Something to hold on to

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Spoilers: set before the final scene of Swan Song

A/N Just what would be left behind if the Winchesters really died and stayed dead.


He needed something to hold on to something that was his and his alone, but what was there? The jacket, his favorite gun, and the car all of those things had originally been Dad's. Most of his clothes were nothing special just flannels, jeans, and boots. Most of his ID was fake. There wasn't a single thing he owned anymore that was uniquely his. He'd thrown away the pendant he'd worn since childhood. The one his brother had given him instead of giving it to their father because he'd always been there for him. Truth be told most of the world thought he had died a long time ago. Actually he had died several times he just hadn't stayed dead, but he'd just never lived his own life until he gave up protecting his brother to stop the end of the world. If he died today and stayed dead what would be left behind?

His brother was gone he wanted something of his to hold on to as well, but what was there? There wasn't a single distinctive piece of clothing; there wasn't a car, and the only weapon that he could even think of as his brother's favorite had originally belonged to a demon. The world at large thought his brother had died with him long ago. Sam had actually died several times as well but this time when he let him go to stop the end of the world there had been a promise made not to try and bring him back. So what was left behind that Dean could hold on to.

The only thing he could think of was the beat up old laptop they and mainly Sam had done research on and even it had been replaced a couple times, all that made it special was the journal entries of their hunts.

That left only their past, their hunts, and the people they'd saved.

Was there anything that was truly his or his brothers, anything that would be left if he just disappeared like Sam had?

Yes, those other than the people they had saved. Those people would have things. They would leave things behind that otherwise would not have been. Those people would have a future.

The memory of those they had saved was indeed something to hold on to


A/N Other than the memories of the people saved what proof is there that they ever existed?