Torn in two

Summary: Sawada Tsunahime was a woman with great strength. But she wasn't a woman who could handle the pain if her child was born into a world of blood and sins. She fled Vongola and was only to be discovered five years later, but why? What happens next? 1827

Author's Notes: I maybe an idiot, but it was only because I was honing my skills. That and college. Yes my friends, I have finally reached college

Warning: Carnage ahead

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"I can't do this…"

Sawada Tsunahime walked with pride and dignity as walked down the steps of the grand hall in the Vongola mansion. She had the air of royalty and her face demanded obedience.

"I won't do it…"

One glance may make you mistake her for a boss who was always told what to do. You may mistake her weak…a puppet-boss. But that was wrong.

"They will not have him…"

Her beauty was uncanny. Her loyalty was never broken. Her strength made her confident. And her kindness can not be matched. But her position made her cold…

"He'll never grow up in this world…"

She was a woman of great power and position. What she wanted, she will receive. She was force to be reckoned with. She was no simple porcelain doll. After all, she was…

"I won't let him"

She was kind to everyone. Not just allies, but enemies as well. She gained the trust and influence of everyone in the mafia world and out. She made many men join Vongola because of her presence alone. Tsunahime made Vongola prosper even more.

"He will not stay here!"

But what Tsunahime lacked, her Guardians made up for.

"He will not suffer…"

When she felt weak and tired, her Storm; Gokudera Hayato, took over. Being the storm that never rests, destroying anything his Princess worries and frowns. When she felt lonely and sad, her Rain; Yamamoto Takeshi, is there to cheer her up and wash away any signs of battle, Erasing any remnants of blood and carnage, becoming the Requiem Rain that he should be. When her world turns dark and cold, her Sun; Sasagawa Ryohei, comes in to take it all away and brights up with his brilliance and pushes all her problems away.

"They are her for me, but I..."

When her world feels like it's been turned upside down, her Mist; Rukudo Mukuro, comes in to make it all better. With him is her other Mist; Dukuro Chrome, who shields her from all threats and pain. When her life becomes dull and boring, her little brother, her Lightning; Bovino Lambo, comes along to bring a little spark into the equation. And finally, when the threats and eminent dangers rise against her, her Cloud; comes along to "bite them all to death" for going against his. He is always alone yet will come along to protect what he believes is his.

"They…they cannot erase it."

She is well protected. She is heavily guarded. She is NEVER alone. And yet…

"They can never erase my sins…"

She managed to escape the prison they call home.

"My son will never live my life. He will not walk my path. He will live another…"

She left the only place she can ever call home. She left the only people she can call Family.

"Even if it means giving him up. I must…"

Sawada Tsunahime left. And never came back.

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