My Mission

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Summary: "Yeah, I-I'm okay, we should g-get going." With that I started walking away with only one thing in mind. 'I am so making her mine, I will date Hyuuga Hinata.'

"Hatake Kakashi, your mission is to escort Hyuuga Hinata to the land of waves, she has an important meeting with a sibling clan and this is her first mission as the heir of the Hyuuga's so she might get attack on the way as to prevent a new treaty from being forged. As you know there are a lot of clans wanting a treaty with the Hyuuga's because of their strength and political power."

"Yes Hokage-sama."

"I've selected you to go on this mission because you're my most trusted ninja. Hinata is now 19 and as you know, she is a jounin as well so I thought that you should be enough to protect her. But, if anything were to happen, here is a scroll, if you drop some of your blood on it, it will send an emergency message to me." With that, she gave him a small scroll, big enough to fit in one of the pockets on his jounin vest.

"Here are the details of your mission, make sure nothing happens to Hinata, if anything were to happen, you know the whole clan will want your head right?" He took the second scroll that the Hokage gave him.

"Yes Hokage-sama, I'll do everything I can so that my head will stay on my shoulders." He gave a small smile.

"I hope so, you are expected to go to the Hyuuga mansion tomorrow morning and pick her up so you two can leave. You are dismissed." With that she did a hand sign to show him to leave.

"Yes Tsunade-sama." With that he jumped out the window. He walked down the main street of Konoha, he planned on going to bed early, so that he would be able to do his mission full force. He went to the training grounds. He sat on top of a tree and took the scroll with the missions information.

'Hyuuga Hinata, heiress to the Hyuuga clan will assist a meeting with the Kumoraki clan. She will stay two days in the village and in the morning of the third day, she will return to Konoha. She is to go on this mission with one guard as it is her first mission as heir. It is also a test to see if she is capable of fulling her duties as such. She is to assist as heir therefore is regarded to wear a traditional outfit. Whilst entering the hidden village of Water Drops, she is obliged to enter as a citizen and not as a ninja. On her way back, she must return as fast as she can to Konoha without engaging in battle if possible.'

Kakashi burnt the scroll with a jutsu before laying back on the trees trunk before taking out his favorite book from his back pocket. He let out a little giggle before diving in his book.

The next morning he woke up early, took a shower, got in to his everyday outfit, got his favorite book and left for the Hyuuga mansion. At exactly 7 o'clock, he was in front of the compound. He was on time knowing that the Hyuuga's didn't tolerate to wait. He knocked on the front door and waited for someone to open. He was greeted by Neji.

"Good morning Neji-kun."

"Kakashi-sensei." He bowed his head and signaled for his sempai to enter. "Hinata-sama will be down in a minute, sorry for the wait." He took him to the front porch where he sat down as did Kakashi.

"No problem. I haven't seen you in a while, have you been training?"

"I've had a few missions with Hinata-sama and Hanabi-san these last weeks, Hiashi-sama wants me to train them as much as possible without taking a break from missions."

"Then why aren't you assisting Hinata-san on this mission?" He looked at Neji who was staring up at the sky.

"Hiashi-sama thinks it's better for her to go on this mission without any Hyuuga help besides, he finds that I've been to much of a 'brother' image to her therefor he thinks that she has to learn to take care of herself. Of course, you'll be protecting her but I tend to take that to an extreme level, after awhile I even tell her not to engage in battle. Even though she refuses, the enemies still standing don't give much of a fight." Kakashi smiled at the young jounin.

"Well, you are her brother Neji-kun so it's only natural you act as one." Neji smiled back, letting out a 'Yeah..'. Hiashi came out a few minutes later,

"Good morning Kakashi-kun, Neji-kun." Both let out a 'Morning'

"Kakashi-kun, I'm happy to see that Tsunade got my request of sending you with Hinata, She will be down momentarily, I've added a few more details to her mission."

"Is there anything I should be informed about?" Kakashi stood up to look Hiashi in the eyes.

"No." His answer was plain, simple and obvious, he was not to interfere in clan business. They sat down. No words were spoken until footsteps were heard. All three of them stood up and turned to the door. Hinata walked out, wearing a black tank top and a mini-short.

"Hinata, have you got you kimino? You are supposed to wear it before you enter the village."

"Yes father." She walked next to the 3 three men and placed a small bag on the ground. "I've got enough kiminos for my stay there. I will change 2 kilometers before the village. I also got the present that we will give to our sibling clan."

"Perfect, do your best Hinata and make the Hyuuga's proud. This is your next and last step to becoming head of the clan. After this mission, if anything were to happen to me, you will be the clan head and of course after my retirement."

"Yes father. Thank you."

"Good morning Hinata-san." Kakashi did a little hand sign.

"Good morning Kakashi-sensei."

"Well you two should be leaving. I expect your return in 8 to 10 days." With that he turned around and walked towards the door opening it and closing it before letting out a 'Do your best and good luck Hinata'.

"Bye Hinata-sama." Neji placed a kiss on her forehead and gave a weak smile.

"Good bye Neji-nii-san"

And with that, Hinata and Kakashi walked out of the compound. They made their way to the main entrance. They said hello to Shikamaru and Temari on their way. When they arrived at the main gates, they told the guards that they would be back in ten days max. They ran into the forest. During the fist hours of travel they talked about Kurenai and her kid, about the recent missions and about Tsunade declaring Naruto as her successor. When they stopped at noon. They ate a bite before continuing their trip. They stopped at sundown and made camp. The way was quiet but it didn't bother them. Hinata made dinner from plants she found around while Kakashi secured the area. After dinner, Hinata sat down against a tree trunk and read a book about the plants in Suna while Kakashi read his Icha Icha book on a tree branch.

The next morning, they set out early. Hinata wanted to impress her father and Kakashi was happy to help. The day went by pretty fast. At night, they went to bed early because they were to wake up before the sun came up.

Hinata's POV:

After I was sure that Kakashi was asleep, I got up and made my way to a waterfall I saw nearby. I quickly found the amazing place. It looked like God had made this place specially so that people could have a taste of heaven. She quickly took of her shirt, pants and shoes and jumped in the water. It was perfect. The water was fresh and it felt great against her skin. She used her chakra to stand on the water and did a few spins before using her chakra to control the water. During the training with her father, she found out that her element was water and she was capable of controlling it with very little chakra. She used the water to make shapes around herself. Every now and then, she would make the water drop on her because she was only in her undergarments and the air was pretty cold. She practiced her flexibility as she dried off. Before grabbing her clothes and going back to camp. She found Kakashi in the same position as she had left him. She slid back in to her sleeping bag and drifted off to sleep.

Kakashi's POV:

I closed my eyes to rest a little. I would be too dangerous to fall asleep while on a mission to protect someone so I kept myself awake. After an hour maybe two, I heard Hinata get up and leave. I waited 5 minutes before I went to check on her. If she'd been to the toilet, she should have returned. I followed the route she had taken. I found her at a nearby waterfall. She was swimming. I didn't want to bother her so I just watched from a distance to make sure nothing happened to her. I grabbed my book and continued reading from where I left off. When I heard water, I looked down to see Hinata standing on the water spinning. I was amazed at how amazing her body was. She had all the right curves and, well... her breasts well, I can say that they are certainly bigger than ordinary. She started spinning and I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She looked like a, she looked like a, wow. She just looked amazing. After a while, she started to train with water. I felt bad violating her like that but, I just couldn't help myself. I am known to be an extreme pervert. I saw her do a few more spins before going to her stuff. I quickly ran back to camp and slid in to my sleeping bag, hoping she didn't notice me. She went directly to bed. Thank God. Now the only thing making what I saw real: the image of her dancing and the disturbing feeling between my legs. I closed my eyes trying to get her out of my mind.

Normal POV:

Kakashi and Hinata set out early in the morning, they were to arrive in the village of Water Drops that evening or the next day, everything dependent on the weather, if it were to rain or if a storm were to start they would have to take shelter. That specific hidden village was known of it's long storms. They stopped at noon, resting to continue full force in the half hour to come. Hinata was starting to get worried though, Kakashi was being too quite. She turned to look at him, he was resting against a tree trunk with his eyes closed. She stared at him for a while and wondered what he looked like under his mask. Finally she decided to interrupt the awful silence.

"Kakashi-sensei, are you alright? You seem troubled and tired." He slowly turned to face her, he had a small smile that could be seen under his mask.

"Everything is fine Hinata-san, don't worry, I kept on waking up yesterday night so I'm a little tired." He went back to his previous position.

"We could rest a little bit more. We are ahead of schedule and it would sadden me if you were to get ill because of me and this mission." Hinata had a worried expression on her face, her sensei seemed sick and she didn't want his situation to worsen.

"It's okay Hinata-san, besides this is my mission as much as it is yours." He smiled yet again then pushed himself up. "We should get going." And with that, they were on the road again. Kakashi didn't say anything to Hinata, he only stole a few glances although, it didn't seem to bother Hinata or she wasn't aware of the fact that she was the one occupying Kakashi's mind and tiring him. He knew that looking at the Hyuuga in any other way than Teacher-Student was wrong, he knew that a possible relationship was wrong and out of the picture, he knew that with the 14 year age gap between them, it was out of the question that he would try anything. The only think he was upset about was the fact that he had only noticed Hinata because of her body, when he thought about it, she had an amazing personality, she was kind hearted, she was also a quite talented ninja that was able to face most of the opponents he could. She was a skilled Kunoichi and the next head to the most prestiges clan in his village, the Leaf, as well as the most prestiges clan in the Fire Country maybe even the whole world! She was royalty that no one was allowed nor dared touch.

Hinata activated her byakugan and saw the entrance of the hidden village they were going to. "Kakashi-sensei, we're about to arrive, I should change into my kimono." Kakashi just nodded and they stopped. Hinata went behind a tree to change while Kakashi waited for her.

Kakashi's POV:

Hinata told me that we were about to arrive and that she had to change into her kimono, I just nodded, when we stopped, she went behind a few trees and bushes. I just looked at her slowly going to a more discreet place to change. My mind was going in circles, should I watch her from a tree, to protect her? Or would it be to disrespectful. I heard a little 'thud', she probably put her bag down, I had to think fast. I pulled my hair, damn! This whole thing was killing me! I hit my head on tree. This was so wrong. To have this kind of feelings towards a student. I wonder if she still has feelings towards Naruto? It was well known that she loved him and that she was ready to give her life for him. Naruto was so upset for having to reject her. He still had feelings for Sakura and his little crush had grown into something much bigger. Sakura and Naruto have been dating for two years now, they even decided to get married once Naruto was announced as the 6th Hokage and had his head added to the mountain. Hinata had been crushed, she had even asked the fifth for a month long mission with Kiba and Shino to get away from everything. I had even found her crying in the forest, she was holding on to her forehead protector and was lying next to a waterfall. I waited on a tree next to her to make sure she was okay. She fell asleep eventually and I took her home and placed her in her bed before anyone got suspicious about her whereabouts. My god, I took an unconscious Hinata to her room and placed her in bed! I hit my head against the tree again. Damn! If I had had these feelings a year ago, I could be considered a pedophile because the things I want to do to her! Ok, it's decided I'm gonna date Hinata Hyuuga, the only problem, how am I going to make her consider entering a more than friendly relationship whit me?

I had to get things clear. Me, Hatake Kakashi, a jounin of the hidden leaf, am having feeling towards, Hyuuga Hinata, the princess of Konoha. I want to date her, kiss her, and do more than mature things to her. I like her because, well... she's great, in every way. The only problem, the 14 year age gap and the fact that her father would never allow someone like me to be with her. I have to stop this. I have to stop my feelings before they turn into something bigger. I hit my head against the tree and turned to where Hinata had gone.

She came out a few minutes later, wearing a purple kimono, she looked absolutely breath taking. Her hair was up, only her bangs weren't restrained. Her neck was exposed to the Moon's light. Her eyes were shining. She had a small smile.

"Are you okay Kakashi-sensei." She tilted her head to the right which exposed her neck even more. She looked absolutely amazing. Her figure was exposed even more with the kimino wrapped so tightly around her body.

"I-I'm okay Hinata-chan" She approached me a little bit, and put her hand on my forehead, exposing her chest a little bit.

"Are you sure, you seem a little red?" She slid her hand down my face. I could feel my insides turn and my, well, she started to arouse me.

"Yeah, I-I'm okay, we should g-get going." With that I started walking away with only one thing in mind. 'I am so making her mine, I will date Hyuuga Hinata.'