Yet another crazy crossover story that doesn't make sense! Jk

(Somewhere in the depths of Noah's mind)

Serenity watched in horror as Nesbitt faded away taking Tristan's body who knew where. She sank to the floor on her knees, feeling numb barely registering Joey heading for her. "I don't believe it they have his body, and it's my fault." She whispered.

Joey reached her and put his arms around her, "It's okay sis really." He whispered in her ear. Serenity gave a shuddering sigh, then broke "Joey! We won the match why didn't that bring Tristan back?" she sobbed.

"I don't know." Her brother whispered squeezing her one last time and looking up at Yugi who was helping support Duke's weight with Tea's help. "His body may be gone, but his mind must still be tapped here." Yugi muttered.

"I'm glad we're back together you guys." Tea said relief evident in her face and voice. "Now we just need Tristan." Joey said echoing Serenity's thoughts, Serenity and the gang headed outside.

(Somewhere in Beast's Castle)

Sora, Donald, and Goofy entered the castle with triepidation, "Hey what is this place?" Sora asked glancing around him curiously. "It's huge!" Donald said while looking around him in awe. "And sorta gloomy don't ya think?" Goofy asked.

"I wonder who lives here?" Sora wondered, almost on cue a loud roar echoed through the building. Causing Donald to squeal in terror, and jump (loosing his hat in the process). Goofy's eyes grew big, and Sora whipped out his keyblade.

"Hey does anybody else recognize that?" Goofy asked after a moment allowing Donald to grab his hat and replace it on his head. The roar sounded again, Sora listened to it intently , then his eyes brightened, "Hey! That's the Beast!" he cried excitedly.

"Yeah" Donald said also remembering and smiling. "Maybe we should check up on him." Goofy said, as soon as he said that a small swarm of heartless crept under him and headed for a door that had been left ajar .

"Look!" Sora cried pointing to the heartless, and with that he chased the heartless into the room followed closely by Donald and Goofy.

(Somewhere in the depths of Noah's mind)

Serenity, and her brother Joey had started out walking next to each other, but then they let Duke walk next to them. "So how are we getting Tristan's body back?" Duke asked as they walked in silence.

"I don't know." Joey mumbled , Serenity glanced over at him in surprise Joey always had a plan and if he didn't have a plan then things really were hopeless. She bit her bottom lip, it had been her fault that Tristan had lost his body.

If it hadn't been for her opening the door then Tristan would still be safe. She glanced up and froze, a dark mist had surrounded them while they had been talking and was now completely enshrouding them.

Joey and Duke also froze, "What's goin' on?" Joey asked uneasily looking at the dark fog. Duke looked around, "Where are Yugi and Tea?" he asked aloud. Both Joey and Serenity twisted and looked around for them.

"Ah great, we've been separated again." Joey groaned. "This fog gives me the creeps ." Serenity whispered. That was when the fog bent and twisted into a shape that looked cartoonish, but was black and had yellow eyes.

The darkness seemed to flow around it, "What is that thing?" Joey yelped as the shape grew larger and much more sinister looking. A voice rippled out of the darkness, "this being is known as a heartless. A heartless is formed when someone loses their heart to darkness. They can only be killed by the Keyblade or a higher ranking monster."

"Wait, do you mean duel monster's?" he asked, there was no reply. Joey sighed, then inserted his deck into his duel disk. Allowing his duel disk to activate, he drew five cards and eyed them critically. "I summon Celtic Guardian in attack mode!" he said, Celtic Guardian appeared raising his sword.

"Celtic Guardian attack that thing." Serenity and Duke watched as Celtic Guardian charged bellowing. Celtic Guardian brought his flaming sword down on the heartless, causing the heartless to shiver and then burst apart like pieces of confetti.

Joey punched his fist in the air with a triumphant grin on his face, "Take that ya slimeball!" Joey shouted. All of them weren't prepared for the floor to drop underneath them .

(Somewhere in Beast's Castle)

"Aw come on enough already." Sora sighed, he had fought wave after wave of heartless and he was tired with a capital T. To say that he and his friends were surprised when Serenity and her friends fell through the ceiling would be an understatement.

A white light blasted above their heads, and three people fell through screaming. Sora was so shocked, he didn't notice that the heartless had disappeared until Donald nudged him. "Where are we?" asked one of the young men out loud.

Sora cleared his throat, causing all three of the people to face him "Hey there, how did you guys get here?" Sora asked, eyeing them all warily they looked harmless but appearances could be deceiving. One of the young men stood up, he had shaggy blond hair and brown eyes, "To be honest we have no idea, one second we were inside a virtual reality and the next we were surrounded by dark fog that somehow landed us here."

He scratched his chin, "In fact for all we know we could still be inside that virtual reality." He muttered. He reached down and pulled a pretty young woman up, she had waist length brown hair and hazel eyes. The next person to stand up was a young man with black hair that was pulled into a ponytail, and a red headband that held his bangs out of his face he had dark green eyes.

The young woman spoke up, "Sorry for not introducing ourselves sooner, my name's Serenity Wheeler. And this is my brother Joey-" she pointed to the blond haired man who waved. "And this is Duke Devlin." She pointed to the other man who nodded.

Sora smiled, "Well my name is Sora, this is Donald and Goofy." Serenity's eyes widened when she saw Donald and Goofy, and Duke raised an eyebrow. Joey on the other hand took it all in stride, "Nice to meet ya'" he said and Serenity and Duke hastily followed his example.

That was when they heard the doors get forced open the wrong way, Serenity, Duke and Joey all stared in shock and horror as a big hairy beast stepped in. Sora on the other hand smiled widely and raised his hand up in greeting. "Just in time." He said happily.

He wasn't prepared for the beast to sweep him out of his way like he was a nothing more than a fly. "Hey." Donald said angrily with and made to step forward but he and Goofy were also pushed to the side.

The beast made his way to a domed glass cover that held a luminescent red rose, crouching he bent and picked it up. His hands caressed it as though he were afraid it would break on him, meanwhile Serenity, Joey and Duke huddled in a corner trying not to be noticed by him.

As suddenly as he had appeared, the beast left as if in a trance Sora watched him go with a worried look on his face. "What was that thing?" Duke asked rather bluntly. Sora sighed, "That was the beast, I met him last year and we helped each other out. I wonder why he's acting so strange?"

Joey rubbed his chin thoughtfully, "Who knows? I'll tell ya one thing though I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."