Chapter 1: Years After the Resurrection…

After the reunion of a lost member, Keira and family decided to go down into the Catacombs, for Keira had another secret.

Jim: Mom, where are we going?

Keira: It's a surprise!

She took them down into the core of the Catacombs, and there was a floating hand print scanner. She placed her hand on it and it disappeared.

Keira: Behold, the Defense Grid.

Three, gigantic screens, and a wide keyboard appeared in front of Keira and family. The screen showed letters in a different language called Al Bhed. Keira

typed in a passphrase, and the screens showed satellite images, profiles, etc.

Kit: Whoa…

Jr.: Keira, when did you –

Keira: I didn't make it, I found it.

JJ: How?

Keira: I was walking along and then I saw this hand print scanner. Then bam, here it is.

Jim: Uh…

Keira: Al Bhed, it's our native tongue.

Jim: What is it saying?

Keira: Hmm, something is approaching Dead Man's Troph.

Jr.: Want us to check it out?

Keira: No need, I can from here.

She typed in a special code, and it zoomed in on the stranger. It was a woman, grey haired, and weary. Keira suspected something of her; she sensed some

type of energy from her. She fell to her knees. The others gathered around her, worried, but they got shot back by a dark eco surge. Keira began to


purple, her light eco angel form appeared, but instead of its blue light glow, it was a purple light, and her eyes were black. She stood in this form, the


gaped at her. She changed back, and they called this: Dark Angel.

Keira: She's trouble.

Jim: How you know?

Keira: Dark Angel was to stay asleep for 2000 more years… it only awakens on 2 conditions: When it believes its controller is ready, or when a grave

evil is here.

Kit: Then let's go kill her!

Keira: Hold up… we don't know what she's capable of.

?: You don't.

The woman was there.

Keira: Who are you? She ordered in her 'commander' voice.

?: Rosa. Wife of the infamous Jolly Roger.

Keira: Well Rosa, why have you come here?

Rosa: To finish what Erison started. We shall fight, in one week. She disappeared. The others were in awestruck; she appeared, told of herself and her

plan, and left. Keira and the others went to the palace, and ordered the entire kingdom to come forward.

Keira: We have a problem that has risen today. We are going to war, with the wife of Jolly Roger, Rosa. She has declared war on us, and are we

going to take it sitting down? No! We will fight till our last breath is taken from us! What do you say?

The crowd roared, knowing that defending their leader and her family is worth more than their lives.

Keira: The army will need more men to join. Thank you all, for your support, trust, and time, we need this in the darkest of times, for when we lose

that shred of hope, then all will be lost. Go, and prepare for the week ahead.

The crowd dispersed, and Keira gathered the family around, preparing a strategy with the Commander of the Army.

Keira: If she is what she says, then she has to be connected to Erison. If so, then I'll be the one to take her down, since she won't be alone.

Kit, Aithne, Jim, Jr.: NO WAY!

Keira: What?

Jim: We can't let you die!

Keira: Jim, dying to save more lives is always worth it. I would be glad to die if I could save everyone.

Jr.: Keira, we just can't bare to lose you again…

Keira: Daddy, I'm not a little girl anymore… besides, I called help from our old family, the Guado.

?: Someone call for an army?

Keira: Sarah, Kaline!

Sarah: Hi mom.

Kaline: Hey Keira!

Girls: Mom?

Sarah: What you expect?

Kaline: I'm glad we kept in touch.

Keira: So am I.

Terran: Lady Keira, we can't let the kingdom lose you again.

Kaline: Calm down Terran, she has ALL of us, including the Guado and the Spargans.

Terran: True, but still, she needs to stop going on the front lines.

Keira: I'm going, that's final.

They dismissed to their sleeping quarters. Sarah got with the girls and went weapon and ammo shopping, then training. Kaline caught up with Jr. about how

the Guado and Spargans were doing. It left Keira and Jim alone in the hallway.

Jim: Mom… don't you want a life?

Keira: More important things are at hand.

Jim: I mean, Will didn't work out, but there is this one guy…

Keira: Jim, no, it will distract me from my duties.

Jim left to go to his sleeping quarters, Keira was alone in hers.