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They managed to get down the stairs without being ambushed and when they reached the doors that led to the basement they had only been ambushed once. "Is that a wardrobe?" asked Joey gesturing to a wardrobe that stood guard in front of the door.

Sora raised an eyebrow in disbelief, "That's an odd place to put a wardrobe." He muttered. Both Goofy and Donald eyed it warily. "Well here goes nothing." And Sora started pushing against it with Duke and Joey springing to help him.

As soon as it was out of the way Joey, Sora and Duke studied the door in front of them when, "DO YOU MIND?" as one they whirled around to see the wardrobe had assumed a pair of blue eyes and a mouth and was currently in the midst of telling them off.

"The wardrobe's talking." Muttered Joey dumbfounded. Duke had grown pale and Sora blinked in awe at the wardrobe. "Of course I can talk, I'm not some inanimate object. " The wardrobe was clearly pissed. Sora started to notice a few things such as the wardrobe had a female voice and even looked feminine.

"But how can you talk?" asked Duke bluntly. The wardrobe glared at Duke, "First I want to know who you are and how you got in the castle." Sora nodded, "Seems fair enough, my name is Sora, that's Donald, Goofy, Joey and Duke. Belle sent us down here to free the servants."

The wardrobe relaxed considerably, "Well in that case, you may pass." Sora nodded but didn't move for the door. "We had a deal." He stated. The wardrobe blinked in surprise, "Well I suppose I can tell you, Once upon a time there was a selfish prince who had everything he could ever want and yet was unhappy. One night there was a terrible storm and.." she trailed off her audience leaned forward expectantly but the wardrobe shook her head or what passed for it.

"Once you reach the dungeon, you can ask Mrs. Potts to tell you the rest." They all slumped forward in dejection. "Well I guess this means this means we have to go through the door." Joey muttered eyeing the door as if afraid it might develop fangs and attack him. Sora nodded and stepped forward to open it.

(Somewhere in Hollow Bastion)..

Tea and Yugi both sat up and looked around them in awe, "Where are we?" asked Yugi out loud. There was a loud slink sound and Yugi whirled around to face a man carrying a sword that had to be a few inches shorter than the man's height.

"Who are you?" the man growled. Tea and Yugi exchanged frightened glances, "My name is Yugi and this is my friend Tea, where are we?" Yugi asked nervously. The man studied them warily until a young woman's voice cut through the tension.

"Leon, I hardly doubt they're Nobodies or Heartless so let them go." Both Yugi and Tea turned to see the new speaker. She was tall with black hair that was cut into a pixie style, she had a bandanna wrapped around her head with the ends trailing behind her. But the thing that caught Yugi and Tea's attention was the rather large shuriken in her hand.

"The name's Yuffie and this is my friend Leon. Sorry for being so abrupt earlier but Leon tends to get a little wary around strangers. Then again you guys did fall out of the sky." Yuffie finished with a questioning look.

Yugi and Tea exchanged another glance, "We're not exactly sure how we got here, could you tell us where we are?" asked Tea. Yuffie raised an eyebrow looking more curious then ever but she covered it well, "You're at Hollow Bastion." Tea looked terrified and shot a horrified glance at Yugi, "Right well could you tell us where Domino City is?" asked Yugi hoping that it wasn't as far away as he was already expecting. Yuffie and Leon shot each other confused glances, "Domino City? I've never heard of that." Leon said while Tea got even more panicked then before. "You haven't heard of Domino City!" she wailed .

Yugi put a reassuring hand on her shoulder, "I'm sure it's all right Tea." He said reassuringly though he doubted it. Yuffie tried to smile at them without seeming overly panicked, "Since you guys are new here, Leon and I will show you around." She said and led the way.

(Back in Beast's Castle)..

When Sora, Donald, Goofy, Joey and Duke entered the little antechamber, they exchanged worried glances. There in front of them were the doors, but the handles had been carved into a strange sort of creature that resembled a type of heartless.

"I got a bad feeling 'bout this." Muttered Joey who was eyeing the doors with slight panic. Duke nodded, "For once I agree with you, only question I have is what kind of heartless is it?" he asked while looking at Sora who was the heartless expert.

Sora shrugged, "I don't know, but I have a feeling we'll find out." After saying that, Donald approached the door and placed his wings on it. As soon as he touched the doors, they sparked and suddenly started glowing.

After the glowing faded down, they noticed the carving on the doors had turned into two heartless, both clutching the handles with one hand. The other hand was used to swipe anything that approached it, Donald let out a squawk and scrambled backward.

"I hate being right." Joey sighed while activating his Duel Disk, Duke followed his example and Sora summoned his keyblade. "Any plans?" asked Duke who was drawing cards from his deck, Sora was about to answer when a loud noise filled the room and hook bats and gargoyle warriors appeared.

"Take care of the smaller heartless and Donald Goofy and I will take care of the guardian." Sora said while swinging his keyblade. Joey nodded and drew from his deck, "Time to take these guys down a peg or two." He growled.

"I summon, Swordsman of Landstar atk/500 def/1200 in defense mode and Familiar Knight atk/1200 def/1400 in attack mode, Familiar Knight take those gargoyle warriors out!" Joey shouted, Duke studied his cards, "I play Armed Ninja atk/300 def/300 and also use my Strike Slash to raise the attack of my Armed Ninja by 700 points so that its attack becomes 1000! Armed Ninja attack those hook bats!"

While this was going on, Sora Donald and Goofy attacked the Gate Guardian until it expelled something dark and shadowy that Sora chased after and continued hacking away at with his keyblade. Eventually it returned to the door and fused back to the heartless guardians which had frozen when it been forced out.

This happened once more and then the true heartless was destroyed, along with the gargoyle warriors and hook bats. The carved Gate Guardian also faded away until the true door was revealed, "You think the dungeon's past this door?" asked Donald while scratching his head.

"I don't know 'bout you guys, but we should set those servants free." Joey said, putting his cards back n his deck. "I agree with Joey, we need to rescue them." Sora said and Duke shrugged. This time they were able to go inside without being attacked.

When they entered the dungeon, they looked around and Sora almost looked disappointed, "There nobody here." He said in shock, and Joey studied some pieces of furniture that had been placed on chairs. "You mean there's nobody to rescue?" asked Donald sounding stupefied. Sora sighed and slumped, "Did someone say "rescue"?" asked a rather suave sounding French voice.

Another voice was heard this time it sounded like a rather stuffy person, "Keep quiet. It might be them!" And yet another voice was heard, this time it sounded like someone's maiden aunt "Oh they look like nice boys to me." "We are nice, we're your friends" Goofy chimed in and facing the chairs with them. "Yeah, Belle sent us to find you." Sora said, almost as if on cue a little mantle clock, a candelabra, and a teapot and a teacup hopped off the chairs. "Woah." Muttered Sora staring in fascination as they came closer. As If on cue, Sora, Joey and Duke knelt down so they could better study them, "Hi, I'm Sora, Donald, Goofy, Joey and Duke."

Donald couldn't contain his excitement for long and burst forward to seize the mantle clock. "D-don't touch! I- I am self-winding sir!" the little mantle clock said in annoyance as Donald proceeded to look it over. By the tone of his voice they were able to deduce that this was the stuffy voice.

Donald started to shake the mantle clock with even more enthusiasm and Goofy who was next to him chuckled as did Duke. "I'm glad you're ok." Said Sora as he spoke to the candelabra. In response the candelabra hopped back up to his chair and faced them, "It is we who are overjoyed to see you." It said whilst waving its candle tipped arms.

"So did somebody put a spell on you guys too?" asked Joey who was staring at the candelabra with a difficult to read expression. The mantle clock was still being examined by Donald yelped, "Aah, yes you've heard! It was the enchantress!" he said.

The candelabra crossed its arms and sighed, "It seems so long ago.." it said. Sora who had carried the teapot and the teacup back to their spot on a crate, listened as the teapot spoke. "It was a cold winters night…An old beggar woman came to the castle, and asked for shelter." At this point the mantle clock spoke up, "But the master of this castle, that is of course the Prince…" he trailed off as Donald opened up his case to play with the metronome. "Stop that! Put me down this instant!" he yelled.

Donald very gently carried it back to its chair, "Thank you." The clock said and cleared it's throat. "The master turned her away. All because of her, ahem, meager appereance." Joey rolled his eyes, "What a creep." He snapped, Duke raised his eyebrow, "Sounds like he could give Kaiba a run for his money." He said "Oui. He was a spoiled prince, so selfish…and how shall I say…cruel." This came from the candelabra.

"Lumiere!" snapped the mantle clock, the teapot hastened to take up the story before they could start fighting. "The old woman warned our master not to be deceived by appearences …Still he would not take her in."

The mantle clock continued, "Then the old woman's ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress." Here the teapot took up the story, "She turned the prince into a beast, a shape she thought fitting for his cold heart." The mantle clock continued, "And to further punish him, everyone in the castle was enchanted too."

Sora crossed his hands behind his head, "Wow, that's quite a story." He said. "Is there anything we can do to help?" surprisingly Duke asked this question. "Let's get that Enchantress!" shouted Joey as he held up his duel disk. "Oh no, dear." Said the teacup gently, Duke smirked.

"We already know what needs to be done, but with the master out of sorts…" the candelabra trailed off. Sora nodded, "He sure is acting weird." The teacup frowned, "It's almost as if he's forgotten how to trust others." The mantle clock looked worried, "You don't suppose he's been turned into a Heartless do you?" it asked

"Heartless!" shouted Sora, Donald and Goofy, "If they're a part of this, then it's a good thing we're here." Sora said defiantly. Donald who looked all too eager faced Sora, "Let's find the Beast!" he shouted.

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