Gary returned quite a while later. He'd taken the shopping trip as a time to clear his head as well. He returned without announcing it, the crinkle of grocery bags and the door closing serving to signal it. The boy in the bed flinched slightly when he heard the door click shut. Gary had been gone so long, Ash didn't know when to expect him back anymore. Wiping his eyes to try and get them dry was difficult, since they insisted on watering over and over again thanks to how sore, red, and puffy they were. Ash sat up in the bed while keeping the sheets pulled up over his lap. "D-Did you use the money I mentioned?" he asked, trying to sound casual.

"No, I walked out without it. Don't worry, I bought everything," Gary said as he slipped off his shoes and pocketed his room key.

"M-My tape, too?" Ash asked, sounding not too sure if Gary had done him the favor, but Ash wouldn't blame the guy if he hadn't. Ash probably didn't deserve any favors right now.

"Yeah, I think so. It might be the wrong kind, I had no idea what I was looking for." Gary finally came into the room. He didn't look visibly upset, but his tone was obviously not ecstatic. He set the bags down on the bed and started to root through them, producing for the boy first a roll of tape, then a muffin. "Here."

"Thanks..." Ash took the tape and set it on the night stand to be use later. He stared down at the muffin, idly poking one of the blue splotches he supposed used to be a fruit. Now that it was here, Ash didn't feel hungry anymore. "Gary... Gary, I'm sorry."

"It's alright. You're not ready," Gary mumbled, pulling his own lunch out of the bag. He came to sit next to the boy on the bed, placing the bag on the floor and starting to look for the remote in the drawers of the nightstand.

Ash shook his head. "No... No, that's not it."

Gary located the remote, but hesitated to use it at the boy's words. "What, then?"

"I want to be a girl," Ash said. It wasn't much of an explanation, and he knew that, but maybe Gary would get it.

"I know that," Gary said, shaking his head. "But you're not." He looked at the boy with an expression that was sort of stern, but looked a little hurt. "Ignoring your male parts to achieve that goal might make sense in your head, but you're not going to get any pleasure that way."

Ash nibbled on his lower lip. "But won't I be a hypocrite? Won't I be going against myself if I acknowledge, well... that particular body part?" The boy was trying so hard not to cry all of the sudden. "It felt really, really good when you started to do that stuff with your tongue, but it scared me. I wanna be Ashley more than anything. I thought... I thought letting myself feel good through... my thing... would make me not be her anymore."

"That makes sense, but what are your options, really?" Gary asked with a frown. "You don't have girl parts. You're either getting pleasure there," he said, pointing towards the boy's now covered length, "Or not at all. And if you go for the latter option you're going to get really frustrated really fast."

"Is it..." Brown eyes looked into green. "Is it really that... powerful?" Ash asked, for the lack of a better word.

Gary laughed tiredly. "Yeah."

Ash sighed. "I guess I'm no good at being a boy or a girl, huh?"

"It's nothing to do with that," Gary said, finally unwrapping his lunch, a pretty standard looking hero. "Deciding to just completely ignore your dick... it's stupid, but it shows that you're really dedicated to this." He smiled slightly. "I just don't think you have to take it quite that far, because if you do... well, then we'll spend every night being frustrated."

The boy nodded. "I understand. I didn't realize that a guy's and girl's parts played such a big role in feeling pleasure. Gary, I'm sorry I snapped."

"It's alright," Gary said, finally feeling that it was okay to start eating. "We had a misunderstanding. It happens."

"Next time you're in the mood, I'll try again," Ash said with a smile. "You're such a great sport when it comes to everything else about the new me, Gary. I should be willing to meet you at least halfway. I mean..." He nibbled on a piece of the muffin. "You are my boyfriend now, after all." Gary smiled again, lifting his arm and propping it up on the back of the pillows. He then gestured with the hand that wasn't holding his lunch for the boy to get close, as he swapped the sandwhich for the remote and turned on the small television across the room. Ash complied without hesitation. He scooted closer, leaning his head on Gary's shoulder, and continued to nibble on his muffin while watching the television. Eventually Gary's channel surfing brought him to a station that was showing a Pokemon tournament. He contemplated changing it, but the battle on-screen caught his attention. Some girl was using a very well trained Linoone to run circles around a very surprised trainer's Charizard. "So..." he murmured idly, looking down at the black-haired boy. "Are you really not a trainer anymore, or was that just a line?"

"Hm?" Ash looked up at his boyfriend with a kind of lazy smile. He was rather enjoying the quiet time together. "No, I was telling the truth. I'm not a trainer. Not anymore."

"Why?" Gary asked curiously. "It was always your dream... so why'd you stop?" Cheers and gasps erupted on the television as the Linoone unleashed a Water Pulse attack on the Charizard, which the spectators, and the girl's opponent, hadn't been expecting.

Ash grew even more quiet at the question. It was a different quiet now. One of awkward pain. "Because being a trainer wasn't worth it anymore. My Pokemon understood, so... They were willing to retire with me."

On screen the Charizard took off into the sky, only to be zapped down by a Thunderbolt from the Linoone, another unexpected move that had the crowd in awe. "I... think I understand."

"If you don't... You can say so," Ash told him in a low voice. "I'll tell you, just... Hold my hand..."

Gary frowned a bit. Maybe this went a bit deeper than he thought it did. Done with his lunch and having crinkled up the paper and thrown it away, he reached his hand over to hold the boy's. "What is it, then?"

Ash turned his face into Gary's shoulder. "I got attacked a lot. People who didn't even know me suddenly hated me. I had to have my own private security at tournaments. Out traveling... I hardly ever stood a chance. People would say things I tried to ignore, but stung me really deep inside. Lots of guys would punch me and scream at me that I was sick. I wasn't even safe at tournaments anymore, Gary. People screamed and threw things at me. Not everyone, but... enough that it was a problem. More than I could handle. My Pokemon hated to see it happen to me. There's only so much they can do for me though, you know? So one day, I told them I wanted to go home. They led the way..."

Gary listened to the story silently. On the television the arena exploded into cheers as one well-timed Shadow Claw attack from the Linoone to the Charizard's chest toppled the giant. The brunet bit his lip and turned it off. "I understand," he said, nodding his head. "That... would be a good reason to stop. Sorry for bringing it up."

"I miss battling. I really do," Ash tried to explain. "Growing up, you're right, it always was my dream. I got older, though. Getting older means new feelings, new desires, new needs... My new needs and feelings couldn't just be pushed aside or ignored. I tried to not be Ahsley. I tried really hard, but... I got so depressed," he said, sniffling quietly. "I felt like a stranger in my own skin, Gary. I felt like I didn't belong in my body. Do you know what that's like?"

"No, I don't," Gary said, shaking his head. He thought for a few long moments, wrapping his arm around the boy's shoulders. "Did you ever consider... maybe going to keep training somewhere where no one knows you?"

"Do you know how impossible that is?"

"I guess you're rather famous, but... There are places out there that have never seen a single aired tournament from Kanto, Jhoto, Hoenn, or even Sinnoh. In fact, most people here don't even know about those places. Pretty much the only form of communication between all of these places are the professors... and on rare occasion there's a trade route or a Pokemon Center network. But that's it."

"I guess that's true, but... Why should I risk it?" Ash asked. "I'm happy here. I have mom, I have my Pokemon, and now... I have you."

"If you're really happy that way," Gary said quietly, nodding his head.

"I am..." Ash said, also nodding. "I let my Pokemon spar with each other, too. They enjoy it. Plus... I think they like kicking back and relaxing like this. Maybe in a few years, once I've established my new identity, I'll go back out. Just not right now."

"That sounds like a plan." Gary laughed quietly, brushing back those black bangs that were starting to get a little long from Ash's face. "We've travelled for years, haven't we? It's good to be able to relax."

The boy nodded again. "Having a normal life is nice." Ash chuckled. "As normal as my life is."

"Yeah," Gary agreed. "Though sometimes I do get nostalgic about being a trainer."

"You and I could always battle," Ash suggested as he looked up at his boyfriend.

"Heh, that'd be interesting," Gary said with a grin. "It's been a while since our last match."

Ash smirked. "You might actually beat me this time."

Gary rolled his eyes. "Don't underestimate me, Ash. I've learned a lot since I started doing research," he said with a confident smirk.

"Research is all well and good," Ash said, "but do you have the skills to put any of it to use?"

"Of course!" Gary scoffed, sounding offended. "The only reason I didn't win was because I didn't strategize enough," he said, nodding his head. "Sure, I knew a lot of sure-fire strategies that worked against most trainers, but I didn't take all of your possible Pokemon choices into account."

Ash laughed. "Type trainers are always easier to battle against than trainers like you and me."

"Definately," Gary said with a snort. "I could usually take down most Gyms with one or two Pokemon."

"I know, right?" Ash said with another laugh. "You'd think they'd get it, but they don't. Predictability is not a strength."

"Still, I've met some pretty impressive themed trainers. Like, their Pokemon pull off moves you wouldn't expect from their types. Have you ever seen a Dugtrio perform Aerial Ace?"

"Nu-uh!" Ash exclaimed.

"It's pretty crazy," Gary laughed. "Seeing a Pokemon that spends most of its time in the ground pull off a Flying move is really funny."

"What do they do? Like... jump or what?"

"Dugtrio are not jumpers. They actually strike out with claws. But like their Fury Swipes attack, it moves so quickly that you don't even see their claws. It just sort of looks like their heads are wiggling around." Ash blinked at Gary a few times before he sputtered and then began to giggle loudly. "What's so funny?" Gary asked.

"I'm just picturing it!" Ash answered through his giggle fit.

"If I ever run into that girl again, I'll make sure to call you so you can see. It's really hysterical."

Ash let his laughs die down a little before asking, "Hey, Gary, where is your grandad anyway?"

"Johto," Gary responded. "Studying... something or other. Probably Pokemon eggs. There's always new discoveries being made about that, and Jhoto's one of the most knowledgable places... you don't really have too many breeders coming from Kanto."

"You know what I always wondered?" Ash pondered aloud. "If Pokemon have eggs, then there are only birds, reptiles, and marsupials, right?"

"No, Pokemon just... have eggs," Gary said, shrugging his shoulders. "Even the ones that are defined as humanshape have eggs. I mean, you have some that make milk for their young but... they still lay eggs."

"Marsupials," Ash said again.

"If you want to define them that way, sure," Gary said, frowning and touching his chin. "But what about plant Pokemon?"

Ash thought hard about this, causing a small wrinkle in the bridge of his nose. "Pokemon are weird," he finally concluded.

Gary laughed out loud at that. "That's the understatement of the century."

"Why don't they have live babies like humans?" he asked. "Or from seeds?"

"Who knows," Gary said with a shrug. "It's even more perplexing since there's now people that theorize that Pokemon and humans had a common ancestor. It's a big scientific mystery."

Ash pursed his lips. "Well, I don't know about that... but they certainly are curious creatures."

"There's legends that say that people used to marry Pokemon," Gary said, smirking at the boy's expression.

"But... But Pokemon are animals," Ash insisted. "It doesn't work."

"They're just legends," Gary murmured, shrugging his shoulders. "Who knows if they're true or not. But, I mean, Pokemon can learn our language if given enough time. They have the mental capacity. Not to mention Psychic types who can communicate telepathically... who knows, really."

"Pikachu is great and all..." Ash began as his hand slipped inside Gary's open shirt, "but he can't make me feel the way you do." Ash emphasized this by following Gary's example from before and rubbing his index finger over a tan nub. "You can't tell me Umbreon could ever compare to me?"

Gary gasped quietly, shifting a little atop the sheet. "No, I couldn't," he murmured, only to snicker playfully. "He doesn't have thumbs," he teased.

"Thumbs, eh? Is that what turns you on?" Ash smirked and moved his hand from Gary's chest up towards his chin. All four fingers splayed against the other boy's jaw while his thumb stroked Gary's bottom lip before slipping inside. Gary didn't expect his joke to be taken quite so literally. He had to remember who he was joking with. Still, he could work with the situation. His tongue took the boy's thumb further into his mouth and he started to suck on it, as he suddenly got up and again straddled the boy's hips, pressing him back against the pillows like he had been that morning. Ash blushed and blinked up at Gary. "You really like thumbs that much?"

Gary laughed, removing the digit from his mouth. "I was teasing you," he explained, as he pinned the boy's hands down to the pillows. He leaned over and started to kiss at his neck. "I like your thumbs just as much as I like your hands. And your arms. And your shoulders. And your neck..."

"O-Oh..." Ash blushed even more now and smiled. "I-I like your... your hips..."

"Hips?" Gary asked, sounding surprised as he looked up from the boy's chest, where his mouth was moving next.

Brown eyes widened. "Oh... jeez... Was that stupid?"

"No, no," the brunet said, shaking his head. "I'm just curious as to why. I've never heard anyone compliment my hips before."

"Well, because... Your hips have a good shape," Ash tried to explain. "They don't stick out funny, not like mine, but you can still see them. Also... Your hips hold you up really well. I watch you move and... you carry yourself on them a lot. Like right now..." The boy's painted fingers brushed along the hem of Gary's pants. "Your legs aren't holding you up, your hips are. They're strong. I... I like that."

Gary was quiet, but eventually he grinned. "That's great." He saw the look of confusion on the boy's face, so he went on to explain, "Most people compliment you on the obvious things. Muscles, hair... maybe even your jawline. But my hips..." He snickered and kissed Ash's cheek. "Tells me you've been paying real attention."

Ash smiled cutely and brushed noses with Gary after the kiss. "Well of course I do," he said. "I watch every part of you. I just find you so... amazing."

"I'll show you something amazing," the boy said with a quiet laugh. "If you'll let me."

"What is it?" Ash asked shyly.

"I'll show you," he repeated mysteriously, as one hand came to gently run over the sensitive skin at the top of his thigh. "As long as it's okay for me to touch you here this time."

Ash shivered and whimpered just slightly, but nodded his head all the same. "Yeah... Yeah, i-it's okay... I trust you."

Gary smiled comfortingly before ducking his head down to get the boy ready. He started to lick and suck at the pink buds on his chest again to get him back into the mood. His fingers ran lightly over that soft, sensitive skin, occasionally squeezing his thighs.

"Ahn-haaaa!" Ash gasped and grabbed Gary's hair. It was good. It was good. It was good. He was allowed. It was good. "Nnh... Nhha... Ah! Ah!"

Gary shivered a little to hear those sounds again. If that's the way Ash sounded now, he could only imagine how that voice would change in a few moments. Slowly he trailed his head down the boy's torso, kissing and following a trail with his tongue, dislodging Ash's hands from his hair and forcing them to grip the sheets instead. Finally, he came back to where he had been before, his tongue teasingly circling the base of Ash's length.

And just like before, Ash's legs found sensual perch on Gary's shoulders, knees rubbing eagerly against ears. "Ahhhh... G-Gary..." His fingers curled into the sheets, pulling tight wrinkles in them, and his back arched ever so slightly.

And like before, Gary blushed when he felt those legs against his face and shoulders. Every sound the black-haired boy made was amazing, and they hadn't even really started get. Finally, he decided to draw an end to his teasing. He spread his tongue wide and licked Ash's length from base to tip, before letting his mouth envelop the head slowly.

"Oh my god!" Ash groaned feverishly. "It's like that?"

Gary pulled his mouth off, stroking the excited length with his hand as he asked, "Yeah. You ready for it?"

"Oh... Oh man... Oh man..." Ash was already panting. Red colored his cheeks as his chest moved up and down excitedly. After a nervous swallow, the boy nodded.

Gary was starting to get the feeling that Ash might not have even touched himself down there that much before. He just grinned to himself at the idea. That would just make this even more intense. Moving his hand away and bracing against the mattress, he brought the length back into his mouth, sliding it all the way down to the base.

"Oh god!" Ash groaned again. The sheets were pulled even tighter in his grip as his head jerked back so he could groan and cry into the air. "G-Gary... Gary!" Ash's legs squeezed and rubbed eagerly against the brunet's head. In fact, he almost didn't even have control over it. "Ohhhn!"

Gary paused for a moment. Ash was going to go crazy once they actually started. Finally he began, sucking gently and slowly at first. His tongue teased the sensitive length in his mouth, which made wet noises as it worked.

Ash moaned in such a feminine fashion, but he carried it on for so long. All the gasps, groans, cries, and moans became an orchestra to accompany Gary's work. With his mind so clouded and racing the way it was, Ash would be lucky to remember his own name. "Oh! Oooooh! Shit! Oooohh!"

was nothing quite like making Ash make those sounds to give the brunet a bold ego boost and a thirst to make the experience even more intense. He sucked harder, moving his mouth more passionately, moaning and creating vibrations, eyes closed in concentration.

"Aaahny!" The boy's heels dug desperatetly into Gary's shoulder blades, looking for a way to push his hips into the other's mouth. "More! Mo-oh-oh! Oh! Ohhh!"

Gary's face flushed. He was starting to feel a little hot in his clothes, listening to that, feeling Ash's legs practically hold him in a vicegrip. It was time for the finale. Sucking as hard and fast as he could, he gave the final push, deepthroating Ash's length as his own passionate groan rumbled up from deep within his throat.

"No! Noo-oh!" Suddenly Ash seemed very nervous. "Gary! G-Gary!" he cried and tugged on spiked brown hair. "Ga-ha-ry! S-Something... Somethings ha-ha! Happening... Something! Ahn!"

Gary knew exactly what was going to happen, but there was no way he was going to pull back now and explain it. Ash would figure it out for himself. He kept up the relentless pace, deepthroating his boyfriend, hands coming to squeeze his thighs, tongue torturing every inch of the length that he vibrating between his lips with his own moans.

"Gary... Gary, it hurts!" Ash moaned, totally unaccustomed to the pressure all this pleasure would cause in his member. "Something! Something is... Ah! Ahhn! Nnh... nnngh... Ah! Ahhhy! Yaaaaaahhh!" Finally Ash's body arched nearly like a bow. The bend in his spine was elegant and graceful, lifting him off the bed brilliantly. Ash felt all the hot and sticky that exploded in Gary's mouth. If it hadn't felt so damn good, the kid might have been mortified.

Gary shivered, his face turning red, as he swallowed down the release until Ash was spent. He left Ash panting and sweaty upon the mattress as he pulled away, finally letting the boy free from his mouth. He lifted his arm, wiping his mouth on his sleeve. "How was that?" he murmured with a small upward curve of his lips.

"I don't even know..." Ash panted, chest heaving and body coated in a fine sweat. "Like... Like woah..."

Gary smiled slightly as he licked at his teeth. It was such a weird feeling, but those noises had been worth it. He leaned down again to kiss Ash's cheek. "Yeah, like whoah."

Ash blinked and mewled happily. "And it's like that... every time?"

"Well I imagine you'll eventually get used to it," the brunet laughed. "But yeah. More or less."

Ash grinned. "Boy parts are... are awesome," he said, clearly starting to drift off. Young and virgin, he was spent.

Gary laughed again, getting off of Ash's hips and coming to lay next to him. He'd wished he'd gotten something out of the deal, but he couldn't ask too much of the boy that was already nodding off. "Yes they are," he mused as he leaned back against the pillows, pulling Ash against his chest. He figured he'd enjoy this until they had to head home.