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A lot of things had changed between him and his family over the past few years; between Rocky's kidnapping, psychic abilities, and love for a male; Colt- two years back- finding out that he's actually cousins with his brothers, and nephew to his mom and dad; Tum tum growing up practically on his own due to the many things going on at the Douglas home nearly every year. It was getting hard to find a safe place to put your foot to keep you comfortable for longer than a day or so. But somehow, the Douglas family gets by. Its one of their best qualities, they're all survivors. No matter what demons they face, no matter what horrible truth or event if thrown their way to knock them off balance, they fight back and in some ways they win. So why now? Why does Colt feel like something big is looming over him? What could it be? How will it effect him?

A bright white light fills his mind, covering it like a thick haze. He can see something through the light, though. Its brown or tan, or maybe both. Its moving as though it's looking for something or maybe the dark blur is is trying to shift to an area where it can be seen. Colt felt his weight lean and in the dream he moves forward, getting closer and closer to the image. He can just start to make out what or who it is when his heart starts beating at a rate that should kill a man. Why is he feeling this? Who is this image?

Sitting up, he realizes he's broken into a cold sweat. Wiping the back of his hand across his forehead, he looks over to the bed where his brother lay still. If Rocky is awake, he isn't showing any signs of it. His brother has always been good like that. Rocky can trick anybody into anything, that's just how it is... he's never mastered it himself, though, he tends to get overly worked up and surpasses the point he's trying to make and people end up knowing that he's lying. Its just as well, he isn't interested in talking; Colt had always thought that that was the reasoning behind Rocky's facade of being asleep, he could tell when a person wanted to open up and when they did not. Getting out of bed, he walks over to the window. Closing it off from the warm May breeze, he walks out of the room into the bathroom. Looking at himself in the mirror, he turns on the water to splash his face from the sweat that had accumulated. Once done, he walks back into the dorm room, climbs into bed and tries to get back to sleep. He wondered, though, what it was that he was dreaming about. He usually didn't put too much into dreams, but when they caused this type of reaction... he had to wonder.

The next day...

Colt sits in class, staring off into space. He can't seem to shake the weird feeling his forgotten dream has caused him. He isn't even sure why he should care at all if he can't remember it. Maybe this is just one of those weird things you go through when you really start growing up. Hn. Imagine that, when he hasn't even decided what he plans on doing for the rest of his life. Rocky is joining a B.A.U. team the moment he gets out of college, Tum Tum- odd as it is- wants to be a NASCAR racer but, in the meantime, he said that he planned hone his cooking skills and work as a chef until that day came.

"Class dismissed." The instructor says.

She doesn't wipe the board incase of anyone still writing down something that's written on it. The group of students file out of the room, chatting to one another, making plans for later to either study, or just to hang out.

"Jeffrey? Will you come to my desk, please?"

Hearing his name, he blinks. "Oh.. sure." Standing, he walks down the stairs toward the teachers desk. "I know," He begins saying, fully aware of the reason for being called on. "I wasn't paying attention, and I'm never gonna get anywhere in life if this is my learning habit, but I'm kind of distracted today."

Miss Paularous tapped her folded glasses against the desk, her green brown eyes locked to Colt's hazel. "Wow. Self analysis and an excuse. You really must be thinking seriously about something."

"Its just a dream I had last night... I can't even remember it, really." He shrugs. Looking behind her to the board, he lowers his notebook to the desk. "Can I write out what's on the board? I swear I'll pay attention tomorrow." He's already scribbling across the paper.

"Its why I left it up." Explained the woman.

Though its said very dry, and halfway, Colt says. "Thank you." His attention more on writting out the work than being polite. Besides, he and Lissa are friends outside of school. He can only do protocal for so long with someone he likes and, if he can admit freely, has a thing for.

Dropping the pretense as well, Lissa says. "Colt, do you maybe wanna talk about something? This isn't the first time you've spaced out like this and... due to recent events in yours and Rocky's lives..." She trailed off when seeing Colt shake his head.

"Getting Rocky to open up about Robbie is pointless, he's a sealed vault. As for me..." He shrugs. "I'm just absent minded. But like I said, it won't happen again." Colt finished writting out the assignment and the examples that were on the board. Giving his friend a friendly pat on the top of her head, he smiles and says. "Although, if you'd like to conversate over a strenious activity the door is open."

"Colt!" She blushed.

Wagging a finger, he says innocently. "I meant going to the gym in our spare time," His smile turns into a grin. "look at you with your dirty mind."

"Out of here." She snickers, waving him away. Seeing that other students are walking in, she erases the marker from the board to get ready for the next lesson.

Colt stepped out of the classroom and outside. Walking beneath the outdoor corridor, he then turns and heads through the courtyard. Its weird, that this feels so familiar somehow. But why? He's done this dozens of times and its never made a difference; but for some reason, right now, it feels like he's done this before. Maybe it has something to do with his dream from last night? Was he walking through the courtyard?

Rocky spots his brother just standing in the middle of light traffic. Walking over to him, he pokes him in the back with his index finger. "What? You lose something?"

Blinking, he shakes his head. "No. I was just thinking about something."


Rocky continued by as though he had never stopped to talk in the first place. He hasn't felt that kind of ice from his brother since that time when he'd broken up with Paula. Its been off and on like this, his relationship with Rocky. But it isn't just with him, its with his parents too. They're also receiving bouts of cold shoulder from the usually calm and cool blond. Its understandable, though. They're taking their repairing relationship as it comes. Rocky would have to grin and bare it eventually though, because the Douglas's are having a family reunion and sort of a 'get-to-know-you-well', as well. After finding out about his new place in life, the families had planned on doing something like this for a while, but then Rocky went through something and then again and they had to put it off more than once. But this year will be the year when it happens. The Douglas's will finally co-exist with the McRae's on friendly terms. Rocky is even bringing Arc into it. The 7 year old is excited to see the family again, and meet new people. Arc is a very happy child, even moreso when receiving his ninja name earlier than any of them.

The day of names was fun for the child. Rocky helped their grandfather set up man test and obsticals for the boy to go through, and he passed every single one effortlessly. Rocky's son through and through; especially considering that most of his ninja training is done on dvd's sent to him when Rocky has time to make them. Until he's gotten a new one, Arc has continuelly done the older ones over. His best weapon being the nunchucks, he prefers a single, larger chuckle but he works well with the pair. As for movement, he's best at kicking- just as Rocky. He still can't do the splits, but he's getting very close and doing the stretches for it every day. And on that honored day, a mask was presented to the boy, done with various shades of green, mostly lighter ones, and to him was given the ninja name: Mantis. Rocky said to the boy that he's calm and calculating, though wild in battle, and he's always taking a thoughtful stance. Thoughtful, being that Arc still has the habit of bitting into his shirt, and when doing that his hands are up at his mouth resembling a praying mantis.

'Paula... why does it feel like that dream had something to do with you?' Colt wonders.

It wouldn't be so far fetched; after all, since learning that she'd gotten out of the asylum where she'd been staying since her nervous break down, he's been wondering what's happened with her? Where she is? What she's doing?

'I have her old number, but what good would that do?' Colt sighs. 'The number won't be in service; there weren't even proper cellphones back then.' Pushing open one of the double doors, he steps inside the next building, heading for his third class. 'If she is out... feeling better,' He corrects himself. 'There's no way she wouldn't contact Rocky, he must know something. I know he's the last person I should ask, but... I feel like I owe her an apology. Tch. After what I put her through, I wouldn't blame her if she didn't take it- I wouldn't. I'd slug me and tell me to keep peddling.' Outwardly groaning, he walks into the classroom, taking his seat. 'I'm really bad at repenting. And why am I even thinking about it? If I ever saw her again, I'd probably shit myself. ...Its better not to know. Let her live her new life. She's better off away from me.'


Tum Tum looks over his face in the mirror. He could be wrong but...

"Sweet." He leans closer to the mirror. "I'm getting facial hair- yes!" Backing up, he fixes his posture as if trying to look tougher or something to match his soon-to-be new looks. "I wonder if Paige likes 'em rugged?" With his index finger, he pretends that its a razor and brushes it down the side of his face. "Lookin' good T', you look good shaving."

"You look better when you're not talking to yourself." Paige's voice interupts. "Sorry to break up your self-love fest, but we gotta go. I wanna look at some more apartments before we get offers from schools."

"What offers? I'm going to a public college, like my brothers."

"Which I think is wrong. Rocky is boardering on genius and Colt... well, yeah, I can see Colt at public college.

"Oh, nice." Tum rolls his eyes.

"Whaaat? I'm not mocking him, I'm just as average student as he is. Which is why I applied for a better college."

Tum Tum laughed, turning around to face his girlfriend rather than look at her through the mirror. "You don't think they'll look at your grades and go- eh."

"Of course they will, but,"

"With you there's always a 'but'." He ushers her from the bathroom.

"BUT," She put more emphasis on the word. "I'm a brilliant dancer, to the point of being offered scholarships. So, I'm waiting on a better offer."

"Uh huh, and what's gonna happen to us while we attend different colleges?"

"Well, boyfriend," She snips; still unable to use his real or ninja name half the time. "you and I will get an apartment together in the city- won't it be cool. Just think of it."

"So, I'll be living with you and commuting to college, when we could just live in dorms?"

"Could, but won't. In the long run renting a place together would be cheaper and better for us. Because once college is over, we'll already have a home and jobs. Its the ideal life. We're not gonna get stuck in a rut. Not this girl."

Tum tum has to think that over. She makes a very good point, but then, Paige usually is the brains of their opperation- as she's told him numerous times. It would be kind of cool living with his long time girlfriend. Although, Tum Tum often wonders how many relationships he would have had if Paige hadn't came along and slugged him that day. He honestly couldn't see himself with any other girls. He's looked, thought about it; while joking with his buddies, but at the end of the conversation it always came back to Paige. Her mop of blonde hair, her silly teeth that always reminded him of a rat- hence her rarely used nickname 'rat-face'- and he's pretty sure that its the same thing for Paige. At least he hopes so.

If you'd asked the younger boy if he ever saw himself with anyone, he'd of laughed. If when he did get someone, and you asked him if he'd have sex with her, again he'd laugh. but with Paige, its all the same emotions displayed; neither ready nor unwavered, but together they'll do it. He hasn't found that type of unity with anyone other than his family, so he supposed that that's why he loves her so much. They simply fit.

Walking downstairs, Paige heads for the kitchen. Grabbing and apple, she then walks to the front door pulling it open. "I'll drive." Outside, she's to then inside of her within seconds. Buckling the seatbelt, she sticks the key into the ingnition starting the car.

Tum Tum grabbed a banana and a single bottle of cranberry peach juice for the both of them. If they're gonna be looking at apartments this could take a while. Jessica knows about her son's wish to move into an apartment but, honestly, she doesn't believe that he'll go through with it. He's still her baby even if he's nineteen, just as Rocky will always be a certain age, and Colt will always be a certain age. Its a mother thing. But Tum tum is quite serious and has been saving up money from his small jobs taken here and there in the city. So far he's been a parking attendant... he lost that job once they found out he'd only just gotten his licence- but, to be fair- they said once he's been at it longer he could come back on. He's worked in the library stacking shelves, and swiping books to be checked out and in. Bored him to death, so he quit. And now he works as a waiter in a downtown diner. Between the two of them, they should be able to make a down payment on a pretty nice place.

"Ooh! Ooh!" They whoop up their favorite song from a rapper T.I.

Tum Tum isn't sure what brings them to love rap music as they do; could be the freedom of expression without screaming about, as rock music does, it could be that most rap songs are just fun to sing along with, but whatever the reason its just another one of those things the two have in common. The car stops at a red light; the two inhale deeply at the wonderful smell of fast food eateries surrounding the area. They would have to find an apartment somewhere around here, because the air is always so good.

"I wanna decorate; knowing you, you'll fill the house with as little as possible so you can keep a clear dance floor."

"What's wrong with that?" The car rolls forward. "I like dancing, you like watching me dance. Do you want me to fall behind in skill?"

"No. I just think it needs to look like people live in it."

Shrugging, the girl says. "Then we'll look for two bedrooms and leave that one empty for me."

"That works." Letting silence sit between them for a moment, Tum Tum looks over at his girlfriend then smiles. "You wanna come to the family reunion with me?"

"Depends on when it is, and why you're inviting me."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Again, she shrugged. "I don't want you using something like a family affair to drop the question in my lap of marriage, forcing a yes out so that you're not humiliated." She turns to him sticking out her tongue.

"Why would I marry a bossy creep like you?" He sticks his tongue out at her.

"Because I'm awesome. I'm great for you." Nodding she laughs. "The reasons could go on."

Tum Tum snickers at that. Marry Paige. Its laughable... isn't it?

The car is parked outside of a building, leaving the apartment a few feet back for them to have to walk to.

"Alright, we're going in. Put on your best adult posture, and let's get us an apartment."

"Right." Tum Tum removes his sunglasses, fixes his sloppy bob to a more managed look then follows his girlfriend into the building.


"Rocky?" Colt says when his brother walks into their room. He had to work up the courage to do this because he knows what answer he'll get, and he knows that because of that he'll have to argue his case, and he knows that his case will be laughed at and pushed aside. But he has to try.

"Hmm?" He's setting his things down at the desk. It looks as though he's planning on studying again.

"Can... I mean, I know you'll say no but... hear me out."

Taking a seat, Rocky turns in the chair to show him that he's listening. "Oookaay." Its said slowly as the older male isn't sure of what his brother wants that's so hard to just get out.

"Okay... you know how a few months back and... well..." He just wished he'd stop stammering. He felt like a child whose done something bad and is trying not to lie but he knows it will come out anyway.

"Colt, just say it." Rocky half laughed. He really doesn't know why his brother is acting this way. Sure, he's been a little distant from him, but he's still his brother- well cousin, but Rocky and Tum have only known Colt as their brother and that'll never change.

"Do you have Paula's phone number? I mean, you said she got out of the clinic and... I just wanna... call her, I guess."

Rocky is silent a moment, then he says softly. "I'll give it to you but... I have to think about the consequences of it first, before I do." Turning away, he opens his book, and a notebook. He's done with the conversation since there isn't much else to be said, and he really wants to get his work done.

"Oh. Thanks." That's Rocky for you, honest to a fault. But at least he didn't say, no. Standing, he leaves the room with a new wobble in his step as he just realized what he's done. Not only will he have to think of what to say once he does get the number, but he'll have the knowledge of whatever he says getting back to Rocky. They're already on thin ice, this is the last thing he needs to be doing to their fragile relationship. No. Rocky isn't that kind of person, regardless his many changes. He won't hate Colt because he apologizes or even says nothing but a lame, hello. The lack of conversation will probably be welcomed. The less he says, the less of a chance there is that he'll say something stupid.


Colt had only been asleep for twenty minutes and already he's dreaming. Its no different from the one yesterday night. Everything is shrouded in a bright white light again, and through that light he can, again, see a figure. Its a woman, its... its... It looks like Paula, but she's different somehow. Her face maybe... maybe her eyes... it could be the smile on her face, serene and secretive. Its not the kind of smile he'd seen on the girls face ever before. Its weird, though, seeing her in this dream. The last image he's known of his ex being at age 16.

"Paula?" He hears his own voice in the dream, but cannot see his own face.

Paula blinked in confusion when hearing her name, as if at this very moment she were having the same dream but Colt is the one who's blurry and unseeable. She said "Colt" but no sound came out, it was as if she'd only mouthed it.

When the girl smiled at him, she took a step forward, then another and another. But with each step she takes, he gets pushed further and further back from being reached. Holding his hand out, he can see it in his field of vision. "Dammit. Paula, stop running! I'll come to you instead!"

The girl stopped running, nodding that she understood. Colt felt relief wash over him, and he began to move forward. He had expected Paula to get pushed back, as he had been, but she stayed put. Closer... closer... closer...

"Finally. I've been dying to talk to you." He says quietly.

She says something that he cannot hear.

"I... I wanted to say that I'm sorry."

The serene dream shifted suddenly, so suddenly Colt felt his weight drop to the floor but the floor is gone! He's falling!

Rocky shakes his whailing brother until Colt's eyes pop open. The younger male sits up still in a panic. His heart beating hard enough to explode; it felt like, if the all the people who had a fear of heights just lost it, the accumulated fear just leaped into Colt's body. He's shaking hard, his vision still seeing the swirl of brown dirt that passed his vision as he fell.

"Are you ok?" Rocky's voice broke through the fear.

"Y..." He tried to say but his voice feels raw, and strained.

"Its ok. I'll get you a drink. Just wait here." Rocky heads over to the mini-fridge grabbing a bottle of water. Twisting the cap to break the seal, he hands the bottle to his brother. "Here."

Colt took the bottle, tilting his head back taking big gulps. Lowering the bottle, he holds it tentively in his hands on his lap. "I... had a really weird dream."

"I could tell. Do you remember it?" He takes a seat on his own bed.

Colt thought for a moment. The fear still with him, but the dream itself is a bit foggy. 'Foggy?' He thinks. "Everything was white... and empty, but... She was there. Paula was... I was trying to apologize to her when I just sort of fell." He chuckles dryly. To think something like that could be so frightening.

"Well, I can't say that I know what it means. Maybe all it is, is build up from wanting to see her again." He shrugs. "You could be more worked up than you know."

That made sense. He'd often have nightmares about doing really poorly on test back when he was in middle and highschool. This could just be another one of those moments. Colt didn't figure himself the anxious type, but life keeps proving otherwise. He even had bad dreams about the McRae's and his own family, when he'd found out that he might not really be a Douglas.

"Dreams like this are what happen when you have too much emotional build up. You've gotta learn to start talking to someone, you know, venting a bit."


"Not 'maybe'. You're gonna keep having nightmares until you find a way to get rid of the stress."

Colt thought about that, nodding to himself. He could at least give it a try. Rocky hated the idea of therapy, but he still goes. Maybe, he should find someone- not professional help, no. But just a friend he can talk to. But who? Who'd understand?"


Colt had been figiting all through class, waiting for it to be over so that he could talk to his friend, not teacher, Lissa. When the bell finally sounded and the students made for the exit he hurries over to the desk.

"Lissa? Can I talk to you about something?" After a second he adds. "When you're free, I mean."

Cocking a brow, the woman sets down a pencil she's been twirling between her fingers since class had ended. "Sure. But, I warn you... if you're gonna ask me out again-..."

Cutting her off, he assures her and says. "No. Its nothing like that."

"Oh. Then of course I'll lend you an ear." She smiles at him. "Is four o'clock good?"

"Its great! Thanks."

"You're welcome." She removes her glasses setting them down on the desk. "See you then." Standing, she walks over to the board to erase it.

"Wait for me in the courtyard?"


"Okay. Thanks again." He heads out of the room.

Colt felt a lot better now. Teachers have told him time and time again that he could turn to them for help, but that just seems so stupid. Why would he tell a teacher about anything that was bugging him? They would only report it to the school counselor and then he'd end up talking to one of them, and they're about as helpful as... well... something useless. Speaking with friends is easier. He just hoped Lissa wouldn't wanna comment on it or, ask too many questions.


Annalisse was beside herself with emotions. She wasn't sure what she thought about going to California, and meeting the Douglas family. After all, it wasn't exactly friendly terms that brought them together, or moved them apart on that final day when all of her father Ben's dirty secrets came out. But in the end, it was what she wanted, right? To have Jeffrey gone. But, honestly, it wasn't due to dislike or anything like that... it was only because she hated to see her mother hurting so much over a child that really wasn't her own. It was a sad and terrible thing what happened to the real Jefferson, but she could not live the lie that was told to her.

Jeffrey didn't lie, he had kept in contact with them via letters and phone calls over holidays but it was only recently that he'd invited them to come down and mingle with his live-in family. Annalisse wasn't against it, but she wasn't for it either... her feelings were more like on the fence. Jeremy was losing his mind over it, wondering what he could buy; take pictures of; brag to his friends about. He also hoped for a beach trip to see girls in bikinis. 15 year olds, you can only roll your eyes over them. John is excited too; he really hit it off with Rocky and wants the chance to get to know him better. She would also like to get to know Rocky better, her crush dwindled a bit, but she was sure that seeing him again would bring it all back. She's only female after all. Jamie, her mother was nervous... after what their family did to the Douglas' she wouldn't blame them for treating her cruelly, her father either. But they seemed on board when Colt told them about it, almost excited to get to know them. They're very remarkable, and understanding people.

Piper made her promise to get pictures of a choice few celebraties, and buy her a very fashionable dress; which she thankfully forked over her own cash for. Fumiko wanted nothing, just told her to have a good time and if she wanted to bring something back for her, she was welcomed to. Her things have been packed and put away in the closet for when the time comes. It seems soon for packing but, when your nerves are on high alert for everything and anything, you tend to do things to comfort yourself in any small way that you can.

Her biggest fear will be seeing that woman Sabrina... she wouldn't be there. Would she?