Nothing but trouble

A/N I do not own Sam or dean if I did the things I would do to them sadly kripe own them but I do own my oc. October

As Sam and dean walked into diner dean noticed the waitress behind the counter as they sat down in the booth. As she walked over to them dean had his famous grin on his face . so what can i get you guys asked the waitress. Well October i would love a coffee the Tuesday special with a side of bacon i have the same said sam sure thing coming up .as October walked away dean kept staring at her .hey earth to dean we don't have time for this dean we have to find this girl .oh come on Sammy all work and no play makes me a very dull boy said dean .look dean all im saying is when we find her you can have all the fun you want said sam .can't believe cass has us running around for some chic. as October returned with their food .so tell me sweetheart what time do you finish said and why would i tell you that said October .well i new in town and was hoping you could should me around so what do you say repyled dean . sorry but not my type said October oh hunny i everyone type said dean . your funny i give you that .so is that a yes asked dean it still a no said October as she walked away sam laughed wow someone actually turned you down dean . shut up sam snapped dean .

As the boys finished their food sam and dean got up as sam walked out to the car . dean walked up to October .

Look buddy i not interested in guys like you and what is that supposed to mean said dean i just know your type you think your gods gift to women and you would sleep with anything with a pulse please correct me if im wrong said October . me nah never im a sweet as they come said dean . you know im not giving up i will be back tomorrow on till you say yes .well don't hold your breath my answer still will be the same .oh by the way the name dean .as dean walked out the door . he looked back at October he still didn't know why he was drawn to this girl as he got into the car and started the impala to head back to the motel . as they walked into the room castiel was waiting for them .

Have you located the girl yet asked castiel . no we haven't said dean . and by the way hello to you too .sorry said castiel but it is important that we find this girl before the demons get her said castiel . hey cass why is girl so important to the angels asked sam . because the world depends on it

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