Chapter 7

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As the elevator stopped on deck 3 Jack stepped out and walked towards the Med-Bay.

She really needed some painkillers right now. Her headache was killing her. To her surprise Mordin stepped out as she approached the door.

"Jack.. Glad to See YAAA!" He screamed as Jack grabbed him by the collar and slammed against the wall.

"I've been looking for your froggy ass since this whole mess started. What the hell have you been doing since you told Miranda and I about this?" She yelled.

Mordin looked absolutely terrified "I... I.. was working on a cure.. and practicing." He stammered.

"Practicing for what?" She fummed.

"Um... an upcoming Gilbert and Sullivan show I'm working on with a few fellow ex STG members." He gulped.

"Listen to me clearly frog" She leaned into his face "Shepard has been going at it non-stop since he ingested that stuff that you created. Now I'm the only one left." She said.

"What happened to Samara?"

"Got her freak on!" Jack replied.


"Shepard analyzed her." Jack said.


"Shepard really knows her inner thoughts now" She said.


"She let the animal out" she said again.

"And Miranda?"

"Shepard showed her his boom stick" Jack said.

Mordin stood there for a moment before reaching behind him and pulling out a vial. "Let me get a syringe real quick and you can then inject this into Shepard."

"Why do I have to do it?" She barked.

"Cause he will let you get close enough to him." Mordin replied.

Jack sighed "Fine give me the damn thing." She said snatching the syringe from Mordin.

"Jack before you go to look for Shepard. Need your assistance to get Chakwas from Miranda's room." Mordin said.

Jack rolled her eyes and headed for Miranda's room.

As they stepped in Jack noticed Chakwas was still in her same spot. As she moved toward the woman she heard a grunt and a loud thud behind her. She turned to see Mordin lying on the floor and Shepard smiling at her in his heart boxers.

Jack growled and pulled out the syringe. Shepard smiled and lunged for Jack. She side stepped him and jammed the syringe into his shoulder and injected its contents.

Shepard fell onto the bed.

"Jack!" She turned her head to see Mordin lift his "Forgot to mention... cure takes 5 hours to take effect." He said collapsing.

Jack turned to see Shepard standing in front of the bed.

"You know what Screw this." She said taking her jacket off.

Shepard stared at her slightly puzzled. He was used to them running by now.

Finally Jack kicked off the last bit of clothes and stood there in all her glory in front of Shepard.

She started toward him. "I'm tired of running. You wanted IT YOU GOT IT!" She yelled pouncing on him.

He tumbled back and fell onto the bed with her straddling him. "Just so you know Shepard. I like to be on top!" She said before locking her lips onto his.

********************6 weeks later*********

Jack stumbled towards the elevator holding her stomach. She felt sick and she didn't know why. As the elevator opened on deck 3 she made her way towards the Med-Bay.

As the door opened she walked in and noticed Tali, Kelly, Samara, and Kasumi each lying on a bed.

Chakwas and Mordin were both going around to each of the women checking on them.

Chakwas noticed her and came running up and lead her to another bed. She quickly ran her Omni-Tool over her.

"What's wrong?" She asked trying not to puke.

"Same thing that's wrong with the rest." she gestured.

"Whats that?" She asked raising an eyebrow.

"Your Pregnant!" the doctor replied.

Jacks eye twitched and she promptly passed out.

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