Part Two

When I got to the town where I last saw the girls, I quickly found out that they had gone. I asked around and found someone, one of Millie's co-workers for the well. He told me that the girls had gotten a letter from Bernardelli. The letter had instructed that they returned to headquarters. It said that since Vash the Stampede had dropped off the radar, they had no need to be out on the field.

I sighed at the news. Well, at least I knew where they were alive when they left this small little town.

I traveled for 2 months and though I had reached civilization, I was still lonely. I missed Meryl and Millie's company and I was anxious to see them again. So, I tried to travel as fast I could. I took buses, trains, hitchhiked, and rode on a couple of Steam Engines to get to the girls as soon as possible. I just had to make sure that they were okay.

Occasionally, I would stop in a town to ask if they had seen the insurance girls and sometimes I would find out that they had been there and that they were safe and healthy when they had left. This little information gave me great relief.

I was ecstatic when I finally arrived in December and began my search for the girls. Well, not both, mostly Meryl. I knew if I found her I would find Millie, so I was too worried about Big Girl. Anyway, to my great amazement, many people knew Meryl Stryfe and were willing to help me find my Short Girl, especially when I explained that we were old friends and that she was dear to me.

It took me nearly two days to find someone who knew what apartment building she lived in and it took me half a day to get there. I was not going to see Meryl while dirty. So, I found a public bath and cleaned up and changed into some black slacks, a pale yellow shirt, and some brown shows. I wanted to look my best. Instead of doing my hair up in my trademark style, I allowed it to flop. It was a style I had adopted since I left Knives. I knew some people would have been able to recognize me if I put it up. With a bounty still on my head I did not want to cause any trouble that would have slowed my travels down and get people hurt.

Once satisfied with my look, I went to Meryl's building and met her landlord. I asked him what floor Meryl lived on and he not only told me the floor, he also told me the number. He was happy to see that a gentleman caller was visiting her. He thought that a young woman like Meryl deserved to love someone in her life and have someone love her in return. I blushed and laughed uncomfortably as I gave him my thanks before walking up to the fourth floor and up to door 5D.

I knocked on the door and to my dismay, no one answered. I assumed that Meryl was at work. I remembered that she liked to work and took pride in her job and did it well. Not many people could track me the way her and Millie had.

It was late in the afternoon, nearly evening and I figured she would be home soon. I decided to wait for her. I leaned against the wall next to her door. As I waited, I began to think. I wondered if Meryl would be happy to see me. Would she hug me or hit me? Would she was to remain my friend? Would she want to be more than friends? Could she love me?

I was brought from my thoughts by light footsteps coming from the stairs. I stared in that direction to see Meryl appear. She hung her head low as she approached. When she noticed my presence, she looked up slowly from my shoes to my head.

"Vash!" she exclaimed as saw my face.

It was not long before we were embracing and for once in a long time I felt at home.

END of I Will Come to You

TBC in Thinking of You