"So, how did you like it?" I turned around to see my mom walk out onto the balcony, sitting next to me on one of the cushioned deck chairs. The view from the house was beautiful, it was right on the beach so everyday you could see the amazing white sand and blue water from the kitchen and living room.

"It was amazing." I responded, "Everything is amazing, the house, the college."

"Your father really wants you to go to college up here you know, he had big plans for Sam. But we both knew that it wasn't going to happen." She said taking a sip of her lemonade she had made, "So really he just wants to see you be the best you can be. Even if that does mean leaving that small town to bigger and better things. That's all he's ever wanted for you both, just to have more opportunities then he had. "

I smiled lightly at my mom, "And I thank him for that, he has given me everything I could ever want growing up. But, I'm just not sure if I want to leave what I have right now." I sighed before continuing, "I miss you both, so incredibly much. But, know La Push. I've grown up there, I've grown up with the people in the town. If I come here, I'll be leaving that all behind."

My mom smiled, "We raised you well." She stated. "We aren't going to push you Savannah. We will support you no matter what you decision is you know that right?"

"Of course mom, I just don't wanna let papa down."

My mom moved off her seat to sit next to me in mine, resting her hand on my shoulder. "Honey you won't be, I don't think you realise how proud he is of you. You get incredible marks in school, your music is amazing, your so talented, you have a strong but good head on your shoulders and you've given the idea of imprinting a chance". She told me with a smile.

"But I can't help but think that when he and his work friends all talk about their families, and how their children went to fancy colleges, what is he gonna say about me?" I asked

My mom gave me a faint laugh, "Honey, his office is like a museum. Everything you've ever made him as a child is in there, nearly your whole baby album are in frames and every single time we have people over for dinner all he can talk about is how smart and beautiful his daughter is. He is already so proud of you, for the young lady you are becoming. He doesn't need a copy of diploma's or certificates to show how smart you are, all he needs is a photo of your beautiful smile and he is set of a whole ton of bragging rights."

I laughed lightly before taking a sip of lemonade as my mom spoke again, "Whatever your decision is, we are going to honour it, and support you. You can go to college whenever you want, heck your father went when he was 37! And I have I stepped one foot in a college? No."

"Thanks mama, but I still don't know what I'm gonna do"

My mom smiled at me once more before pulling me into a side hug, "Well, when you do want to make the decision, take us, Jacob, Paul and Sam out of the equation. Just do what you feel is best, and think to yourself 'where do I want to be in three years?'. Whatever, however you see yourself is the best decision to make."

It felt so good to be back in La Push, I had just finished up-packing my things. Even though I went just for the weekend, I still packed so much stuff. I arrived Monday lunch time, so the only person I've seen so far is Jared and Emily. But then again, I was only gone for the weekend so it's not like there needs to be any massive, running through fields of flowers, jumping into each others arms hello's going on. Emily has been sick apparently, she doesn't look that good either. She's basically been sleeping on the sofa for the whole weekend, only getting up to cook food when Sam wasn't around because Sam had made her rest. Luckily I came home today because Emily's sister needed her to watch Claire, and Emily being Emily agreed even though she looked like she was going to throw up any second.

"Okay, my number is on the fridge, same with Claire's mom, the doctor and 911." Emily said walking into the living room.

"Good thing you wrote 911 on there, I had no idea what the number was." I said sarcasticly as I bounced Claire lightly on my knee.

Emily completely ignored my comment, her eyes on Claire. "Maybe i'll just ring up and cancel"

"Emily, go to the doctors. Claire and I will be fine." I told her with a stern voice. She just nodded her head and said goodbye before leaving Claire and I alone in the house.

Claire climbed off my lap to play with some of her toys that were spread all over the living room floor, "Vanny." She said turning towards me, "Where's Qwuil?"

"He's at school," I said with a smile as I changed the channel to one where there was cartoons.

"When will hwe be back?" She asked, looking sad.

"Soon, I promise." I said before reaching down and tickling her, causing her to laugh loudly. "You hungry?" I asked, she simply nodded her head not taking her attention off her toys.

Claire was about three years old, and Emily gave me strict instructions that if I ever have to feed Claire, I had to start giving her solid foods as she was to old to still be given most of the tin food you see in the super markets. I cut up a apple in small bits and placed them in a plastic bowl, I put the bowl on the carpet next to Claire whom almost at all of the apple in the first minute. I was in the kitchen, washing some of the dishes when I felt two, hot arms snake around my waist pulling me closer. I smiled as I turned around to see Paul grinning at me, looking all cute and shit. He kissed me sweetly before giving me a bone crush hug, lifting me off the ground yet again. I'm aware it makes kissing a lot easier when were the same height, but I swear its becoming on of his favourite past times.

"I missed you." He said as he buried his head in my neck,

"I was gone for one weekend Paul" I reminded him.

I couldn't work out exactly what he said but it sounded like "I felt like a week to me."

Obviously sick of holding me, Paul carried me to the island bench were he sat me on it and pushed my leg apart so he could stand facing me.

"Only four weeks till your birthday" He said with a smile

I laughed "I know, I'm super excited."

"Me too." He said grinning widely again, "Only four weeks till your legal. Then I can do whatever I please with you."

This caused me to laugh loudly, "Only if I allow you too." I said leaning down to kiss him again.

"Well, when I make you my wife I wont have to ask for your permission." He stated, kissing my neck while his hands rested on my waist firmly.

"And who says I'll say 'I Do?"

"Please, you've been waiting to marry me since you were in ninth grade." He said with a laugh as he made his way over to Claire lifting her off the ground and throwing her lightly in the air. I hopped off the bench to watch him play with Claire, allowing her to jump all over him. I smiled at the thought of marrying Paul, I honestly didn't think it would be a bad idea at all.

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