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It was near midnight when Sam, Dean and Nikita got back to her dorm room none of them were tired so they all decided to research more on what they could find out on what demon is responsible for all the deaths .

After two hours of coming up with nothing they all sighed in frustration until something Nikita remembered Bobby mentioning about some demon that was breaking seals to free Lucifer from his cage .

"Hey guys I think we might have a problem it looks like it could be another seal that about to get broken" sighed Nikita Dean and Sam walked over to where she was sitting on the bed .

"So who the fuck is Lilith trying to raise now?" asked Dean "Mirtha the god of death and if he comes into play were all fucking screwed, he makes Lucifer look like a pansy and if get loose better gear up for the fight of your life" said Nikita. As the boys looked at her they knew they were in over the heads with this one so the only thing they could think of was calling friend who has been there since it started.

The next morning Nikita woke up to some one staring at her she left out a huge scream .

"Don't worry I mean you no harm" "Oh forgive me for saying I don't find that much comfort" said Nikita. She slowly backed out of the bed before she reached the bedroom door Sam and Dean came blazing in with their guns drawn. "Cas were the hell have you been?" said Dean "We got some serious problems here we think Lilith might be in town"