Chapter 9 -Seeing Things in a New Light

''Wow!'' Terence exclaimed. At this point, excited wasn't quite the word for what he was feeling. More like elated, ecstatic perhaps.

''So you mean, the royal fairies have powers that nobody else does?''

Queen Clarion's only response was a smile and a gentle nod of her head.

''Wow,'' Terence repeated, this time in a much more quiet, yet amazed tone. ''I didn't know that. So - what else can you do that we can't?''

The Queen chuckled. ''You'll see. One day - you'll see.''

Terence wanted very much to ask what that meant, but the last thing he wanted to was pester the Queen with too many questions. So, for now, he decided to let it go, but the wonder ever lingered.

For a while after that, the two of them made their way back to the Pixie Dust Tree in silence. Terence's mind was still swimming with questions, but he found his mind went blank when Clarion suddenly looked at him. She never spoke, but her smile seemed to say everything would be all right. After a few more minutes, night had fallen over the hollow. It was an usually dark night, the sky seemed a royal purple. The nightfall had seemed rather sudden, almost foreboding. As Terence struggled to keep up with Clarion, he found it increasingly hard. The dust from his wings only provided so much light, and the summer night seemed to be getting darker by the minute. Ever aware of her surroundings, the gentle monarch took note of this.

''Having trouble, little one?' ' Terence stopped flying altogether, keeping himself suspended in midair. Not one to admit defeat easily, his cheeks flushed in ambarrasment.

''A little,'' he muttered, and he looked downward at his shoes, which seemed huge right now.

Queen Clarion smiled yet another gentle smile.

''Let's see if this helps.'' She turned away from Terence, and fluttered her wings a few times. With each flutter, her wings grew brighter and brighter, until finally, they became almost blinding. Now Terence could see clearly for what seemed like miles.

''Woah,'' Terence uttered. He had never seen anything quite like that before. He turned to her, amazed yet quizzical look on his face.

''Is this another one of your royal powers?''

Another ever-mellow chuckle escaped the Queen's lips.

''Heavens, no.''

That 'no' made Terence's eyes wide in confusion and even more amazement.

''Well then- how- I mean, why did- I mean, permit me, Your Majesty, but I've never seen any of the fairies in Pixie Hollow do anything like that before.''

Queen Clarion slowed her flight pattern to almost a slow walking pace to allow Terence to catch up with her again. She looked at him with a mysterious Mona Lisa type smile.

''I shall share a secret with you, little one,'' she started. She leaned in, and bent down to Terence's ear. Even though they were the only two around, her secret was meant for his ears alone.

''I was a light fairy once.''

Terence gasped. How- how was that possible? Wasn't she always the Queen? What did she mean?

''But- Queen Clarion,'' Terence began, ''What do-''

But before he could finish, she put a hand up to signal no more questions.

''You'll come to find little one, that things aren't always what they seem to be. ''


Vidia's eyes narrowed in pleasure. 'This is going to be good.'

''Oh, just that dust boy here is totally in love with you - and feels anything but ''friendship.''' Checkmate.

''What?'' Tinkerbell barked. ''That's impossible. We're - we're friends.'' Really though, was she trying to convince Vidia of that - or- herself?

Vidia, still looking rather unconvinced, folded her arms tighter around her. ''Yeah? Well, if I were you, I'd drop the friend card,'' and with that, she started to flutter off. Tinkerbell watched in amazement, but then saw Vidia turn around to finish her thought.

''Because I heard it straight from the horse's mouth!'' After that, she cruised over and sat with the other fast flying fairies, yet still watching Tinkerbell's flustered face. How Vidia loved seeing that face. Yet, in her own way, she was just trying to do something nice after all - right?

To say the least, Tink was in shock. Love? Terence was in love - with her? Impossible! It couldn't be! Could it? So, she hadn't imagined all those things - the way he smiled at her, the way he looked at her, how her brought her chamomile tea every day, the way he hugged her and kept her safe - that was all because - he loved her?

Before Tink was able to have another thought, Terence had returned with Queen Clarion. The royal guard was now in tow, looking rather flustered. From a distance, she could see and hear Terence and the Queen talking, but she couldn't make out what they were saying. She wondered what they could possibly be talking about, when Terence bowed to her, and made his way through the crowd. He was almost pushing fairies and sparrow men aside, searching for his one and only, Tink. Tinkerbell saw him, and reached out her hand.

''Terence!'' she called. The faint sound of his name had him turning every which way, until finally he saw a small arm waving in his direction. The arm seemed to belong to a blonde haired figure, on the short side, green leaf dress..why, it was Tinkerbell!

''Tink!'' he exclaimed.

''Terence!'' she answered. Terence flew over to her as if she were the only fairy in the world, and nothing else there existed. He didn't even notice pushing Vidia out of the way until he heard a disgruntled shriek from her.

''Watch it, dust boy!'' she bellowed. Not really taking his eyes off of Tink, he half-hearted muttered,

''Oops, sorry Vid,'' and kept going his way. The sound of Terence's invented nickname for his made her turn red. How dare he even- talk to her!

''And don't call me Vid!'' she screamed. She brushed off her shirt from where Terence had passed her, muttering, ''loser,'' under hear breath.

Finally, Terence reached Tink, holding onto her hands tightly like it was his lifeline.

They smiled at each other, and tightly hugged. Tink closed her eyes, stroking the back of Terence's head. Finally she pushed herself outward so she could see him.

''You came back for me,'' she observed. All Terence could so was smile.

''I promised I would. And a promise is a promise.'' He hugged her again.

''Oh please,'' Vidia mumbled.

Tink gave Vidia a sharp glance, but the same glance at her got Tink thinking.

''Um, Terence? There's um- something I need to ask you.''

''Ok,'' Terence complied, ''but first, there's so much I have to tell you! I've been talking with Queen Clarion, and she told me some really cool stuff! Stuff I never knew before! C'mon!'' He took Tinkerbell by the hand, and led her away from the Pixie Dust Tree.

''Oh, but Terence, wait! We're not supposed to leave the-''

''We'll be back before anyone knows we're gone. Now c'mon, I have sooo much to tell you!'' He took her by the hand, and led her to a nearby tree, where he would reveal all the things he'd learned. Little did they know though, that the two young pixies were being watched - and followed. Followed by a foreigner in their land, a large foreigner, who was stealthy and limber, quick and quiet, and who had impish red hair and green eyes…