y-you know…" she looked up from her hands. "To escape the memories."

"Oh how terrible." Tenten whispered sadly shaking her head.

Sakura looked up after a moment and looked to Tenten. "Why…why did you bring him up?" Sakura found that her voice was shaky and hoped that the others at the table hadn't noticed.

"Hm?" Tenten blinked seeming confused and then she snapped out of it. "Oh right. It's just… I thought I saw him at the train station last night after my cram class." Tenten suddenly looked away when someone in the lunch area busted up laughing, Hinata, Lee and Sakura also looked and saw that it was Ino, laughing about something. "And that Ino girl looked like she was going to have a heart attack when she saw him, she's in my cram class and takes the same train." She then looked back at Sakura. "Hey if I remember right weren't you two best friends?"

Sakura looked down at her tray of food and shrugged. "Use to be…" she replied blankly and then Hinata changed the subject away from Sakura and Ino after sensing that Sakura didn't want to talk about it.

The rest of the lunch period Sakura thought about the past, back when Ino and Sakura had been friends, they use to be best friends until the day that Sakura found out that Ino also liked Sasuke. From there on out the girls stopped being friends all because they both liked the same boy. This had happened before Sasuke had moved away, but the rivalry was still there between the girls and it was clearly going to grow stronger with the short reappearance of Sasuke whom no one would probably ever see again since it was unlikely that he was actually back. Even if he was, it was a rare chance that the boy would come to attend the same school as them. Sakura sighed to herself multiple times during the rest of the lunch period and was so lost in thought that she forgot she was sitting with people.

The rest of the day went by in a daze for Sakura, before she knew it school was over and she was heading to the school's outdoor pool where the Swim Club would take up their practice. Walking with Hinata into the girls' locker room they quickly dressed down and got into their swimsuits and headed out to the pool.

After listening to what the team captain had to say, Sakura was soon paired against another girl in a quick swim race. Jumping into the water as the whistle was blow Sakura swam as fast as she could to the other end of the pool and back again. She heard the whistle blown while she was still under water and knew that the other girl had won that race. She popped her head out of the water, grabbed onto the concrete siding and went to pull herself up out of the pool. Half in the pool half out she soon froze as her attention was drawn away.

Her heart jumped into her throat as she saw Principle Tsunade and her assistant Shizune walking towards the pool with a raven colored haired male that was about her age. "And this is where the outdoor pool is." Shizune was saying as she pointed and in the same motion pointing towards the building not far away. "The indoor pool is there and the cafeteria is in that building." She stated pointing in the other direction of where the cafeteria building was.

Sakura found herself sinking back into the water, her arms having gone weak just as the male's dark eyes as shifted in the direction of the girls swim team. It wasn't long until the girls on the team had realized the presence of the principle and her assistant as well as Sasuke Uchiha and started whispering in surprised awe of the boy. Sakura barely peaked above the pool and watched as Principle Tsunade and Shizune soon lead Sasuke towards the cafeteria to show him around more of the campus.

"Sakura-chan? Sakura-chan?" there was a worried voice that Sakura could barely hear as she soon felt her whole body grow heavy and her chest hurt as she found it hard to breathe. "Sakura-chan?"