Pretty Soldier Variable Geo

Disclaimer: I don't own Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon or Advanced Variable Geo (V.G.). Nor any of the characters themselves. The only thing that I own are the main villains. This is a crossover between the two heroine series and it takes place after the events of Advanced V.G. 2 and Sailor Stars. Read & Review, please! Enjoy!

Episode 1: New Beginning! Yuka Meets Sailor Senshi!

A few years has gone by, since the threat of Sailor Galaxia has ended from the heroic efforts of Eternal Sailor Moon. From there, every star seed that Galaxia had once stolen were brought back to their rightful owners including the Sailor Senshi and Mamoru, Usagi's fiancé.

After those events that had almost brought total destruction to the entire solar system and the Earth itself, Usagi and all of her friends have managed to resume their normal everyday lives.

And speaking of Usagi, the leader of the Sailor Senshi and also, Eternal Sailor Moon is now living her newfound life with her newlywed husband, Mamoru. During their romantic time, they gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and named Chibi-usa. The same girl who came from the 30th Century of Crystal Tokyo and also became Sailor Chibi-Moon.

Second for Minako, formerly known as Sailor Venus, continues to pursue her dream as the next singing idol.

Next is Ami, the smartest of the group and known as Sailor Mercury is still looking into becoming as a medical doctor. Although during her daydreams, she's been having some second thoughts about the one person that has had an attraction to her: Namely, Usagi's brother, Shingo. Therefore, she must confront her current lover about her strange visions: Ryo.

For Rei, been given the ability to sense a dark presence of evil whenever she's Sailor Mars or not, once thought of becoming a rock-star, than an idol and later a fashion designer, decides to stay with her friends until she graduates.

Whereas Makoto, known for being as Sailor Jupiter, strives of one day opening a flower and cake shop. In order for her to fulfill her dream, she must also confess her feelings to Motoki; the owner of the fabled-popular arcade place, Game Crown.

As for the rest of the Sailor Senshi, such as Sailor Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and even Saturn, they have gone their separate ways from Usagi and company.

Everything was very peaceful. But there's been some concerns that Earth may once again, be in peril. And this time, the forces of good has a new face in town.

In the meantime, several students are making their way into the classroom and sitting down at their desks. Though for some, it's a bright new year for one individual that's attending at this very building.

She has long dark brown hair with a ponytail, light brown eyes, while wearing a white school uniform with a dark blue bowtie in the middle, dark blue skirt, short white socks that stretched out her long legs and orange low-heel shoes. By taking a deep breath, she sighed and walked right in.

Along the way, she felt nervous of attending at this new school since taking a long break from her local restaurant called "Hanna Miller's". She pulled out a small piece of paper that shows her classroom number, where she will be attending. It said '3-7' and as she looked up at the banner above her, it contained the exact number that she's searching for. Before she placed her hand on the doorknob and opens the door, she has some doubts regarding her role as the new student.

"I don't know, if I'm up for this. I mean, what else can I expect besides the V.G. Tournament and Tamao-chan missing? I'm afraid, I'm about to find out."

While the young gal is having some minor issues, back inside the classroom itself, there were four young women talking to each other relating to not only the new student, but also their close friend being as newlywed.

The first has long yellow hair with a red ribbon tied behind it and light blue eyes. The second has short aqua blue hair with pure blue eyes. The third had long black hair and light purple eyes. Finally, the last one has short brown hair with a ponytail and light green eyes. They were all wearing the same outfit from last semester. However, there were some mixed reactions on their faces.

"It's going to be hard without Usagi around."

"I agree, Minako. Ever since she tied the knot with Mamoru, things will be a lot different from now on."

"That's true, Ami. But look on the bright side, at least, we have each other."

"You're right, Rei. Still, I'm just curious regarding the new student. From what I've heard, she's a waitress."

Minako blinked her blue eyes. "Eh? Oh, that's right! I almost forgot!"

"We've been so busy talking about Usagi starting a new life with Mamoru, we're expecting a new student here. But Makoto, how did you know about her?" Ami asked.

She replied. "Yesterday, I went inside a restaurant called 'Hanna Miller's' for something to eat and that's when I saw her."

Rei gasped in astonishment. "What? Then, that must mean..."

Before she could explain even further with Makoto, the teacher came in and alerted the classmates.

"Everyone, please take your seats."

As they all went back to their respective desks, the teacher pressed forward while clearing its throat.

"First off, it's nice to see all of you back here for another year. And now, I would like to welcome you all to our new student."

Outside, the young girl heard the call and frank fully opened the door slowly. She feels very nervous, when she walked into the classroom as several students became surprised of her appearance while others started to whisper.

As for Makoto, she stood there in bewilderment by recognizing her and it was the same individual that she had encountered back at the restaurant. "Th-That's her!"

"Now, miss. Would you please introduce yourself?"

She nods her head. "Okay. I'm Yuka Takeuchi. Nice to meet you." She bowed her head to everyone after writing her full name on the chalkboard. She receives an applause from all of the students for her brief introduction.

"Good. You'll be sitting right next to Makoto and the other three girls."

Yuka walked towards her desk and her new classmates. As soon as she sat down behind Makoto and the others, she started to have some flashbacks. She had a visit from someone at her restaurant and had a conversation with her. After going down memory lane, she turned her head around and sees the exact person that she has meet from before.


"Hi, Yuka." She waved back to her with a smile on her face. "Isn't this a coincidence? We get to be under the same roof."

Knowing that she's in the same academy with her, Yuka smiled back. "I'm so glad."

"H-How, so?" Makoto asked.

Yuka continued. "I've been awfully busy with my restaurant and the V.G. Tournament for many years, I was unable to catch-up with my academy work. It's no wonder that my manager had granted me some time-off."

"That's interesting to hear. But, what is this 'V.G. Tournament' about, anyways?"

By looking back at the teacher and then to Makoto, Yuka replied back. "I'd rather have this conversation somewhere else besides here."

"Will do." Then, she introduced Yuka to her friends. "Oh, one last thing. I'd like you to meet Minako Aino, Ami Mizuno and Rei Hino."

They all said 'hi' to Yuka and she greeted back to them.

After school was finished, they all headed to an ice cream parlor and listened to every word that Yuka had to say. She told everybody about the V.G. Tournament. It was about winning the top prize and also the stipulation for the loser, where they would not only have their clothing stripped but also being sexually harassed in front of a live audience.

"A-Are you...serious? That's what it's about?!" cried Makoto.

Yuka nodded. "Yeah. It's been like this for a very long time and yet, because of the last tournament, it's been put on hiatus and that's how I got into this."

"Getting back into your academy is one thing, but that V.G. Tournament is another." Minako sighed. "That's almost worse than not seeing Usagi-chan anymore."

She blinked her eyes. "Usagi-chan? Is she your close friend?"

"We're all her close friends, since childhood. And the reason why is because both she and Mamoru recently got married" Rei answered, while fiddling her spoon in her dessert.

Yuka's jaw dropped upon hearing it. "M-Married? That's nice. But..." Her expression had become hollow and turned her head at the window, where she stares at a boy playing with his parents with some smiles on their faces. As for Yuka, she didn't and moved her head away. "I wish, I had a family. But I don't."

"What's the matter, Yuka?" Ami wondered.

"Yeah, why the long face?" Minako added.

"I've been living by myself, since I was a baby. In other words, both of my parents died when I was born." Tears were starting to form in her eyes.

Everybody gasped in shock, when they've learned about Yuka's very sad past.

"We're very sorry to hear that. It must've been really hard for you living by yourself" said Makoto, sadly.

"Don't condemn yourself for what's happened in the past. It's best to leave it be and move on" Ami stated.

By hearing her statement, Yuka felt a little better. "Thank you."

"No problem. Oh, did we forget to mention that there's a place called 'Game Crown'?" Minako informed her.

Yuka shook her head. "Uh, no. Why do you ask?"

"Isn't it obvious? It's where Usagi-chan and all of us go and play arcade games. Care to have some fun over there?" Rei mentioned.

Yuka's eyes lit up. "I'd be delighted!"

"I guess, we'll take that as a 'yes'" whispered Makoto to Ami, in which she giggled.

"Of course. Well, let's get going."

Just as they were about to depart, Yuka asked them quickly. "Wait! I want to show you something. But, it has to be outside. Would you like to see it?"

"Sure," Rei nodded.

Immediately after they've finished their meals, they all headed outside of the café and Yuka begins her demonstration.

Makoto had her arms folded and wondered about what Yuka is planning. "So, what is it that you want to show us?"

Yuka took a deep breath and replied. "Just watch me." As she gripped her fists, an orange aura had wrapped around her body and begins to conjure up her strength while pink and orange flames had appeared on her fists.

Rei's eyes grew in shock. "Wh-What...What is this?"

"I...I'm not sure" added Minako.

While they're reeling with surprise, Yuka raises her arm up and targeted at the sky. Then, she gripped her fist very tightly and shouted out her signature technique. "Here goes! Ki-Kou-Dan!" With all of her might, she fires a yellow, orange and pink fire projectile right at the sky. It only lasted for several minutes until it vanished. After that, Yuka wiped her forehead that was sweating and responds back to her friends. "So, what do you think? Huh?"

Unfortunately, they were completely speechless and shocked to witness Yuka's special move.

Minako spoke first, followed by Ami, Rei and Makoto.

"Holy cow!"

"That's...that's amazing!"

"How on earth did you do that?"

"Anything else that we need to know?"

Yuka responded back. "It's simple. I draw Ki energy from inside of me, when I was doing some physical training with my grandfather. I'm also a fourth degree black belt practitioner of full-contact Karate. Oh, and all of my colleagues that I haven't seen a long while, also carry the same element."

"Interesting. She doesn't even need a hero suit for that" stated Rei.

"Indeed. I should try it sometime" says Makoto with a smile.

"I'm sorry. But after the last tournament, I sort of quit going to the dojo" she said.

"Why?" asked Ami.

"It's a long story. Now, shall we proceed?"

"Let's go!" says Minako, cheerfully.

After a while, they went down to 'Game Crown'. But by the time they've arrived, someone else was playing the arcade cabinets with their partner. The first was a small boy with short black hair, brown eyes, while wearing a white shirt, black shorts and black sneakers with white socks. Besides him was a tall young woman with messy short black hair, light brown eyes and wearing a red jacket with a white shirt, red slacks and white runners.

The only one that recognized their appearances was Yuka. "S-Satomi!"

"Nice going, Daisuke. You really creamed the enemy, big time."

"Nothing to it, sis." Than as he turned around, he caught a glimpse of a familiar face. "Hey, isn't that Yuka?"

Satomi gasped. She stood up from her seat and slowly turned to see her old childhood friend. However, she didn't come alone. She also brought along some new friends that she met. In-spite of that, she muttered her name. "Yuka..."

She smiled at her. "Hi, Satomi."

As they walked in more closely, they ran to each other with smiles on their faces and threw their arms around their necks in a nice embrace. As for Makoto and company, they became a bit surprised with this reunion.

"Well, this is new."

"Oh, you think?" says Rei, raising her eyebrow.

Both Yuka and Satomi released the hug as they share their words.

"It's great to see you and your brother, again. How's he doing?"

"He's gradually getting better." She later notices some new people beside Yuka that she has never seen before. "Yuka, who are they?"

"Oh, these are my new friends that I've met at school today. That's Makoto Kino, Ami Mizuno, Rei Hino and Minako Aino."

Regardless, she introduced herself and her sibling to them. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Satomi Yajima and this is my brother, Daisuke."

"Hello." He waved his hand at them.

"You know them from somewhere?" Ami asked Yuka.

"Yup. Ever since we've first met, we've been best friends since childhood and we're also rivals."

"It's from that V.G. Tournament, isn't it?" asked Makoto.

"That's right."

Minako bends down and stares at Satomi's brother, Daisuke straight in the eye. "Aw, you look so cute with that smile of yours." She giggled at him.

A small hint of redness were formed on his cheeks. "Th-Thanks. You know, you look exactly a lot like Sailor V, but only prettier."

"Eh?" When Minako sweat dropped, so did Satomi and everybody else.

Daisuke blinked his eyes in confusion. "What? Did I say something wrong?"

Satomi cloaked him on the head. "How can you be so stupid, when you believe that she's a lot like Sailor V? Tell me!"

"It's just that...when we were playing that video game earlier and then seeing Yuka's new friends where one of them resembles the same hair and eyes, I'd figured that they're really the same person. Except that, Minako is more...beautiful?"

"Say, what?" Just as she was about to him on the head again, Minako responded.

"Thank you."

"Huh? What are you thanking him for, Minako?" Rei asked.

She continued. "For being so nice to me. Back in my early days, everyone always poked fun at me, because they think that I look nothing like Sailor V. Yet, like Usagi-chan, you believe in something that nobody else can and I want to say thanks."

"Aw, shucks. It was nothing," he said, feeling a bit shy.

"Sure, it is. In fact, here's my return gift." She plants a kiss right on Daisuke's forehead, where it resulted of having his face turned very red.

Yuka made a small giggle. But for Satomi, she smacks herself on the forehead in disbelief. Whereas Makoto, Ami and Rei, they became flattered of Daisuke's words to Minako.

"That was very nice of him. Wasn't it?"

"Yes, he was. He reminds us of Usagi, except that she's clumsy and acts like a crybaby."

"Tell me about it."

Before long, a tall young man walked in and confronted them. He has short light brown hair with brown eyes, while wearing a white apron over a light blue sweatshirt, dark blue jeans and brown shoes. He's not only the operator of 'Game Crown', but is also close friends with Usagi, Makoto and the rest of her friends.

"Hello, there. Can I help you with anything?"

Makoto's cheeks were filled with a hint of redness of them, when she saw him approaching to her. "H-Hi, Motoki."

"What's up with her?" Yuka wondered.

Ami whispered quietly to her. "That's Motoki. He runs this place and Makoto has grown fond of him."

"That's interesting."

"I'm glad that you all came by today."

"Really? How, so?" questioned Satomi.

He clarified to them. "I've been trying to promote the new Sailor V video game with new added features. Unfortunately, since I didn't have enough time to create an advertisement within the final week of this month, I've suffered a serious flaw."

"What's the problem?" said Makoto, already feeling worried.

"Money. I need forty-thousand dollars by the end of this week or I may have no choice but to shut down this business. It's been around, since I was a kid" he mentioned.

"Are you saying that you've opened this place, when you were a small?" says Rei.

"Most likely, yes. I'd be willing to keep this opened, unless you have forty-thousand dollars in your pockets."

Some of them scratched their heads, while others made a sigh of doubt. As a result, neither of them have that much money in their wallets.

Feeling dejected, they leave 'Game Crown' and walked down on the sidewalk.

"This is bad. How are we going to earn forty-thousand dollars in order to keep Motoki's business up and running?" Minako asked.

"That's a good question. Even with all of our allowances together, it won't be enough to pay off his debt" Ami notified.

Makoto was in deep thought, regarding both Motoki and his business that's near closure. She was very quiet for the time being until Rei elbowed her in the arms.

"You seemed to be quiet, all of a sudden. Is it about your feelings towards Motoki?" she said, raising her eyebrows while making a sly grin on her face.

"I-If you put it that way, then maybe. But, the thing is..." When Makoto was about to explain her connection with him, they were briefly interrupted by Yuka and Satomi as they've stopped walking.

"Hey, what's with the holdup?"

"I don't know. But, both Yuka and Satomi have stopped. Yet, why?" Ami said.

In the midst of things, Yuka spoke.

"Satomi, stay here with your brother."

"Okay but, be careful."

She nods her head and carefully heads over to the back alley. Once she was there, it had a garbage dump and some sprayed graffiti on the walls. As she looks at the left and right, it seemed as though that there was nobody there. She made a deep sigh and walked right out.

But as she makes her exit, a mysterious tall woman was watching her from above the roof. She has long black hair with a red bandana, tanned skin, light green eyes, a bright yellow and white waitress outfit with a red bowtie, black kneepads and red tight wrestling boots. She clenched her fist tight, leaped high in the air and hoping to attack Yuka from above.

Fortunately, Makoto sees her and warns Yuka. "Yuka, look out!"

When she heard her name called, she lifted her head up to see a familiar figure coming down and willing to pounce on her until she moved out of harm's way before her enemy's punch hits the concrete hard. Just as she was going to put up her dukes and fight back, she gasped to see who surprised her. "J-Jun?"

After suffering a minor bruise on her knuckles which was covered in blood, she retorted. "Yuka, it's been a long time."

"What did you do that for?" asked Satomi in anger.

"Just want to know, if she was smart enough to avoid my attack." That's where Jun spots some new faces. "Huh? Who are these people and what's with those getups?"

Yuka answered. "It's for school. And as far as you're concerned, they so happen to be my new friends that I've recently made."

"Not to mention that I'm also a gym teacher" added Satomi.

"What? Does this have to do with the V.G. Tournament being put on hiatus?" Jun said.

"Exactly. Besides, we've just got out of an arcade shack that's near closure" Yuka informed her.

"I'm not much of a fan but, I do feel sorry for the owner. Furthermore, would you mind telling me as to why Tamao-chan isn't with you?"

"Tamao-chan? Who's she?" thought Rei.

"She's my understudy. Ironically, she calls me 'senpai', whenever she's with me."

"You're kidding me? Anything else?"

The long brown ponytail gal continued. "Yeah. She copies my techniques rather than learning something new from scratch. Nonetheless, since the last tournament that was held, I haven't seen nor heard from her when I was briefly attacked from a long ago."

"You don't really believe that something awful has happened to her?" questioned Makoto.

Yuka shook her head. "I hope not. For whatever reason, I've been having some awful nightmares relating to her."

"Well, it could be worse" says Minako, while she interrupted the group.

"How?" They all said in unison.

"We could have an invasion."

Later on, the clear blue sky had become dark and thunderous sounds of lightning ripped through across the city. Yet for some reason, there were no signs of raindrops anywhere.

Jun, along with everybody became infuriated of Minako's so-called prediction. "You just had to ask, didn't you?"

During their conversation, a lightning bolt had crashed down from the sky above and onto the ground, in which, an unknown figure appeared. It was a tall man with tan yellow long perm hair, dark yellow eyes, gray skin, a small scar on his left cheek, wearing crimson red armor, gloves, shoulders, tasset, leg armor and black leather pants with black chain mail underneath.

As he observed the scenery, he grinned with displeasure. "It's time to make myself known! Gorvin, come down here!" By snapping his fingers, he summons a large monster with black eyes, blue skin, and yellow long hair, sharp spikes on his shoulders, white knuckle gloves, red jacket, purple pants and black shoes while carrying a long sword with him.

"Gorvin, at your service. What are your orders, Aurem?" he said.

"I want you to trash this place, as much as you can. By starting with that one, over there!" he points to him, the location of his first target: The building that says, 'Game Crown.'

"As you wish, sir." With a nod of his head, he heads over to that very building as Aurem teleported.

While he was proceeding to his destination, Yuka, Satomi, Jun and everybody else had overseen their presence and were left curious as to where he was going.

As they all went out of the alley and looked to see where the creature is heading, they all gasped to see on what building he's willing to get rid of.

"Oh, no! He's going after 'Game Crown' and Motoki is still inside!" told Makoto.

"Quick! Let's find some place safe in order for us to transform" Rei clarified.

"Right! This way!" called Minako, as they head towards the end of the alley.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going? Running away?" yelled Jun.

"Something just came up but, we'll come right back" replied Ami, catching up to her friends.

Satomi pouted. "We don't have time for this! We've got to stop that thing, right now!"

"And, fast!" says Yuka, as she, Satomi and Jun race to the individual and prevent him from destroying the infamous arcade building. Leaving Daisuke, all by himself.

"Sis, what about me?"

"Stay at that very spot and wait until I get back."

Daisuke sighed. "Oh, okay."

Unknown to him, an unseen enemy had appeared behind him and it had a smirk on its face.

Meanwhile, the dark blue creature is making his way to the arcade facility and preparing to demolish it with one blow. "Now, time to get rid of that old shack!"

As he draws his strength into his long-ranged sword with a huge black glow, Motoki was busy cleaning up his fabled business. As he turned around, he stood there in horror by seeing a hideous creature willing to destroy both the whole building and himself.

With his body filled with fear, he ran to the emergency exit and opened the door. Just as the evil monster fires his shot. Much to his dismay, it got collided by another shot from someone and the attack was cancelled out.

"Hey! Who the hell did that?" he demanded.

"I did, creep!"

He veered his attention to where the intruder was and to his surprise, it was Yuka with her fists burning with Ki energy. Rather than being displeased, he laughed. "You? Ha! Ha! Ha! A pathetic waitress like you, dares to pick a fight with me?" He licked his lips with his tongue. "I shall enjoy feasting on your bones, my dear."

Yuka became enraged and believing that he's willing to subdue her from the inside and out, she immediately charges at him and throws a wild kick to his face. But, he dodges it and slaps her in the backside, where she felt it and became more irate than ever.

Not only was Yuka upset of him playing with her rudely, so was Satomi and Jun.

"That guy is sick."

"Yeah, he's way worse than Yuka dealing with other perverts."

For the moment, Minako, Ami, Rei and Makoto are preparing themselves to suit up.

"Looks to me that they need our help."

"Right. That includes Motoki and his business as well."

"True but, who's the leader around here besides Usagi-chan?"

"It'll have to wait. Let's go!"

They held up their henshin sticks and secretly transformed into their heroine outfits.

"Venus Crystal Power!"

"Mercury Crystal Power!"

"Mars Crystal Power!"

"Jupiter Crystal Power!"

After they've transformed from their magical sticks, back on over to Yuka, Satomi and Jun, they're having some difficulties trying to fend off the enemy from destroying the 'Game Crown' building.

"You can't stop me with those kinds of attacks. It's useless! So, give it up!" he told them.

"Like hell, we would!"

"We're not backing down!"

"And, you can't make us!"

He smirked. "Then, prepare for your funeral!"

"Don't even think of making those arrangements!" A new voice had interjected him.

As he, Yuka and her comrades heard it, they turned around to see where it was and that's when they're gazing upon four women on-top of a building with some serious looks on their faces.

"You have no right of roaming these streets for your own pleasure!"

"This is for friends and families that intend to enjoy themselves. Yet, all you want to do is destroy!"

"And, harassing people like them is very rude! For that, you will not be forgiven!"

"That goes double for trying to demolish an amusement place for no specific reason!"

He wanted to know their identities. "Who the hell are you?"

They all introduced themselves, in order.

"I'm Sailor Venus!"

"Sailor Mercury!"

"Sailor Mars!"

"Sailor Jupiter!"

Afterwards, they shouted in unison. "We're the Sailor Senshi and the Champions of Justice! By the name of our planets, we'll punish you!"

Yuka became awestruck of their appearance. "S-Sailor...Senshi?"

"Oh, wow" added Satomi.

The enemy known as Gorvin, however, wasn't intimidated of them. "Oh, please! Your heroic poetry is nothing! I'll roast all of you, alive!" He ends his sentence by firing a fire-breath from his mouth at the group, where they've dodged it and confront him.

Sailor Jupiter informs Yuka. "Hey, Yuka! Lend us your hand!"

Despite her surprise of knowing her name, she accepted. "You got it! C'mon, Satomi! Jun! Let's do this!"

They both nodded in agreement and joined in on the fight, as they and the Sailor Soldiers corner him.

"Do you actually think that you can all beat me? Take your best shot!"

Mars spat. "You know, I think that you're crazy! Mars Flame Sniper!" She summoned a flamed bow and arrow that was formed on her hands and fired the bow at him. But much to her surprise, he grabbed it and crushed the arrow with one hand.

"My turn. Kubota Shuffle!" With her fist forming in a blue flame, she charges at him from behind.

He wasn't fully aware of the oncoming attack and as Jun punches him in the face hard, he became slightly dazed.

"Quick! Altogether, now!" shouted Venus. "Venus...Love and Beauty Shock!" She throws a yellow heart, right at the enemy.

"Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!" She plays a harp that summons water bullets.

"Mars Flame Sniper!" Like before, she fires an arrow with a bow filled with fire.

"Jupiter Oak Evolution!" She spins around and throws leaves with lightning on them.

After they've performed their special attacks, it was Yuka's turn.

"Ki-Kou-Dan!" She fires a yellow and pink fire blast from her fist.

With their combined powers, they've defeated Gorvin as he screamed in pain before he was destroyed in a huge explosion until all that remained was space dust. It didn't last long as it vanished without a trace.

"Alright! We did it!" cheered Yuka in joy.

"How amusing" says a new voice.

As they whirled around, there stood a man with gray skin, tanned yellow long hair, dark yellow eyes, a scar on his face and donning crimson red armor.

"Hey, who are you supposed to be?" Satomi asked.

"I'm Aurem and you are trespassing."

"Says you! And, I take it that you're the one responsible for this" told Yuka.

Jun cracked her knuckles. "So, either fight or take a hike!"

He grinned. "I don't think so. You'll do what I say or this kid is history." He holds up a young boy in a tight headlock and holds his sword next to the victim's throat.

Satomi gasped in horror. "Daisuke!"

"Let him go! This has nothing to do with him!" informed Yuka.

"On the contrary, my dear. People like him shouldn't stick his nose, where it doesn't belong. So, any last words?"

Luckily for Daisuke, he was able to nudge a little bit and made a response to Aurem. "Yeah, this!" With that, he kicks him right where it hurts the most: his crotch.

Aurem's grip on the kid's throat was loosened and withered in pain, as he sank on one knee while holding his triangle-shaped sword. Daisuke than runs back to Satomi for safety.

"Now, Yuka!" says Satomi.

"Okay!" She gathered up all of her Ki energy and by forming her fist again, she fires at Aurem with her trademark move. "Ki-Kou-Dan!"

He immediately sensed and foresaw her attack, stood up and deflects it with his sword. "Ha! Nice try."

"Impossible!" cried Yuka.

"He just parried her attack with one swipe of his sword!" Mercury stated.

"No one has ever been able to do that" added Jun.

"Humph! I've seen better." He later seethes his sword and gave them a firm warning. "We shall meet again, Sailor Senshi..." Then, he points at someone. "...And especially you, Yuka." With a sly grin, he teleported and left everyone alone.

As Yuka heard him say her name, she felt a small chill from beneath her skin and her mouth was left wide open and dry.

This had triggered Satomi's curiosity. "Yuka, what's wrong? Is there something the matter?"

She was in deep thought, regarding this. "How did he know my name? I don't have any history with him at all! Something is definitely wrong, here."

Elsewhere, deep inside a gigantic mobile fortress that's hovering above Planet Earth, Aurem brings news to his leader.

He has a black magus hood that covered part of his face and hair with one red eye and the other a mad eye patch and black beard. His skin was pale gray, his armor, cape and all of his armored clothing were black. By tapping his fingers on his throne, he answered. "I see. Despite your failure, you did well. You're dismissed."

Aurem bowed to him. "Yes, Master Zeidan. I also gave a message to that young girl named Yuka, sir."

"Good. I'll inform you and the rest of my men with the next phase of our plan." As he smiled, his red eye had glowed.

Back down on Earth, Yuka and her friends were walking down on the street together when they've noticed a huge crowd surrounding the 'Game Crown' building.

"Huh? What's with the commotion?" she conjectured as she stared at Makoto.

"You don't think..." With concern on her face including everybody else's, they ran in to get a closer look.

But by the time they did, one fan had noticed their appearances and then another until the whole crowd had gathered up around them, wanting for some autographs and questions. It nearly got very ugly, before a booming voice halted the riot of fans.

"That's enough!"

Minako sighed. "Whoever said that, we're lucky."

"N-No way! Yuka, that's..." When Satomi noticed the young woman that walked in from the crowd and revealed herself, she was unable to finish her sentence.

Even Yuka couldn't believe her eyes, either.

She has long light blue hair that went down from behind her back and chest, pure blue eyes, wearing a white dress shirt with a black strap dress on-top, a bowtie wrapped around her neck, black dress pants and black hi-heels. She immediately recognized the individual that she's seen and fought in the past.

"Long time no see, Yuka."

"Hey, who is that woman?" asked Makoto.

"That's Reimi Jahana. The former three-time champion of the V.G. Tournament. But, why are you, here?"

She responded after stroking her long light blue hair. "I was able to help Motoki and his business, by donating most of my money for his special promotion that's being displayed."

Makoto became very speechless upon hearing this. "But, did you..."

"Let's just say that I've overviewed your scenario from yesterday. In other words, I've videotaped all of the footage from last night."

Everyone stood there in awe, when she recorded of not only the attack but also them posing in their heroine outfits.

"That means..." As Ami was about to explain, Reimi interrupted.

"Easy. Your secret is with me. Now, if you may, your friend is spending some time with the new Sailor V game. Care to join him?"

"Would we ever!" says Minako, as her eyes were bursting with excitement and sped off inside with Ami, Rei and Makoto catching up.

Yuka and her friends were also about to join in until Reimi halted them.

"Hold it, Yuka! That goes for the rest of you!"

"Why? What's wrong?"

"Yeah, what gives?" thought Satomi.

"Is it..." Rather than finishing it off, Jun allowed Reimi to press on and nodded her head.

"That's right. I may know that man who attacked this place and you as well from a little while ago" she told them.

Unknown to Reimi and company, Minako and her group have overheard their conversation.

"Looks like, we're not resuming our normal life anymore."

"Nope, I guess not. Evil refuses to rest" Rei mentioned, as she and everybody else looked on.

"Reimi, is it possible that you know where Tamao-chan is?" Yuka pleaded.

As she looks up at the sky above with the wind blowing her hair and turned back to Yuka, she replied. "Needless to say...I don't have the answers for that, just yet."

Yuka stood there completely frozen with her eyes filled with fear and depression, as a shadow of an old acquaintance of hers appears above her. She than muttered her name and hung her head down in shame. "Tamao-chan..."

End of Episode 1