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Lionel Richie? Is that you?

Chloe groaned as the tinny sound of Mr. Richie's 'All Night Long' floated from her alarm clock. Slapping her hand hard on the snooze button, she glanced at the time and groaned once more. She had rode through her alarm and three snooze buttons before realizing, just now, that she had about twelve minutes to get ready and into her car, to make it to school on time.

Why did I have to stay up so late? Curse you, awesome film editing program!

Kicking off the covers, she stumbled out of bed, awkwardly pulling on the first pair of jeans she snatched from her dresser. She quickly threw on a bra and a t-shirt as she headed to her bathroom. Brushing her teeth, she gazed at her reflection and sleepily assessed her looks. Okay, I don't look so bad, if everyone just ignores the dark circles under my eyes and my oh-so-pasty complexion. She splashed cold water on her face in the hopes to wake her up and maybe add a little color to her face. She glanced at her reflection again and grimaced. God, I look like a zombie extra from some horrible B-Movie. Not good.

Hastily, she brushed a little bronzer on her cheeks and added a rosy lip gloss before throwing her hair in a ponytail. That's going to have to be enough.

A sharp banging on her bedroom door, caused her to jump and - embarrassingly - yelp as well.

"Chloe! Are you up? You know you need to leave the house in five minutes!"

It was Melinda, their live-in housekeeper. She had been a new addition since Chloe and her dad moved into a new building clear across Buffalo and she seemed nice enough. A lot nicer than our last four housekeepers we had, Chloe thought, scowling.

"Yes, don't worry, I'm up!" Chloe yelled, racing to her room. Grabbing her bag off the floor, she slipped her feet into some flats and swung her door open.

Melinda was standing in the doorway, her hand still raised from knocking on the door, looking relieved.

"Oh, good," she sighed heavily, moving out of Chloe's way. When the petite girl passed her, Melinda trailed after Chloe saying in her breathy voice, "Your father was very specific that you needed to be on time this year."

"I know," Chloe replied, making her way to the kitchen. "I promised him I would be better about that. I haven't even been late once and it's already been a month into the new school year."

She poured herself some coffee in her travel mug and grabbed a slice of banana bread. And maybe, Chloe wondered, if I call him today and tell him how awesomely on time I've been, he'll buy me the new Photoshop CS5 when he gets back from his business trip. What's the time difference from Singapore? It wouldn't help my case if I wake him up in the middle of the night.

Grabbing a hoodie, Chloe waved a goodbye to Melinda and quickly made her way to the building's garage. She was practically running to her car, with the mantra, PhotoshopPhotoshopPhotoshop, blaring through her mind. Unlocking the door she threw her stuff on the passenger seat, thanking the universe again for letting her dad settle on a used VW Golf for her, rather than the giant Yukon her dad originally wanted her encased in or, even worse, a brand new luxury car with all the bells and whistles.

She didn't want to seem ungrateful, especially since her dad's motives were for safety reasons. She knew her dad was thinking about her mother and the car crash. But Chloe was always the new girl at a new school and nothing was worse than being labeled the new spoiled, little rich girl. They had finally compromised on a car that was less pretentious and had about a million airbags in it – and they were both happy.

Turning on the car, she arranged her coffee and banana bread for easier access and she carefully eased her car out of the garage.

Chloe was a good driver, obnoxiously so – always adhering to the speed limit, even if she was late, and she never fiddled with her phone. She was like an anomaly – a rare species – when it came to driving a car compared to other teenage girls. It was obvious her mother's death made her more than a little careful on the road and there were times, when she drove at night, that she would sometimes break out into a nervous sweat. Thankfully, she rarely drove in the dark and the school was about a ten minute drive away.

She just finished her breakfast of champions as she pulled into the school's driveway and quickly parked in the first spot she found. Hauling her bag, she speed-walked towards the entrance, weaving through the last of the straggling students, as her new Photoshop mantra rang through her mind, which had coincidentally taken up the same melody as Lionel's 'All Night Long'.

Rushing to her locker, she swapped her textbooks and supplies before slamming it shut and high-tailing it to her first class, the dreaded Algebra. She had less than a minute, more than enough time if she sped up a little, which she certainly did. With her head down, she rounded a corner and smacked right into something – something extremely big, hard and warm.

Ow. Dangit!

Stumbling back, she managed not to fall on her ass with the assistance of a luckily placed wall, which she was now splayed gracelessly against. She looked up...and up...and up, until her gaze rested on the glowering face of the infamous Derek Souza.

"I-I-I – " she stammered, trying desperately to extricate the apology from her lips but it was so damn hard when the scariest guy in school was glaring down at her. Chloe's heart thumped hard and she felt her cheeks grow warm. She couldn't help shrinking back at the menacing expression on his face.

His eyes narrowed and he scowled even harder before growling the words Chloe will never, ever forget, in the most slow and drawn-out and intimidating way possible.

"Watch it."

Then he sauntered away, leaving Chloe frozen on the spot, dumbfounded and open-mouthed, staring after him.