There's a story old, that has never been told

Of how true love found its way

'Twixt the helper of Pan and a young Sparrow Man

Oh, how they willed their love to forever stay.

''Hey! No fair! You always do that!'' Our tale started when the silence of a sleepy summer morning was broken by two young fairies, giggling and whizzing through the air. Terence, a blond haired sparrow man, was chasing after Tinkerbell, his mischievous best friend.

''Ha!'' laughed Tinkerbell, ''and you always fall for it!''

''Well, I'm going to get you this time!'' puffed Terence. ''That prize is mine!''

''In your dreams, fairy boy!'' And with that, Tink sped off even faster towards her teapot home, with Terence smiling and never too far behind.

At this point, they zoomed past the babbling brook, where Silvermist was practicing making ripples. The two stopped only long enough to wave. ''Hi, Silvermist!'' They said in unison.

''Hi Terence! Hi Tinkerbell! What flavor is it this morning?'' she asked in her ever-mellow voice.

''Pumpernickel! '' Terence called, and at that moment, he dropped Silvermist's pixie dust for the day from the sky, landing perfectly in her hands.

''Oh those two,'' Silvermist giggled. She shook her head and went back to practice. ''So cute.''

Next they flew by Iridessa, who was creating an after rain rainbow, Fawn, who was engaged in flight practice with the birds, and Rosetta, who was doing some light gardening. They even passed by Vidia, who was much too busy looking mean and sour to be doing anything truly productive. As the two imps passed by each one, Terence gave them their dust ration, while never taking his focus off of Tink - for whatever his reasons might have been. Even though each fairy was busy with a different activity, when Terence flew by chasing after Tinkerbell as always, they all put the same all knowing smile on their faces - even Vidia, though she found it more disgusting than anything else. ''Young love,'' they muttered.

Every day for the past month or so, Tinkerbell had come with Terence on his morning deliveries, and afterwards, they would race back to Tink's house for breakfast before Tink had to go in for her shift. It was her personal idea to make sure they got their ''best friend time'' in every morning. Normally, Tinkerbell would win the race and claim the prize, BUT today, with the last pumpernickle muffin at stake - Terence was in no mood to concede! If anything, he was in a mood to fight!

Terence caught up with Tinkerbell, finally, floating just above her. When Tink felt his shadow on her, she tried to turn around and move, but she was too slow. Terence grabber her shoulders and leaped frogged over and ahead of her. He turned around and gave her an impish smile. ''See you later, fairy girl!'' and he mock waved.

''Ooh!'' she half wailed, half laughed. Now she took off at full throttle - no more fairy games.''

''NOW who's not playing fair?''