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I pushed her against the tallest tree around, hiding our bodies behind its dark brown trunk. Attacking her neck with kisses and bits, I thought about how I had gotten myself in this position. It had only been several weeks since we'd known each other this well and I already had plans of making her mine in every single possible way.

My hand slowly made its way on her hips, pulling her closer, hers tangling themselves in my hair, her touch electric. I pushed her further, trapping her with my body. Slowly she started tracing patterns on my vest, reaching for the zipper. Her movements so slow, so teasing. It felt like hours until she was exploring my bare chest, tracing every scar, every little memory. I couldn't take it anymore. Taking a kunai I ripped her summer dress, leaving her in red lingerie.

I was at the training ground a couple of hours before 9, wanting to gather my thoughts before facing the cause of my dilemma. I felt that somehow I was being wrong to do something like this behind Hinata's back even though it was Neji's idea. What if she wasn't ready and in her state rejected me directly? Or if she just left without saying anything? Closing Icha Icha Paradise, I climbed higher in the tree. The sun was setting leaving a tint of orange and red over the whole grounds.

My thoughts drifted to that morning. Tsunade-sama had asked me to join her for breakfast with Hiashi so we could go over the mission report together. Everything was going smoothly until the head of the clan had mentioned Hinata's unease since her return from the neighbor village, interrogating me to see if anything which could have bothered her had happened. Of course I didn't have the gut to say it was my reckless blabbing that caused such turmoil.

My shoulders felt heavy and my head fell forward in hopelessness. Since when the infamous Hatake Kakashi had become a lovesick fool? Slowly making my way down the tree, i let out a breath. And I started kicking it; a little training would certainly take my mind off these meddlesome thoughts. Soon enough my kicks turned into punches than combos. Little by little my whole anger due to the events of the last few weeks started to pass.

My chakra burning inside of me, I started using jutsus. A chidori right in to the tree than a few katons to burn the floating leaves. My anger suddenly rising, my jutsus became more and more complicated. Before I knew it, the training ground looked like as if a war had the passed, I noticed I still had an hour before Hinata was due to arrive. Which was good, because I still had energy to use.

I might have overdone it because before I knew it, I was on the floor panting, trying to catch my breath. My body felt heavy. I tried standing but tripped over. Only managing to steady myself by holding onto a nearby tree. How big of an idiot was I? Any second now the only person that had ever mattered so much to me could arrive and I was too exhausted to even stand up straight! I laughed at my foolishness.

''Kakashi-sensei?'' Came the voice I dreaded. Slowly I turned around. All of a sudden, my legs failed me and I found myself a mess on the floor.

''Kakashi-sensei!'' In a matter of seconds she was next to me, checking my temperature and holding me upright. All of a sudden I became aware of our close proximity, something she was still ignorant about.

''I-I'm alright just a little tired from training I guess.'' She looked me all over, her eyes filled with sincere concern. ''It's nothing to worry about, I find that training helps keep my mind off of other stuff...'' Silence. Realizing to late what I had just suggested. How could I have been so indiscreet?

Her hands started to tremble and I think I was the one keeping her steady.

''That's not what I meant; I didn't mean to sound s-''

''It's my fault.'' The quite princess cut my line of thought; maybe it was for the best. Before I said something even stupider. ''I've been very rude these past few weeks towards you Kakashi-sensei. In all honesty I've been avoiding you because I don't know what to think.''

She was on her knees in front of me and I was leaning against the tree, her eyes down cast. I tried to make sense of her words but found that it was harder than anything I had ever done before.

'' All I could think about these past days have been about what you've said to be... That you l-loved me.'' Slowly her eyes met mine ''I didn't know what to do about it, I was scared. You're older than me, more experienced. I-I've never been in a relationship like that, nor have I thought about any other person in that regard except Naruto-kun.''

I didn't know what to do, was she considering giving me a chance? Was she revealing her most intimate thoughts to me? It was obvious she was using all her courage to get the words to form in her sweet little voice.

''If you're ready to forgive my rudeness I'd really like for us to do something together Kakashi-k-kun.''

With that she gave me a small but genuine smile. My head suddenly felt dizzy, and my body numb. She had accepted to go on a date with me! Maybe not exactly that directly but had nonetheless accepted to spend more time with me as to get to know me better. And she had addressed me as Kakashi-kun! Never had my name sounded so sweet, so enlightening, and so sexy before.

My hands slowly made their way to her back, giving her the opportunity to stop me. But she didn't. I embraced her. For the first time in a long time I felt at ease. I felt happy.

''It would be my pleasure.'' Approaching my mouth to her ear I whispered ''Thank you Hinata-hime''

And with that I felt her go numb in my arms. So she still had that little shy girl inside of her. Now the real question was: What was the best way to convince her that she had made the right decision and more importantly how the hell was I going to get her back into the Hyuuga mansion.

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