Batman:Unholy Alliance

Chapter 1: The Beginning

I had tried to get this going once before, but after some hateful comments I decided to take it down. Now I'm gonna give it another go. Please bare with me as I try to make this fanfic work.

Batman leaped from rooftop to rooftop, a mere shadow of the many in Gotham. His patrol had lead him to the Gotham Docks, where the Dark Knight had gotten information that the Joker was holed up here. He had recently escaped Arkham Asylum and in no time had broke into the Gotham Armory and stolen dozens of weapons. Comissioner Gordan informed him that the Joker may be transporting the stolen weapons at the docks.

As Batman neared the docks he switched his cowl to infared mode. Inside one of the warehouses he spotted seven henchmen and the Joker . The Caped Crusader pulled out his grappling hook and shot it across the street. Batman swung gracefully over to the roof of the warehouse. As silent as a mouse Batman entered the building through a broken window.

Batman gracefully landed on a rafter as he surveyed his surroundings. The henchmen were busy loading crates, presumly containing the stolen weapons. Having decided on his strategy, Batman silently glided down the ground. He snuck up behind one of the guards and took him out in a mere second. The Dark Knight was able to take down another one of the henchmen before the rest noticed him. The thugs started pulling out knives and clubs while one of them was busy trying to open up one of the crates to get at the guns.

"Kill the Bat!" One of them yelled as they started to surround him.

Thats when Batman launched himself at the nearest goon, landing a kick to his head. He fell backwards on the ground, clutching his head in agony. He was down for the count. The Dark Knight then flipped over to the next enemy and took out his legs from under him. The man slammed into the floor and Batman punched him square in the face. The henchman was out cold.

One of Joker's goons suddenly took a swing at his head with a wooden bat. The Caped Crusader easily dodged it and ripped the bat out of the thug's hands. He hit the man in the stomache with his own weapon , causing the goon to double-over on the floor. He swiftly hurled the bat at another enemy closing in on him. The bat hit the man square in the nose, which made blood gush out of it like a dam that collasped.

Seeing that one of the thugs had got the crate full of guns open, Batman quickly took down the remaing men around him and rushed towards the soon-to-be armed enemy. Before the man could even reach for a gun his face was slammed into the wooden end of the crate. He screamed in pain and Batman pulled him backwards and hit the man in the chest. The thug soon crumbled to the floor, and didn't get back up.

"Now it's time to take care of Joker." Batman said to himself.

Suddenly one of the trucks filled with the crates started up. It sped out of the warehouse and onto the main road. The Dark Knight guessed that the Joker was behind the wheel and was trying to make a break for it. He raced out of the building and punched in a series of numbers on his wrist. In a matter of seconds the Batmobile came racing out of a nearby alley and parked itself in front of him. Batman leaped into the vechile and slammed on the gas, unaware that someone was watching him from a nearby rooftop. The person smiled to himself and began to make his way towards the warehouse. Everything was going according to plan.