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Summary: What happens when a Sackboy gets too attached to his costume?


They say that you shouldn't wear your favorite costume all of the time…and, if you do, the costume itself will slowly become a part of you.

…Supposedly. It was merely a rumor – at least, the majority of us sackpeople believed so – but we changed our costumes every so often. We were never pleased with our current costume for long. After all, there were so many materials and clothes to choose from.

I used to change my costume very often; I never liked the way any of the costumes looked. I was never satisfied with any of the items and materials provided.

…One day, everything changed.

I managed to get my hands on a costume that caught my eye. It stood out from the rest, and I had never seen anything like it before. It was simply beautiful…

…However, the other sackboys and girls didn't seem to share my opinion. They thought that it was 'weird' or 'scary'…I ignored them, of course, and put the costume on.

It felt nice, wearing the costume. The material and overall design made me happy, and I didn't want to change it. I wore it all the time…even to sleep!

One day, when I went down to planet Earth for adventure with other sackpeople, they didn't want to work with me.

"Change your costume," they said.

I was a bit confused at their refusal to team up. I inquired, "Why? I don't ask you to change your costumes."

"It's weird. You should wear it on your own time."

This angered me. If I wanted to wear my costume, I was going to wear it! Nobody had the right to force me to change my costume…nobody!

I growled menacingly, much to their surprise. They took several steps back, startled at my sudden aggression.

"I'm not going to change my costume. All of you are going to work with me on this adventure, whether you want to or not. Understood?"

They nodded meekly, shivering in fear.

We finished the adventure, and, mere seconds afterward, the other sackpeople rushed back to their own pods.

I went back to my pod – alone – and thought for a moment, sitting in front of the controls. I didn't want to scare other sackpeople. I didn't mean to get so defensive and growl like that…

…So I decided to take off my costume – for now, at least – and get some sleep. I put my hands on the head of the costume and…

…It wouldn't come off.

No matter how hard I pulled, the head piece wouldn't budge. After several attempts, I stopped; it hurt, and it seemed that it was stuck…

If you wear your favorite costume for too long, it will become a part of you.

I guess the rumor wasn't a rumor after all. I looked in the mirror that I had found on one of my adventures. The head piece wasn't scary to me, and I tried to grin. The head piece's mouth pulled back into the grin that I was trying to make.

…It really was a part of me, wasn't it?

The thought of being stuck with this head forever echoed through my mind…and the weird thing was…

…I didn't mind at all.


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