The howling

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Nikita was your average college student who had a very dark secret that she has been hiding since she was sixteen


As nikita was walking home one night from a friends house she decided to take a short cut through the woods it was a beautiful summer night the moon was full she had her i pod on listening to rob zombie more human than human.

Just as the song was finished she felt that someone was watching her as she was about to run something big jumped her and bit her on the shoulder. Than all of a sudden she heard a shot and thing that attacked her ran off howling as she was about to pass out some old guy ran up to her scooped her up it ok I got you now the next thing nikita remembers is waking up in hospital .


Ever since that night nikita had learned to control the beast inside it wasn't easy at first but with the help of the stranger that night .she knew she wasn't alone

As nikita was packing to leave she knew she had to hurry as the next full moon was tomorrow night and it would take at least a day to get to where she was going .

As she got into her car and started driving she remembered the first night she had changed into the beast .

Flash back

As nikita pulled into the singer salvage yard she didn't know how bad it was going to be for her .

Nikita knocked on bobby door and waited for him to sweetheart said bobby cutting a bit fine the moon is up in the next 10 minutes. I know bobby i kinda got side tracked said nikita.

So where the dungeon that i'm staying in. Jus t follow me yes sir. As bobby led nikita down to the panic room to lock her in for the night so she wouldn't hurt anyone .

See you in the morning kid said bobby thank you bobby said nikita

As bobby locked the panic room door she made her way over to the bed just as she sat a sharp shooting pain shot through her body she felt as her body was being ripped to shreds as fell on the floor she could feel her body stretch as the beast took hold after she changed .


As nikita into the motel to rest for the night she suddenly sensed that someone was watching her after a quick scan of the area but couldn't see any one as she went to get her room for the night she returned to her car to get her clothes .as she entered the room she put her bag on the bed and searched for her pjs and walked into the dim lighted room . but she still couldn't shake the feeling that someone was there . she reached for her phone to ring bobby to tell him that she will be there in the morning .

As the phone rang bobby answered . hi bobby it me . are you nearly here asked bobby no i won't be there till morning i only about two hours away just got tired so i'm in some motel said nikita.

Is every thing ok sweetie asked bobby . i have a weird feeling that im being followed but probably nothing just me being paranoid sighed nikita .look i will ring you when im in Sioux falls bobby good night . take care of your self sweetie i will night bobby.

As nikita got into bed she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow

Meanwhile out side

A figure step out of the shadows .my my how pretty you have grown soon we will be together my love.

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