"Sa…sa…" Sakura stammering trying to get the name out of her mouth as she stared at the male before her that was gathering the rest of the papers that had scattered in result of them bumping into each other. "Sasori-senpai." Sakura finally managed to get the name out. The red haired male looked at her handing her the papers and smiled a smile that looked force with no true emotion behind it.

Taking the papers Sakura nodded in thanks and got to her feet just as Sasori was. "Be more careful." Sasori stated in a calm voice and walked around her. Sakura turned and watched him walk away and out the doors. She raised a brow wondering where he was going since she was very sure that she and the male had the same cram class. She was just about to walk away but stopped when she noticed that Sasori had stopped outside the building and was talking to a blond female who looked very angry.

Sakura recognized the girl as third year Temari from Suna Academy, the same academy that Sasori attended. Then Temari walked away, Sasori turned and walked back into the building and Sakura hurried off to get into the class so that Sasori wouldn't have thought that she was spying on him.

Putting in her headphones and turning on her music player Hinata boarded onto the train with a few other people and found herself a seat by the window. It was already after nine at night and she had just gotten out of her cram class and was now headed home. She chewed on the inside of her cheek while she sat there. This was the time of day she hated the most, having to go home. She loved her family but there was just so much pressure, so much expected of her. Her father was a tough man and was always badgering her to take up more studies, to do more things that would reflect nicely on the family. She came from a family that was in high society, rich, popular and she just didn't feel like she belonged at all.

While dreading going home she hadn't even realized that someone had sat next to her until the train began moving and she had turned slightly to get something out of her bag and saw that there was an older man sitting next to her. She tensed a bit and moved as far as she could to the window while not making eye contact with the man. Her body tensed even more when the man moved over towards her, right next to her where his leg was touching hers, the contact made her heart race as she suddenly felt as if something bad was about to happen.

Folding her arms over her chest she squeezed her eyes shut and focused on breathing and telling herself she'd be okay, that nothing was going to happen. Then she felt the man nudge her side with his arm and she opened her eyes to see that he was holding a phone in front of her in her line of sight, on the screen the letters glared at her. 'Don't move, scream or anything. Just enjoy. And don't say thing about what happens here or I'll kill you.'

She stared wide eyed at the screen, and then the man snapped shut the phone and put it away while resting his hand on her thigh. Gritting her teeth and squeezing her eyes shut she grabbed the man's hand and tried to push it away but found that he was stronger than her. Shy, timid Hinata who could barely fight was now finding herself in a situation that could get her killed. Tears welled up in her eyes as she looked around the train seeing that there was no one close enough to even notice what was going on, the train was pretty empty much to her misfortune.

The man slid his hand between her legs and moved up under her skirt while his other hand quickly went to her mouth and covered it to make sure she stayed quiet. She tried to move away from him, tried to pull his hand from her mouth but was failing. She kicked the seat in front of her but it did no good since no one was sitting there. Sobs stuck in her throat as she felt the man's fingers start to pull at her underwear.

"Oi! Hinata-chan!" A cheerful familiar voice came from behind her. She looked just as the man's hand fell from her mouth and pulled his other hand out from under her skirt, but not before Naruto had already come over and seen the action of him pulling back. "Oh! Um! Sorry… didn't mean to… uh…" Naruto looked a bit disturbed by what he saw and it was clear that he was thinking that Hinata was just being frisky like a lot of other girls their age where. "Didn't… think you were like that…" he muttered sounding confused.

He went to walk away but not before getting a look at her face and seeing the tear streaked face and horror filled emotion in her eyes. His eyes widened and then it clicked in his head just what was going on and that Hinata was a victim rather than some pleasure seaker. His eyes turned on the man that was now standing and getting ready to flee as a stop was coming up. Naruto grabbed the man by the back of his shirt.

"Oh hell no! You aren't getting away you sick bastard!" Naruto roared in anger forcing the man around and pulling his hand back, balling his hand into a fist and slamming right into the man's mouth and forcing the man to stumble back and fall. The doors to the train opened, the man scrambled to his feet and took off out of the train. "Hey! Get back here!" Naruto yelled and went to chance after him but stopped. "Kiba! Stay with Hinata!" and then he took off out of the train to chase down the man.

"N-Naruto-kun!" Hinata cried out weakly and watched as the train doors closed. Kiba Inuzuka walked over and Hinata looked at him, and quickly wiped away her tears. Kiba looked worried as he sat down.

"You okay, Hinata?" Kiba asked wearily. "That guy didn't hurt you did he?" he suddenly looked angry as the words left his mouth and he looked towards the door that Naruto and the man had ran out of. The train started moving again and he looked back at Hinata who had her face in her hands. "Hinata?" Kiba touched her shoulder and she jerked away. Kiba frowned with a sad look on his face and pulled his hand back.

"S-sorry, K-Kiba-kun." Her voice was weak and shaky. Kiba smiled weakly. "I-I'm okay. N-Naruto-kun came j-just in time." She answered his earlier question.

Kiba picked up a briefcase and went threw it. Hinata looked at him and watched. "Well this is good, if Naruto doesn't catch that jackass least we can give this to the police and they can find him and put him in jail where he belongs." He then looked at her. "The next stop is yours right?"

Hinata nodded. "Y-yes."

"Alright, I'll walk you home then." Kiba said as he pulled out his phone and started texting his older sister to tell her he would be late getting home and to tell their mom. Hinata nodded again in thanks.

"K-Kiba-kun?" Hinata whispered and Kiba looked at her raising a brow. "P-please don't tell a-anyone what happened." She said as she looked at him with a pleading expression on her face. Kiba found himself blushing some and he looked away as he nodded. "T-thank you."

Kiba then sent another text an advanced warning to Naruto not to tell anyone about what happened that Hinata had asked them to stay quiet. Hinata's stop came and the two of them headed off. Kiba walked her home and once he dropped her off his phone started going off. He walked away from the Hyuuga home and answered the call.

"Yeah she's okay. She just doesn't want us to say anything about what happened." Kiba replied after Naruto on the other end asked if she was okay. Naruto then told him that he couldn't catch the man. "That's alright. I got the guy's briefcase, lets just go drop it off at the police station and tell them what happened." There was a pause. "Yeah I know she said not to say anything but this has to be an exception we got to make sure that guy gets caught." Another pause. "Alright meet you there in about twenty." Then he hung up and kept walking.

The next day at school during the lunch break Sakura, Hinata, TenTen and Lee sat together like they always did. Sakura asked Hinata what was wrong countless times due to having noticed that Hinata seemed to be lost in thought the entire day, more so than normal, but all Hinata would do was smile nervously and say nothing, that she was okay. Then about ten minutes into lunch the group of four was suddenly joined by more people.

Naruto grabbed one of the empty chairs and had Sakura and Hinata make room for him to sit in-between them, while Kiba sat on the other side of Hinata. "Hehe hey guys!" Naruto greeted happily and smiled at Sakura and then at Hinata. Sakura blinked in surprise and then watched as Hinata's eyes widened and her face turned completely red and then she stared down at her plate her hair falling over her face.

Kiba laughed and then pointed at Lee, "Dude! I know you! You're on the Karate team! You've got quick steps and strikes!" Lee laughed and then two boys went into a conversation that none of the girls could really keep up with. TenTen stared at Lee and Kiba as they chatted and she laughed shaking her head and she soon switched seats with Lee so that she wasn't in-between Lee and Kiba. Sakura and TenTen exchanged smiles and then as Sakura was going to say something to TenTen she noticed that TenTen's eyes shifted away from Sakura and stared with a look of surprise when someone pulled up a seat next to her.

"Neji!" TenTen said in surprise. "You never eat in here! This is weird!"

Neji Hyuuga, Hinata's cousin sighed and frowned. "I needed new scenery. Don't make such a big deal out of this." He replied and then looked around. "You and Lee normally sit with first years?" he questioned lightly and TenTen laughed.

"Oi! Hurry up!" Naruto suddenly shouted over his shoulder on the side that Sakura was on which made Sakura jump slightly in surprise.

"It's not my fault you decided to run across a crowded room, Dobe." And with hearing that familiar voice Sakura's heart stopped for a moment and then sped up. Naruto laughed and grinned. Sakura soon blushed when she realized that Sasuke was taking the seat on the other side of her.

"Erm… I can move over… so you can sit next to Naruto." Sakura stated in a voice barely above a whisper.

"No it's fine." Sasuke said as he sat down and leaned back in the seat.

Sakura smiled to herself suddenly very happy that she was able to sit next to him, even though she sat behind him all through out the school day practically. Sakura tried to focus on the others at the table rather than just Sasuke, she remember how Sasuke reacted to Ino and her friends crowded him and she didn't want that same rejection or being called annoying.

Kiba and Lee where still talking about sports among other things and Neji joined in on that conversation as did TenTen give a few statements of input into it here and there as she watched Neji without him seeming to notice. Sakura wondered if TenTen liked Neji. Naruto was talking quietly with Hinata, or at least trying since Hinata was barely talking, even with how close Sakura was sitting she couldn't really hear what was being said, that was how quietly Naruto was speaking with Hinata, which was odd on two points since Naruto and Hinata never talked and another being that Naruto was almost always so loud.

Sakura then glanced over at Sasuke, seeing that he wasn't joining any conversations at the table or even making any. She swallowed hard and smiled at him. "Enjoying it here at Konoha Academy?" she asked.

Sasuke closed his eyes and shrugged. "It's school."

"Heh, yeah. Guess there's not much to enjoy." Sakura laughed nervously.

"Not really." Sasuke opened his eyes. "I'm still getting use to it. It's different from schools in the States, I forgot just how much."

"The States? You went to school in America?" Sakura asked surprised and Sasuke just merely nodded and closed his eyes again. "Did you like it there?"

"Yeah. Can't wait to go back."

Sakura suddenly fell quiet and her chest hurt due to the realization that how he was planning like he would be going back. She wanted to ask if he was really going to go back, when he would be leaving if he was going and why, but she couldn't get the words out. Sasuke opened his eyes and they finally shifted over onto her. She looked away letting her hair fall over her face so that he couldn't see the saddened look that had taken it over.

"Jeez how annoying." Sasuke suddenly muttered and that made Sakura look back at him with wide eyes wondering why he just called her annoying, what had she done? Then she realized that he was looking past her, she looked over her shoulder and saw Ino and her group of friends looking in their direction, whispering to each other, and glaring. Sakura figured the glares were at her and s he looked away and back onto the table top.

"They just like you, Sasuke-kun." Sakura whispered now looking at her hands that she had in her lap. She forced a soft laugh. "You're very popular. I beat they all want to be your girlfriends."

"Tch." Sasuke made that annoyed sound again and she glanced at him seeing that he had turned his head back and had his eyes closed. She looked away and mumbled a sorry and then the rest of lunch and the rest of the day she remained quiet, all the while having gone back to wondering about what Hinata had said the day before, if Sasuke already had a girlfriend.